My artist copy of @objectheadzine is finally here!!

It’s a beautiful zine curated by the passionate @potentialforart and filled with so many gorgeous illos and comics! (I may have screamed with joy when opening the package… and the bonus drawing is so amazing thank you!! ;3;)

You can grab a copy of your own from gumroad.com/objectheadzine

Big thanks to everyone who applied and/or signal boosted our application posts!

During the two week window of accepting applications, we ended up getting over 600 artists applying! After hours and days of sorting through them all and calculating the absolute maximum amount of artists we could accommodate for, we finally were able to come up with 160 artists! Below, in alphabetical order, is the list of the 160 artists selected. If you want to see what series each artist is doing a piece on, go HERE to see the full list!

Every artist above have been sent an email with all the information needed for this zine so if you’re listed above, please check your email inbox!

Light Entertainment #2: I have no one to blame but myself.

But also anyone who ever drew these two horrible dorks dancing like potentialforart and grimfangsmaw you are not helping.

The dance they’re doing is a Viennese Waltz (fun fact not only was I at that contest but yes it’s Final Fantasy 8 music playing) and a specific waltz was chosen by potentialforart And The Waltz Goes On by Anthony Hopkins. Not that this matters to anyone except me.

RGB is as always the property of Modmad and Magnus is 0chromat’s and I really hope I didn’t stomp all over their characters too much.

EDIT: Oh I forgot to mention that writing this involved me standing in a bathrobe in my bedroom going over the steps of V. Waltz with an imaginary RGB for a partner to make sure I got everything right. The things we do for fandom literature.

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