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Petals for Scars

Title: Petals for Scars

Paring: Pynch (Adam/Ronan)

Rating: T

Summary:   “The flowers are supposed to bloom when you’re ready to fall in love, so he waits every day to watch them wither on his wrist, decaying into the dead thing he’s become.” Soulmate AU.

A/N: Alright, first Raven Cycle fic! (First published fic in a while, actually). It had to be Pynch of course. Also, my first time writing a soulmate AU. This is one I found particularly interesting: where everyone is born with a tattoo of a closed flower bud and it only blooms when you’re emotionally ready to fall in love. I’m trying out a bit of a different style here so I hope you guys like this and a big thanks to those who read this over and gave me the confidence to publish it!


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anonymous asked:

Hey Doc, I have a question​. What's your opinion on giving animals tattoos and ear piercing for reasons other than identification. I personally don't like the idea but I don't think it will be that harmful if done correctly by a vet.

There is the potential for cosmetic tattoos and piercings to do harm. Tattoos can get infected, they can hurt, and an animal would need to be sedated to receive one and that is not risk free. There is also a bunch of care that needs to be taken with a new tattoo to take care of it, which is difficult to do in a species that likes to lick itself. Piercings can also get infected, animals like to lick and chew things implanted in their skin, and there is the potential for them to be caught and ripped.

Cosmetic tattoos and piercings offer no benefit to the animal.

Humans can consent to these things, and they could argue that they have a benefit for some humans.

So no, I don’t think it’s ethical or okay in any way to give piercings or cosmetic tattoos to animals. Even if it’s a vet doing it, and I think vets should refuse to allow it.

We put a desexing tattoo on small animals at the time of surgery to prevent them being opened up again to look for gonads that aren’t there if they end up as a stray somewhere. Some livestock have ear tags for identification, but that’s only because intra-muscular implants are not recommended in an animal someone intends to eat.

The Types As I've Met Them

I’m an INTJ and don’t know a lot of Sensors so bear with me.

-Very happy on the outside
-Pretty easy to unlock tragic backstory (if there is one)
-They will let you rant to them but don’t expect them to come up with solutions
-Trying their best and doing pretty good

-Very considerate
-“I forgot the lavender infusion for my tea…”
-“I think I was a dragon in a past life.”
-Always caught between doing the right thing but wanting to avoid conflict
-Artsy and like creating things
-Not too hard to make them laugh

-Owns a shit ton of antiques
-Big sweet tooth
-Lives in the middle of nowhere
-Really likes murder mysteries and Steven King
-Appreciates music more for sound than lyrics

-Went to prison once
-Loves their dog but can’t take care of her
-Gives 1 fuck
-Needs to sort out social life

-Will fight you
-Nice hair
-Been through too much and deserve love
-*eye rolls for dayz *

-Fucking love cooking for people
-Can’t wrap their mind around why someone would have bad intentions
-Soooooooo empathic it hurts
-Need to stop caring about other people so much and take care of themselves for once because they work themselves to the bone trying to solve other people’s problems
-Good people
-People say they’re manipulative but it can go the other way around too

-They could talk bullshit for hours and I would still believe them
-Their social mask is amazing??
-The ENTP I know had anxiety and depression for years and I only found out a few months ago
-They’re really intelligent but can’t stand having a schedule and have SO MUCH untapped potential
-Many tattoos, much cigarettes, great taste in clothes, lots aesthetic

-Friendship is based off of sardonic humour and a love for podcasts. Nothing else.
-Have emotions!!!
-But it took me 9 months for them to open up
-If they tried they’d be a straight A, honours student
-Future sociopath

-All the ESFJs I know are nurses
-And they’re very nice and friendly
-Very smart but you learn that after you get to know them
-Very appreciative of food in different ways

-Kind of set in their ways for an Ne user
-Very silent in conversation but pops in at random to say a comment that makes everyone laugh
-Very financially stable and has their life together

-Can’t understand why people are so ignorant
-Go to them if you don’t understand something and want a fresh perspective
-We’re assholes but will try if we benefit from it
-Neat af👌

That’s it. I don’t know any ENTJs, ESTPs, ISTPs, ESFPs or ISFPs. I don’t have many friends so… that’s it.

♡ I don’t think anyone will read this but it’s okay. I got this tattoo done as a reminder that through all the storms I encounter, I will find the light and I’ll grow and blossom into something beautiful. It just gets so hard for me to look forward in life and believe that I’ll be okay. I have breakdowns and cry, even if I have no reason to. I get anxious and overwhelmed over the littlest of things. I overthink A LOT about everything. I drown in my thoughts and I can’t stop it at times. There are days where I wish I’d just disappear so I wouldn’t have to worry anyone and continuously beat myself up for all that I do wrong. I just really hate myself sometimes. But like a flower, it’ll take time for me to grow and show my full potential. And like my tattoo, I need time to heal. I know I have a lot to be grateful for and I can achieve all of things I have planned, I just have to take things day by day and I’ll slowly get to where I want to be. I’m blessed to be living this life and to be supported by someone who truly truly loves me. I know one day I’ll be okay and love all of my flaws ♡

“The truth is rarely pure, and never simple” - Oscar Wilde 

Available on my Redbubble 

sorry-not-sorry im posting so much of my original art lately, but honestly im having fun messing around with potential tattoo ideas.


im sorry if i didn’t tag you and you want to be tagged in my art, let me know and i will tag you next time around! 

As seen in Dragon Age: The World of Thedas Vol. 2


Fenris was formerly a slave to a Tevinter Magister named Danarius. It was Danarius who had Fenris’s skin tattooed with lyrium, giving him unusual abilities. The Process caused Fenris to lose his memory. After his escape from Denarius, Fenris fled to Kirkwall, where he met Hawke and spent several years trying to piece together his past. 


Little is known about Fenris’s childhood, which comes as no surprise. Even he cannot tease much sense from the murky memories of his past. We know that his birth name was Leto and that he and his sister Varania were slaves in Tevinter. Leto and Varania served a Tevinter magister called Danarius. It is not known whether the siblings were born into his service or whether they were bought by the magister at some point. 

Danarius was an accomplished mage who experimented heavily with magic and lyrium and constantly pushed the boundaries of what lyrium could do. In his research, he stumbled upon an ancient treatise that described a process of embedding lyrium beneath the skin. The lyrium, once fused with the flesh, would bestow remarkable abilities upon the one privileged enough to bear the markings. Danarius was fascinated by the potential that these lyrium tattoos held. But the treatise’s instructions were vague and spotty in places, and he spent years refining the technique. 

Danarius went to unknown lengths to rediscover the process, and when it was close to perfect, he decided it was time to find a living subject. The one chosen had to be young and fit. They had to be willing to undergo the operation and be strong enough to bear the pain of branding without flinching. If they balked at the last minute, the process would be ruined and months of preparation wasted. Danarius wanted a subject with iron resolve, and so he asked for a volunteer from his favored slaves. The slave who earned the position would be given a place as Danarius’s personal bodyguard, prized above all others, and earn a boon from Danarius himself. 

Many slaves, elven and human, jumped at the chance to become Danarius’s subject. They asked for riches, greater privileges, and even the permission to marry. But Leto only wanted freedom for his sister and their mother. He fought long and hard to prove himself worthy of what the slaves all believed would be a gift. Leto’s determination, more so than his physical abilities, impressed Danarius, and so he was chosen. 

Danarius kept his part of the bargain. Varania and their mother were declared free and released from their duties as slaves. They were also given a small sum of gold with which to start their lives as free people. The family said their goodbyes, and Leto was taken away to be prepared for the procedure. 

A series of letters from someone identified only as “Silus” to his lover sheds light on Leto’s weeks of preparation. During this period, Silus was one of four guards given the task of watching him and the only one who established any sort of relationship with the slave. Silus described Leto as “quiet, but with a shrewd wit that revealed itself at the most unexpected moments.” According to Silus, Leto carried some apprehension about Danarius’s ritual, but was comforted by the knowledge that his sister and mother were free and happy. 

Leto was delivered to Danarius as soon as the magister was ready to perform the branding. The process took several days and the combined efforts of many of Danarius’s most dedicated apprentices. Danarius revealed his knew masterpiece a month later in front of friends and colleagues from the Circle of Minrathous. He is quoted as saying, “I have transformed a crude elf into a work of art. Behold Fenris, my wolf.” 

The Dog

As Danarius had intended, the lyrium brands gave the newly renamed “Fenris” impressive new skills. He was now able to become incorporeal, to pass through solid objects at will. This ability would become Fenris’ Signature — while in the Champion of Kirkwall’s company, he became known for punching through the chests of his enemies and taking hold of their still-beating hearts. 

But the brands had changed Fenris in more ways than one. While his body healed from the process, his mind did not. The pain of the lyrium brands was so great that it left his mind irreparably damaged. He forgot everything of his life before the lyrium: his mother, his sister, and what he had done to become what he was. Danarius was Fenris’s entire world — His master, his creator, and perhaps his only friend. 

Fenris’s formidable abilities both impressed and intimidated Danarius’s associates and gained the magister no small measure of influence and renown. Wherever Danarius went, Fenris would follow; the “little wolf” was Danarius’s bodyguard but, more importantly, a living testament to Danarius’s genius and skill. 

It is clear that Danairus treated Fenris as little more than a possession, a trophy to be flaunted. For if Danarius had any ounce of regard for Fenris, he likely would have told Fenris about his past, about his family. Even by the time of his escape, Fenris knew next to nothing about who he really was. 

Danarius’s social and political commitments eventually took him, and Fenris, to Seheron — on the front lines of the Imperium’s war with the Qunari. While on Seheron, the magister and his slave were caught in the middle of a Qunari attack. Fenris protected his master, cutting a path to a ship that was about to pull anchor. Danarius was allowed onboard, but there was no room for his slave. “The ship pulled away, leaving Fenris on the docks. 

Fenris was able to survive the ensuing fight with the oxmen, but he was gravely wounded. To escape death or capture, he fled into the uncharted jungle that bordered the Tevinter encampment. After stumbling over root and rock for what seemed like hours, Fenris finally collapsed, overwhelmed by the pain of his injuries. 

He woke up much later in an unfamiliar tent. His wounds had been cleaned and bandaged. Food and water had been laid out for him. Emerging from the tent, Fenris swiftly learned that he had been rescued by the Fog Warriors: Seheron natives who fought a guerrilla war against both the Qunari and the Tevinters. Fenris lived with the Fog Warriors while he recovered. They taught him all they knew about the Qunari invaders, information that would be crucial to Fenris’s associate Hawke in later years. Above all, the warriors taught him that there were those who were willing to fight and die for freedom. 

Fenris might have made a new home with the Fog Warriors, had Danarius not reentered his life months later. Danarius had spent a great deal of effor tand gold to track down his little wolf, his investment. When Danarius came into the Fog Warriors’ camp, Fenris’s new friends stopped him from reclaiming his property. To demonstrate the power he held over Fenris, Danarius simply laughed and commanded Fenris to kill the Fog Warriors. Fenris obeyed. 

But all wolves, even little ones, eventually wake to the realization that they are not dogs. 

The Wolf 

Fenris massacred the Fog Warriors, his rescuers and friends, at the word of his master. Upon seeing their lifeless bodies at his feet, he must have realized that he could no longer stay with Danarius. With the Fog Warriors, he had tasted freedom, and obedience no longer suited him. He escaped through the jungle and boarded a ship headed south, pursued by the magister every step of the way. 

Fenris’s journey eventually took him to Kirkwall. Danarius sent hunters after Fenris, but they were little more than an impediment. Fenris’s plans to mislead Danarius’s lackeys resulted in an encounter with Hawke in 9:31 Dragon. At their first meeting, Hawke helped Fenris in his attempt to confront his former master, who he suspected was in Kirkwall. Danarius was not found then, but Fenris and Hawke struck up a lasting alliance. 

Poke Appreciation Society Presents: A Handpoking Tutorial

I am putting this together because I love handpoking and I love the culture that springs up around it, and I want to help the curious and interested followers of my blog have the best DIY tattoo that they can get. Handpoking is the oldest form of tattooing! People were handpoking before they built churches or learned to write.

The fact of the matter is, you are going to do whatever the hell you want to do. I offer the following information only in the hope of spreading knowledge to you in an attempt to help you do the best stick and poke tattoo that you can do. if you’re going to do something, I encourage you to do it well by applying a willingness to devote at least a minimal amount time and energy into learning something about said skill.

Acquire the proper tools, PRACTICE before you poke, and above all else, BE CLEAN when you tattoo yourself and others. Don’t reuse needles. Don’t reuse ink. Wear fucking gloves. Dispose of your needles in the safest way you can manage. This will help minimize the risk of infection and decrease the spreading of blood borne pathogens.

I recommend that you order, from the internet, real tattoo needles that would normally be used in a machine, instead of making your own, but I will go over making your own rounds below, as well. You can get needles from any number of tattoo supply websites and even amazon has them. Tattoo needles are the best option because they come pre-sterilized and deliver crisp lines when used with skill.

In case you have never seen a tattoo needle, here is a picture.

As you can see, a tattoo needle is a long rod with a grouping or cluster of pins on the end. These groupings of needles come in different sizes and shapes, depending on how many needles are grouped together or what configuration the needles make when pushing ink into the skin. There are liner needles and shader needles, rounds and flats.

See that blue dot? That blue dot means the needle is sterile. If there is no blue dot, or the packaging is open, throw the needle away.

For handpoking, I recommend round liners. Liner needles come in different numbers, depending on how many needles make up the formation. There are 3RL, which is a grouping of three needles in a circular formation, followed by 5RL, 7RL, 9RL and 11RL.

It is good to have some popsicle sticks to tape your needle to, this makes it easier to work with.

Hand making a round liner
So, maybe you live somewhere where just ordering needles isn’t an option. Maybe you’re on the road. Maybe you’re locked up. I will be frank and say making your own rounds out of sewing needles isn’t clean, and isn’t something I recommend. Unfortunately just boiling something isn’t enough to make it sterile, and burning the tip of the sewing needle isn’t a good idea either. That said, I have like 9 handpoked tattoos, and none of them became infected, and some of them were administered with homemade round liners using sewing needles. I opted to take that risk.

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make, and the risk is yours to take. There will always be some risk associated with this practice, but by being as clean as you can, you can minimize that risk.

Making a homemade round liner is easy to do badly. You have to be careful to get the needles flush with one another when you are making your round. The needles need to be flush so they’re not poking in at different depths.

You will need at least three (3) “clean” sewing needles, duct or masking tape, thread, and a pencil.

Fig. 1. Take a long piece of masking tape and put all three of your needles about ¼th down the sticky side of the tape, close to one end of the tape, sharp points of the needle up. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that all three of your needles be level as you can get them. (lol they’re not level in the diagram, sorry)

Fig. 2. Fold the end of the tape over, securing the needles in place.

Fig. 3. Carefully wrap the rest of the tape around the end of the pencil so the needle tips are about 2/3rd of an inch above the eraser.

4. Take a long piece of sewing thread and wind it around the needles, starting around the bottom and working tightly up. If you are using india ink, you will want to wrap your thread all the way up until only a centimeter or two of the needle are showing, essentially the very tip of the needle. You will use the thread as a wick for your india ink. Bind the needles so tightly that the row of three needles becomes bundled into a round formation.

I find that if I am using tattoo ink, I do not need to use the thread as a wick, I just dip often.

 Wind the thread back down and secure with a bit of tape.

There you have it, a handmade 3RL.

Handmade Liner FAQ
Why do I need to use 3 needles? Can’t I just use one?
You could use just one needle but you’d have to poke three times as much to make your lines solid. Using three needles instead of one makes each poke more efficient and productive.

Isn’t that going to hurt?
Yes, but not as much as you’d think. When you are tattooed with a machine, your tattooist is not using a single needle.

What happens if I do use just one needle?
Over-poking an area can lead to scarring, blown out ink, and potential infection (a tattoo is an open wound), and when you use just one needle you have to poke the design in many, many more times over.

Can I use a safety pin?
NO! Safety pins have barbed ends that will literally tear up your skin.

Can I use a piercing needle?
Piercing needles are hollow and are not recommended for tattooing.

Can I use a needle more than once?
NO. Throw it away in a drink container or empty beer can, or take it to a sharps container.

Can I share a tattoo needle with someone?
NO. Aside from being a great way to infect yourself with someone elses’ blood borne pathogens, it also dulls the needle.

As with tattoo needles, it is my opinion that you should use tattoo ink for your handpoking, as it is specially designed to be poked into human skin to make images. It’s vibrancy and lasting power compared to water soluble pigment based india ink can’t be beat. I personally prefer Intenze black ink for my tattoos, but there are other good brands as well. Don’t be tempted by the inexpensiveness of brands like Scream or Prizm, they don’t cost very much because they fucking suck.

If tattoo ink is simply not available to you, a WATER SOLUBLE PIGMENT BASED INDIA INK will work. Speedball or Higgins are the two trusted brands of india ink that work well for stick and pokes.

Don’t use toothpaste and markers. Don’t use ball point pen ink. Don’t use paint, or lipstick, or crayon, or ash and piss like you’re in prison. Don’t use mascara, or eyeliner, or sharpie. None of these things are designed for tattooing and will increase your risk of scarring, infection and possibly even blood poisoning.

The options are: tattoo ink or water soluble pigment based india ink. India ink is 4$ in most places and you can get it at Walmart. Make it work.

Since you’re hopefully already ordering needles and ink, you should also order plastic caps that you can put ink into when you tattoo. If you aren’t, I would use a soda bottle cap that has been cleaned for at least two minutes with soap and extremely hot water and then rinsed for an equally long period.

Ink Faq
Can I reuse ink once it’s in the cap?

Can I use anything other than tattoo ink or india ink?

So, you have your needles and you have ink. What now?

Before you tattoo someone, or yourself, even, I would encourage you to buy an orange or two and practice poking them. Practice straight lines over the curved surface of the orange. Remember that human bodies are curved and rounded in most places, and not a flat paper canvas. Get a feel for it. Granted, poking an orange will be different than poking yourself, and definitely different than poking someone else, but basically anyone who wants to poke a tattoo should relegate themselves to the extremely minimal practice and experience of tattooing an orange or two.

Tattoo ink only needs to be poked into the first few (3 or 4) layers of the dermis. If you poke too deeply, you will poke ink into your subcutaneous fat layer which causes the ink to spread under the skin. This is what is referred to as ‘blow out’. After you have poked some oranges, and you are ready to poke yourself, remember this.

When poking at the right depth, you should feel a bit of a springy pop- that is the feeling of the needle poking through those first few layers of dermis. This will signify that you need not poke any deeper. You will know you are poking deep enough, but not too deep. Once you feel that pop, pull the round back out.

DON’T FORGET TO WEAR GLOVES. This is super important, especially if you tattoo someone other than yourself. Even the smallest cut or scratch on your fingers or hand, even an angry hangnail being left open can expose you to a host of shitty diseases that you don’t want to infect yourself with. Just because someone says they’re clean doesn’t mean that they are.

If you would wear a condom during sex, you should wear gloves when tattooing.

When tattooing myself, I use witchhazel to wipe the ink away with, it is soothing and works well for me personally. You can get green soap from amazon.com as easily as you can get needles or ink.

So You’ve practiced. You have your needles, your gloves, your ink. Let’s talk about your workspace. Disinfect your area that you will be working in. Get some bleach, lysol, what have you, and clean that shit. Wipe the table down, wipe any wipe-able surface down. Saran wrap is good to put down after you’ve wiped everything down, because it provides an uncontaminated surface for you to set your ink, needle and paper towels on. It is good to have a clean roll of paper towels, you’ll want to have some on hand for wiping your ink away as you administer the tattoo.

When you are finished tattooing, keep your gloves ON as you dispose of the needle and the bloody/inky paper towels, then take them off and wash your hands. By following these simple measures you can ensure that your tattoo will be cleaner and less likely to become infected or scarred.

I hope this tutorial was helpful and informative.

Safe and happy poking!

Okay, so today I was thinking of this cool thing where all the batboys had wicked af tattoos, but then I realized something. Bruce would never let any of them get tattoos. First off, there is the whole secret identity thing. If any of them happened to get in a bad fight where a part of their costume was ripped off (which happens far too often I may add) then anyone could potentially see their tattoo. And of course the placement and tattoo itself are very narrowing in of itself. I mean, how many people would have that specific tattoo in that specific area? Especially since the Wayne family is famous and the media would have a field day if any of them got tattoos. And there would be no way he (or them for that matter) would be letting them be stabbed with a foreign needle with foreign substances. So that would mean they would have to do it themselves, which again, I don’t think would happen. So yeah, there goes all those cool drawing ideas i had in my head

Tattoo: The Saga Continues

Thank you very much to @edderkopper, @answersfromvanaheim, @erynn-lafae, @missfionnaisdead, @jormundgandr, @bfortmforn, @thorraborinn, @thistletongue, and @nowwinterdanceshere for your thoughtful input on my potential tattoo. And the verdict is…

I have decided that I’m still going to get a tattoo, even if it’s different from what I originally imagined! Rather than getting runes, I’ll be getting a black and white tattoo of Nærøyfjord, Norway, designed by a local tattoo artist based off of a photograph I took of the fjord when I visited.

This still connects me to a place that holds a lot of meaning to me: my time in Nærøyfjord created some of my best memories to date. While I was there I took photographs of the beautiful mountains, and felt closer to nature than I ever had before. That was within the same week I got to see museums with Viking ships and artifacts, bringing me alongside something I am so incredibly passionate about. These things combined made my visit to Nærøyfjord powerful and memorable: it’s a time I know I will always look upon fondly.

While I know you mostly all encouraged me to be wary but steadfast in my original idea, this is what I feel was most right for me. I can always get runes later in my life, especially if the idea refuses to abandon me.

All of your comments were incredibly well-spoken and thoughtful; I read them all many times and definitely contemplated them heavily. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to comment!

My tattoo appointment is set for next Wednesday; I’m still just as excited for this tattoo as I would have been for runes! (I’m actually a little nervous: it will be my first tattoo, after all!) Thank you all again!

  • Potential boss: yeah, and tattoos are ok as long as they can be covered up.
  • Me: that's good to know, I'm getting a tattoo this week so I'll make sure it's in a place that can be hidden.
  • Me: *does no such thing*