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Yuri, age 16, looking up at the sky: um, almost everyone is taller than me wtf when will I grow some more???

Yuri, age 18, the 456th time he hits his head against something that should be out of human reach: I TAKE IT BACK I’M SORRY

This one with lee Yuuri?^^

A/N: alrighty first one of these things, here I go! [send me a screenshot and I’ll insert a tickle scene>:)!]

“Yuuri, tell me everything about you.” Yuuri’s heart skipped a beat when Victor stepped closer, leaning down until he was at his eye level on the floor.

“What kind of rink do you skate at?” Victor’s hand was now gently tilting up his chin, and Yuuri’s insides started to panic. 

“What’s in this city? Do you have someone you like?” Something warm was suddenly holding onto his hand- aaahh Victor’s hand, he was holding his hand!

“Let’s build some trust in our relationship.” Yuuri wasn’t sure if he was mistaking his new coach for being intimate and flirty on their first day, but he barely had the chance to overthink before Victor tugged at the hand he was holding and Yuuri toppled forward. His cheek ended up right against Victor’s warm, bare chest, and as his eyes widened, Yuuri sputtered and squirmend.

“W-wa-whaaa,” he wasn’t even sure what he was trying to say, but he jolted when he suddenly felt Victor feel him up, a gentle hand grabbing his side and squeezing the squishy flesh.

“Also how did you gain these sweet piggy-pounds Yuuri? Last time I saw you-” Victor stopped his coachy lecture about Yuuri’s body and looked down at Yuuri who was sadly making snorty squeaking sounds. He then shook when the first giggles slipped out- nooo Victor couldn’t find out already!

“What’s so funny?” Victor stopped the squeezing of his side, and Yuuri puffed out a huge amount of air in relief. Victor then suddenly grabbed both sides, and Yuuri jerked heavily and barked out a laugh.

“Tickles! Ahah! V-Vict- no!” he laughed, kicking his legs and squirming against him. 

“Ah, ticklish? Now that’s a good start of building some trust in our relationship. Where else are you sensitive Yuuri?” Yuuri tensed up when Victor walked his fingers up his side towards his ribs, squeezing firmly and grazing the sensitive flesh through his shirt.

“EEhehe don’t do thahat!” he protested, feeling both the embarrassment and forced giggles cause this major blush on his face. 

“But what about here?” Victor was going too far in this trust-building thing when he wiggled his hand under his shirt, tickling his bare squishy tummy, and Yuuri lost it with hysterical laughter and uncharming thrashing movements.

“NAahhaa!” Kicking himself free and rolling out of Victor’s clutches, he created some good space in between them as he backed against the wall, far away from him.

“What? Why are you running away?” Victor asked casually. Why? Why?! Because he was tickling him a-and…. Yuuri blushed like crazy, breathing heavily and pulling his shirt down to cover up his tingling body.

“N-no reason..” he mumbled, not feeling like provoking him in tickling him anymore, and he nervously huddled against the wall, pulling his knees up to his chest and pouting. 

It’s that he had these embarrassing body reactions when being tickled, but Victor holding him close and making him laugh and giggle like that… wasn’t so bad actually. Well then, building a good relationship with his coach… Going great so far.

WOAH I had completely forgotten I had a challenge. I’m sorry guys. Sometimes I wonder if I have a head at all.

Decided to illustrate the short as a whole instead of one part. 

reverse AU where Victor’s the one who got rip-roaring drunk at the Sochi GPF banquet and dedicated his night to making the sad, cute Japanese skater smile. There are dance-offs, pole dances, and Victor even drunkenly offers to be Yuuri’s coach, but the next morning, Victor doesn’t remember any of it.

Yuuri, after a night of hearing his idol wax poetic about how good of a skater he is and how one bad skate doesn’t invalidate that, is now pumped to redeem himself during the rest of the season. He made friends with some of the skaters at the banquet who give him tips on maximizing his potential (Yuri Plisetsky of all people told him his step sequences weren’t horrible and critiqued his jumping techniques) but the only person who hasn’t contacted him since is Victor himself.

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Headcanon's for how Yuri, Yurio, and Victor would treat their s/o who is just a delicate, fragile little one.

This request wasn’t very specific, so I tried my best. If this isn’t what you wanted, I apologize! Anyway, please enjoy, and thank you for the request :3

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • He’s the master of all things graceful and beautiful, so Viktor can easily handle your needs
  • Viktor is really sensitive and emotional and all that good stuff, and he is really good about making sure your precious little heart is safe
  • He holds your hand basically everywhere you go, and he’ll even pick you up and carry you to make sure he knows you’re safe
  • especially at his skating competitions tho; he will pick you up and carry you on his back so you don’t get lost in crowds or have bad run-ins with the press like ugh sweetie ;-;
  • He always uses a soft tone of voice when talking to you, his favorite thing being whispering in your ears and gently living feather-light touches on your skin
  • and the subsequent blush you get is his favorite part lmao
  • Viktor has amazing timing when it comes to saving you from intense situations; he seems to always know the perfect time to sweep in and come to your rescue when you’re in a situation where your delicate personality is at risk of shattering
  • Overall, Viktor is 11/10 when it comes to your needs and making you feel safe and sound

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • Being the worrywart he is, Yuri is extra careful around you and makes sure you’re always safe with him
  • Yuri is always there to keep an eye on you, never letting you out of his sight to try to be your protector
  • one time he even went to the lengths of following you to the bathroom and you’re like ‘srsly bro cmon” lmao but what a cutie
  • What he does like, though, is being your knight in shining armor; being your protector makes him feel so fulfilled and accomplished
  • And if you praise him for his work, he’ll probably melt into a puddle and die because he knows his efforts are not in vain
  • and honestly the boy is a gentle little butterfly so ???? he’s got you covered fam don’t worry
  • Yuri is a sensitive lil bean, and he will always be there to be your Knight in Shining Armor™

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • With such an aggressive personality, this boy had to learn to tone it down a bit when you’re around
  • At first his harshness scares you a bit, and he nearly brings you to tears by accident when he’s letting out his frustrations
  • he accidentally yelled at you over something stupid and when your eyes filled with tears he just kind went ‘?????? i fucked up’
  • After that, Yuri makes sure to stay cool and collected around you, finding other ways to let out his anger and rebellious tendencies
  • He has a habit of keeping an arm around you in public places, despite his dislike for PDA
  • honestly ???? it’s become a habit and at this point and he feels safer knowing you’re right there and not wandering off and potentially gettiNG HURT
  • Yuri learns to control himself and manage his anger in a more healthy way during your relationship, leaving you both with an added bonus of being together <3
Everything Ep.10 changes

I’ve already made a post briefly summarizing the most important changes, but now let’s get a deeper look at everything I could find whose meaning is different now that we know about the party:

1) Victor watching the video of Yuri dancing to “Stay by Me & Never Leave”

Before: Victor saw the potential Yuri had and decided to coach him

Now: Victor saw the potential Yuri had and, considering the routine is about asking someone to stay by your side, likely also interpreted it as Yuri calling to him to be his coach.

2) Victor’s certainty in his choice

Before: Victor is so sure of himself he didn’t even worry that Yuri might not want to have him as a coach and simply moved to his place without asking.

After: he wasn’t worried because he thought Yuri remembered asking him for it and considering the video of him, Victor assumed that hadn’t changed.

3) The flirting and closeness

Before: Victor doesn’t understand personal space and/or is trolling because he knows how Yuri reacts to flirting

Now: Victor saw Yuri even pole dance half naked. They held each other and danced together. Yuri clung to him while dry-humping him. And Victor clearly had a thing for him at that moment. He didn’t think Yuri would mind the closeness so much because of how Yuri had behaved that night, and all the flirting wasn’t a joke but Victor sincerely interested in Yuri

4) Eros: the playboy was…Yuri

Before: Victor made a routine on Eros where a playboy has the heart of the prettiest girl in town then leaves her. This is likely modeled on himself and his playboy/idol character

After: Victor might have modeled the playboy after Yuri. Yuri showed up, stole his heart, then left to Japan without another word. Sure maybe Victor might not have been too much in love yet, but maybe still enough that it inspired him to make that song. A more indepth analysis of this is here.

This is getting too long, so here’s a cut:

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Welcome to the VWC’s Weekly Bulletin, where we feature what’s new and exciting in Victuuri fanfic every week. Look here to get a glimpse at new works that have been posted in the fandom, updated WIP fics, works from our Collective authors, and what the admins have been reading this week.

New Works

Happy Easter, Yuuri! by nerdlife4evaVictor surprises Yuuri with an American style Easter egg hunt, while Yuuri… Yuuri surprises Victor in a whole other way.

The Tsesarevich lives! (WIP) by mtothedestielAn Anastasia AU. Victor is an orphan with no name, no family, and no memory of a time before he was ten years old. Could he really be the missing Nikiforov heir? An adventure across Europe with two conmen will lead him to the answer.

Hopeless Teenage Heart by kiaronnaWell-adjusted adults do not usually consider a tipsy teenage encounter in a bathroom to be the peak of their sexual experience, especially if that encounter was mostly chaste, closed mouth kisses and sighing into each others shoulders as they sat on the cool, real marble of the hotel’s sink basin. Yuuri might not be a well-adjusted adult.

Viktor and Yuuri meet in a high school debate competition, and then later as lawyers in New York. Some things change with time, but others never do.

Lawyer/debate kid AU, short one-shot.

Golden Boy by wildenessat221b: The rise of Viktor Nikiforov, the pedestals he’s been put on, the people he’s been and eventually, the person who makes it all worthwhile. It’s a crazy ride, but he gets there.

You Set My Heart on Fire by whelvenwingsEveryone has a soulmate. And everyone sees any marks on their soulmate’s skin appear on their own body; it starts with the first marks, drawn on by the midwife at birth. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a soulmate who replies, but Yuuri does, and he knows that he should feel fortunate - however, when he’s trying to make a living as a small-time painter, and his soulmate is the famous artist, Viktor Nikiforov… well, it seems slightly less than fortunate. Yuuri can’t help but feel self-conscious. So self-conscious, in fact, that he’s never even shown Viktor his face, never let Viktor hear his voice. The only way that they’ve spoken is through ink, writing message after message to each other on their skin - but that’s all about to change.

WIP Updates

the “real” victor nikiforov (WIP) by thishasbeencary: So, fine, maybe Yuuri’s a little bored and lonely when he likes a dating profile claiming to be Viktor Nikiforov. And, maybe, he’s a little pathetic when he gets excited when the account messages him almost immediately after. And, he’s definitely stupid for falling in love with someone pretending to be his idol, but he can’t help it. It’s not like it’s the real Viktor Nikiforov, anyway. He knows someone is catfishing him, but he still falls ridiculously in love.

The Return of the Little Piggy (WIP) by SASS_QUEEN: Once there was a boy named Katsuki Yuuri, who was shy, loved to make clothes, had adorable smiles and was fatter than the usual average human being. Unfortunately for him, apparently being chubby wasn’t all that accepted in the norm back then. After numerous accounts of bullying, Katsuki Yuuri disappears for good.
Now years later, there is now a man only known as Y.K. Fashion tyrant, multimillionaire, professional cold-stare giver… and is trying his ultimate best to run away from his dark past, until a certain silver haired CEO of a certain rival company who went to the same certain college he went to back then decides to flat out entangle their fates together. Do both of them have anything to say for it? Sadly, no. No they don’t. (Fashion & Couture AU)

Setting Sun (WIP) by LittleLostStarCanon-divergent AU. In which Yuuri humiliatingly loses Hot Springs on Ice, Victor goes back to Russia to train Yurio, Yuuri is trapped in Japan with a sadistic replacement, and everyone is miserable—until the night that Yuuri posts some personally relevant song lyrics on Instagram, and wakes up the next morning to find that Victor has posted lyrics which seem to be a reply. Yuuri is sure he’s just projecting his regretful wishes onto irrelevant social media posts, rather than Victor talking to him—until it happens again. And again. With the world watching their every move, Victor and Yuuri begin trading lyrics in a secret musical conversation; from playful rivalry to intense seduction, through bubblegum pop and pulse-pounding guitars, their virtual affair unfolds, hidden in plain sight. But the Grand Prix approaches, and one wrong move from Victor or Yuuri could destroy their careers. They’ll just have to pretend they’re not crazy about each other; how hard could it be?

fire on ice (WIP) by indianchai: Everyone in the world had some sort of affinity with one of the four elements; the proper term was elemental affinity– whether they were best suited with fire, water, earth, or air. All figure skaters were water users. Never in the history of the sport was there professional ice skater that didn’t have water as their elemental affinity. Katsuki Yuri had a well-guarded secret that he couldn’t have anyone find out about. aka, the one where Yuri could potentially decimate the rink every time he steps on ice, but no one can know. Especially Victor.

Re: Yuri Katsuki (WIP) by Ishxallxgood: A story about how Phichit and Viktor bonded over their most favorite topic; Yuri Katsuki. Phichit knows all the things.

New in #victuuriwriters

Katsuki Yuuri: Ascended Fanboy by Defiant-Dreams“And wow, that was a beautiful Viktor—I mean, a beautiful Quad Flip by Viktor.” Yuuri visibly winces and he momentarily covers his face. Morooka glances at him in concern but Yuuri shrugs it off quickly and shakes his head as he continues, “Really, others try to do it, but no one does a Quad Flip quite as well or quite as clean as Viktor—if they even manage to land it.”


AU where Yuuri goes into commentating instead but he still has a Huge Gay Crush on Viktor Nikiforov and everyone can tell.

fall even deeper with you by missmichellebelle: Right at the start of the dock is a series of signs, prohibiting diving, warning against swimming without supervision, and absolutely forbidding entering the lake at night.

chaos theory (WIP) by thishasbeencary: "Spare no expense,“ had been Yakov’s response to every phone call that Viktor made about the park, which was exactly why Viktor had worked to revive Jurassic Park into Jurassic World. The same idea, but bigger, and better. Bigger park, bigger attractions, bigger dinosaurs, better structures… So why is attendance dropping so much? Maybe the addition of a brand new genetically modified dinosaur would fix that problem.

(Meanwhile, Yuuri Katsuki has a pack of Velociraptors, and Yuri Plisetsky gets invited to bring a friend on an all expense paid trip to Viktor’s park.)

And while they’ve built everything up so that things couldn’t possibly go wrong, well… Life finds a way.

Come Fly with Me by Multiple_UniversesPhichit and Yuuri work for a charter airline, the CEO of which is Celestino. One day they have to fly legendary pilot Victor Nikiforov who saved 232 passengers by making a miraculous landing. Can Yuuri get a date from him before the plane lands? And what will it lead to?

Penicillin and Butterfly Band-Aids by doeinstinct:
 Yuuri is sure that he really isn’t that sick. Viktor and their children aren’t so sure.

Admin Picks

Aria: Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare (WIP) by exile_wrath: the tale of Yuuri Katsuki, who never ages and never dies and has lived frozen in time for centuries, and his attempts to keep his adopted son from killing the new guest.

Immortality au!! It’s so good :’)

Who Is Coach Yuri? by glitteryimagaythe aged-up au where three oblivious teenage boys are clueless when it comes to famous people in the skating world and don’t realize their coach is actually just as famous as the rink owner

Ngl, identity reveals are my favorite yoi trope and this one had me in stitches. Absolutely hilarious!

(after)life and love by thishasbeencaryAfter Yuuri died, he woke up to a bright, flickering light above him. And, well, yeah, Yuuri had heard the phrase that after you die you "see the light”, but he was almost positive that “the light” didn’t refer to an overhead lamp. Especially not the overhead lamp in Viktor Nikiforov’s bedroom. Wait, no, what? Maybe this was heaven. Except, if this was the afterlife, why was Viktor acting like he didn’t exist? And why was Yuuri’s afterlife some creepy stalker-dream of him following around Viktor Nikiforov?

This is such a cool soulmate au?? 10/10 would recommend

ivan da maria (WIP) by c0rnfl0wer: Viktor never minded when human civilization built up around him, or when other spirits began sharing the waters with him. He easily dominated every tradition that the centuries presented; that was what he minded. No one wants to be known for tragedy. No one wants to be bound to loneliness and despair forever. No one wants to drag their beloved one down. Everyone wants a happy ending, even if it isn’t in their nature.

This is a Russian/Slavic mythology AU where Victor is a rusalka who sees Yuuri in the village one day. I’d recommend this if you’re into historical/ethereal fairytales or enjoy a poetic writing style. I was enchanted by every word and I can’t wait for the next update! (And I promise that the MCD warning is not what it seems at all. Do not let that deter you from reading it!) 

centripetal force by bravetenVictor speaks seven languages.(Physics isn’t one of them.)Luckily, though, he ends up rooming with his antithesis: a shy, black-haired boy who just so happens to be a physics major.

Listen, I’m probably way behind because I just finished centripetal force this week, but it literally was so magical I can’t not recommend it! If you’re one of the rare fandom members like me who hasn’t experienced this beautiful, fun fic yet, then please read it. You won’t be disappointed at all! 

Viktuuri Post-Retirement HCs

I’m a sap so imma write a HCs for Viktor and Yuuri after they retire:

  • After Yuuri retires (5 years post-canon), they move to the US.
  • Yuuri is an instructor and choreographer at a dance company. He plans to open his own eventually. 
  • Viktor becomes a figure skating coach and works with the most promising young skaters in the industry.
  • Sadly, Makkachin has probably passed by that point, so they probably adopt puppies that look like Makkachin and Vicchan.
  • They are contemplating adopting kids. 
  • They don’t compete anymore, so they have a lot more time for their bedroom… activities. 
  • Bonus: Yurio is the new Living Legend of Figure Skating and probably had a huge glo up. He prob shot up all the way to 6 feet tall and got a haircut. He probably mocks Viktor whenever they meet, because he has a clear view of his “bald spot” now. 
fire on ice - Chapter 5 - indianchai - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Everyone in the world had some sort of affinity with one of the four elements; the proper term was elemental affinity– whether they were best suited with fire, water, earth, or air.

All figure skaters were water users. Never in the history of the sport was there professional ice skater that didn’t have water as their elemental affinity. Katsuki Yuri had a well-guarded secret that he couldn’t have anyone find out about.

aka, the one where Yuri could potentially decimate the rink every time he steps on ice, but no one can know. Especially Victor.

Chapter five is out now!

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What do you think about the new girls from Love Live Perfect Dream Project?

maa, tbh, mixed feelings right now. Maybe that’s cuz I’m too invested in Aqours to have room for new idols at the moment, though I’m sure my feelings will change once we learn more about these girls, their relationship with each other (read: potential yuri ships) and ofc their VAs.

However, objectively speaking, I love the new girls’ designs. They’re trendy/fashionable and finally has someone who’s sorta tall (I’m 167cm so I’m happy about Karin’s height… DX Eli/Mari/Kanan are too short lmao). I’ve already headcanon’d the VAs for them (though very unlikely):

  • Shizuku - Hanazawa Kana
  • Emma - Hayami Saori
  • Konoe - Katou Emiri
  • Karin - Itou Shizuka
  • Ai - Kotobuki Minako
  • Setsuna - Kitamura Eri
  • Rina - Aoi Yuuki

Out of the new girls, my fav is Rina. I headcanon she’s a megane girl, gamer, and is “looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill you” XDDD