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Rick’s “Fake” Origin Story?

So this could all just be bullshit but I think I have a somewhat plausible theory on what parts of Rick’s origin is true, who Diane Sanchez really is, and a solid idea to explain both Beth’s and Summer’s hair colors. Under the cut to save your dash because this is going to be detailed and long. So here we go. 

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Trigger Night! Witches becomes a Tree! 

This is some pretty big and relevant LWA lore news from Trigger Night:
-Magic in the world of LWA is deeply linked to trees; this due to Yggdrassil being the source of magic.
-On the flipside, witches have longer
-Very powerful witches with magic flowing through their bodies are destined to become trees due to all the power they drain from Yggdrassil. Woodward, Beatrix and many other witches with high magic potential became trees. (Well, it was obvious with WOODward)
-Jennifer Memorial is Jennifer herself turned into a tree.
-The Cavendish State is filled with magical trees that were former Cavendish witches, the larger trees with the most magic power are the previous family heads.
-(Somber tone)Diana herself is destined to become a tree…
-The tree that appeared in episode 9 was Holbrooke’s mother
-On the flipside, witches have much longer lifespans for the same reason: the more magic they use from Yggdrassil, the more tree-like they become and trees have longer lifespans than humans.
-Holbrooke is over 150 years old.



oth meme: [4/5] relationships: rachel and mouth

You know,you’re really beautiful now, Rachel. But I just want you to know, I could have loved the girl in that picture.

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Why do you think the scene where Sakura cuts her hair is important?

It’s important because it signified the beginning of her development from an ordinary girl, into a world renowned Kunoichi.

Kakashi’s first impression of Sakura wasn’t that great, and he was very justified in his opinion. She did indeed seem more interested in pursuing her romantic interests, rather than refining her skills as a Kunoichi:

And later on, Sasuke had this same thought.

After returning from the Land of Waves, he saw that she had potential due to the tree climbing exercise, but also noticed that while the potential was there, her skills were very lacking. So he was undoubtedly a little frustrated that instead of working to realise that potential, she was instead prioritising flirting and pursuing him. So, he very bluntly explained this to her:

And while Sasuke’s words did seem harsh, they were necessary in getting Sakura to understand the full scope of her situation. She had all the potential in the world to be a great Kunoichi, so why wasn’t she doing anything about it?

The fact that those words also came from Sasuke himself meant that they had the biggest impact on Sakura, since he was the one she was trying to impress. They really did cut deep, but I think that was the only way for Sakura to really take a look at herself, and realise that her input so far, at least in comparison to her teammates, had been insufficient:

Therefore, when she was pushed into a corner, and finally had enough of constantly be saved, constantly being protected, and constantly watching her friends from behind, fighting her battles for her, she decided then and there that it would be the last time she would ever feel this way again.

She cut her long hair that had almost been a symbol of her romantic pursuit of Sasuke, and was now determined to put her life on the line so that she could protect those dear to her. She had promised herself that for once, they would be watching her from behind, fighting to protect them. But most importantly, she had finally found her spirit as a Kunoichi, and the resolve to get stronger:

Which manifested almost immediately, and produced very impressive results. Not too long ago, she would spend extended time and effort making herself look presentable, and would faint due to genjutsus which in all honesty, weren’t even that bad. Now, she was willingly allowing herself to get stabbed with multiple kunai and shuriken at once, just so that she could catch her opponent off guard, and her efforts paid dividends.

This girl, who was “more interested in love than ninjutsu”, was now a Kunoichi fighting to protect the lives of those she loved at the cost of her own:

That’s why this scene was so important.

To use Ino’s very fitting words - it marked the point at which Sakura began blossoming into “an even prettier flower than a Cosmos”.


Never Ending List of Amazing Female Characters-

Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill)

“I wasn’t a very good person. I was pretty lost, and over the past four years I have been forced to grow up. I stopped letting boys define me and started believing in myself and my potential.”


Plants of the Day

Sunday 16 April 2017

The British native Carpinus betulus (hornbeam) here is part of a coppiced woodland. This potentially large deciduous tree is being cut back to near the ground on a rotation to produce thinner timber rather than one major trunk. The new spring leaves were like green stained glass in the sunshine and in the undergrowth patches Anemone nemorosa (wood anemone,wood windflower) were growing in moist, humus-rich woodland soil while in the summer, when dormant, the Anemone will tolerate drier conditions.

Jill Raggett

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what is lothian's hair color? the matron has black hair and manon has white so where did the white hair come from? maybe the father but is there any mention of lothian's hair color? because also asterin is related to her and has a bright hair color its so confusing

To the best of my knowledge we don’t know what her mom’s hair color was. I think Manon has Elena’s hair color. Dorian waxes poetic about it enough and it’s not far fetched as far as a potential family tree plot twist goes. But plot twist aside, if Dorian isn’t a bastard but has Gavin’s eyes, then Manon could just as easily have Elena’s hair and Rhiannon’s face. Could just be Maas’s way of showing or giving the Gavin/Elena hints. Or it could be she got the hair from her mom or dad. I don’t know. I feel like the dad had dark hair only because Rhiannon had dark hair but again, we don’t know how many generations passed there. We know her sister had brown hair. Soooo I’m going with Elena and Gavin references. But who knows!

A big part of Will’s problem is that he believes - right or wrongly - that an acorn is, because of it’s potentialities, already a tree.

It doesn’t matter if he actually hasn’t done anything to hurt others. The fact that he knows himself to be capable of it already makes him fundamentally guilty.

Hannibal is the exact opposite. It’s not enough for him to be told that man is made in God’s image. He actively assumes the role of God to confirm his own divinity.

Holidays in Undertale!

- They already had Gyftmas down in the underground, so hearing about Christmas doesn’t really throw anyone too far off. If anything a lot of folk are relieved over having such a similar holiday.

- There’s a lot of quiet nostalgia for the BoneBros over the holiday. The lights and decorations all remind them of Snowdin, in a good way. Even so, there’s still an awe at some of the really fancy stuff.

- Toriel finds all the traditional recipes. All. Of. Them. No one knows how, but she did it, and now she has enough food to feed most of the underground. There’s going to be more leftovers than Turkey day.

- Asgore is the supplier for poinsettias and everyone agrees that his are prettier than others somehow.

- He’s still Santa too.

- Undyne finding the perfect trees for everyone and carrying them over her shoulder like it’s nothing.

- Alphys creating really pretty lights for the tree that you can make twinkle however you like, super durable ones for outside incase it gets really bad out, ones that don’t use a lot of power but are still super lovely.

- All the potential decorations for everyone’s trees.

- Frisk gets to put the Stars on everyone’s trees. No exceptions.

- Sans secretly putting a lot of effort in wrapping his gifts to everyone, denying it and saying Pap did it.

- Papyrus trying to meet the human Santa in order to thank him for all his hard work.

- Frisk convincing Flowey to wear a mini Santa hat or pinning a bit of holly to his pot.

- Mettaton actually staying for both Christmas eve and Christmas day. Mettaton being super giving to charities and giving the most gifts. Mettaton being really into making others happy can this please be a thing.

- Everyone sitting around in ugly sweaters, eating cookies, laughing and having fun, and being happy together.

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They won't grow him up. I think they will slow down Amalia's physical growth. Only because even if he somehow got an adult body, Amalia will still age faster than him-They can never grow old together. So to me the only LOGICAL thing to do is to slow down Amalia's growth. So she would have to become a Goddess, Demigoddess, guardian, or something. And from S1 & S2 there may be potential -- the tree of life merge & tear drop that gave plant life...but idk.


  • draco: *climbs up in a tree to potentially make a dramatic speech about how he believes harry will last longer in the triwizard tournament than his dad thinks*
  • me: how the fuck did he even get up there and did he know harry would walk past the tree or did he just see harry when he was by that tree and quickly asked his friends to help him get up in it as fast as they could so he would look as cool as possible when harry MAYBE walked past them

What’s worth the damage incurred? Exuberant expression of intelligent use of one’s conditions to reach potential. A tree out of an acorn creating sap. On old sidewalks, old books, old body, new. Anything is new, in existence. When it’s new you can grasp it. Reformulate the foot, compose new modules, new channels for the wind to go through melodiously, and one then dives into “pronoun.” Noun-stems, also, reshoot through wet ferns with rhythm, and then Goodness inflects itself: cement cracks. So much build up, gunk, force. Hopping between planes of being. Outscape-wide delineation into a photoshop.

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I mean Cowell must have been a bit naffed off at losing control of his life time's work SYCO right, and for such a low price? We've seen individual artists get a bigger deal than that, it's less than a one tour gross revenue total for 1D too. Would his bitterness cause him to punish those he felt helped his empire fall? People who wouldn't re-sign perhaps?

Oh, yeah. I think that’s very possible.

Basically, Simon owned a lemon tree grove and started a lemonade stand. He did OK with it, so Big Lemonade came to him and said, “We think you have some potentially great trees in your grove. We’ll give you some more money so you can make even more, and better, lemonade. Just give us a cut of your profits in proportion to what we invested. ” Simon took their money, signed a 5-year deal, and went to town making lemonade. Along the way he found that one of his trees was a magic lemon tree that gave him the bestest lemons ever. He sold a lot of lemonade. Simon and Big Lemonade were happy. Five years are about up so Simon and Big Lemonade get together to plan their next deal. Simon thinks the magic lemon tree is going to get him a much better deal. He’ll make so much money. But, the magic lemon tree had something to say about that. “Hey, Simon,” say the magic lemon tree, “YOU TOOK TOO MANY LEMONS. I AM TIRED. YOU SQUEEZED TOO MUCH. I WON’T GIVE YOU ANY MORE LEMONS. I’M GONNA GIVE MY LEMONS TO SOMEONE ELSE.” “Oh, no,” Simon thinks. Big Lemonade isn’t going to like this. So, Simon tells Big Lemonade that he’s going to lose the magic lemon tree soon. Big Lemonade is FURIOUS. Not only do they not give Simon a better deal, they decide Simon shouldn’t be running the lemonade stand at all anymore. There are other potentially magic trees in the grove that Simon owns and they don’t want him to squeeze another one so badly that it goes to another owner. [imagine lemon trees can move] So, they buy most of Simon’s grove and his lemonade stand for less money than it’s really worth, because Simon knows no one else if going to give him a better deal now that he pissed off the magic lemon tree. They let him still work at the stand because it’ll be really nice to blame him for the lemon tree that’s running away. Meanwhile, Simon isn’t happy. He’s very angry. He’s especially angry at the magic lemon tree. So, HE TRIES TO CHOP IT DOWN.


It’s fiercely cold as they trawl through the tree farm, following the tracks Henry’s new snow boots are making before they can disappear beneath a fresh layer of snow. He’s busy inspecting each and every fir, spruce and pine they come across for potential flaws — no tree can be too tall, thin, wide, long or bristly in his opinion.

“Second to last on the right, kid.” Emma nods as she wraps her arm further around the warm man at her side, steering him toward a thick, snow-dappled tree that has a price tag with only two zeroes attached to it. “What do you think?”

Henry gives it a tentative once over, bending at the hip to lift a large branch and inspect the tree from below. He turns back to Emma with a scrunched-up nose and a quick shake of his head, unsatisfied with her choice.

Killian groans and squeezes her shoulder impatiently and Emma can’t stifle the giggle that rises up from her chest in response. It’s the sixth tree he’s shot down, they’ve been outside for a good forty minutes (fifty at the very least, Swan, he whines in her ear) and as patient as he’s being, Emma knows Killian can’t take much more of the cold, despite whatever warmth the new peacoat she bought him has to offer.

She flits her eyes up to his and watches snowflakes tumble into his hair, his eyebrows, the reddish-brown patches of hair in the scruff on his cheeks, and for a moment Emma forgets she can’t feel the tip of her nose. Blue eyes lock with green and she grins wider, imitating the way he raises his brow as best she can.

“Henry!” She calls suddenly over her shoulder, holding his gaze as his hand trails to her elbow. “If you don’t find something in ten minutes we’re taking the closest one to the car.”

Emma tucks her mittened hand around the lapel of his coat and gives him a gentle shove, pushing them further toward what’s probably the only secluded corner in the entire farm. Before he can ask her what she’s doing she hauls him against her, pressing her cold lips to his. He still tastes like the hot chocolate they drank in the car as he wraps her in his arms and kisses the cold right out of her bones.

Footsteps shuffle on the other side of the tree they’re hiding behind and Emma sighs as he tucks her close, his hand creeping up to cradle her head to his chest.

“Much as I hate the cold, darling,” he murmurs happily, kissing her head through the thick cable knit of her beanie. “I think I like keeping you warm.”