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I have been trying to find an excuse to sew some stuff.

I could really use a little bit of spare cash too! Would anyone be interested in draw-string bags from left over fabric I have lying around? Most of the fabric I have is scrap so the sizes vary a little. It’s looking like most will be either 8x9" or 9x15,“ perfect for average and large items.

Depending on the size, they would be about $5-6 USD shipped (within the US + via Paypal).

Please like or reblog this if you are potentially interested in purchasing. I will then post pics of the fabric I have on hand, as well as size approximations of each.

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.These are the hashtags you can use at SNS to flood those with NU’EST spam, to take some possible advantage of them being at Produce 101.

My ideas right now are:

  1. Pasting Melon links to NU’EST music page or different releases or videos
  2. Pasting the fancafe link for daum.net
  3. Pasting links to their Youtube videos, NU’EST or 1theK channel
  4. Pasting the different official Produce 101 profiles
  5. Pasting links to any other streaming sites, if those are Korean, better.
  6. Pasting links to their official SNS accounts

I don’t have instagram, so I am currently focus on Twitter, where Trending Topics tend to work quite right for spreading some knowledge on the group.

We should focus on Korean audiences, whom can potentially become interested in purchasing their releases,

We should keep doing that when voting is open for the show.


I am actually not aiming for them to be on the final top 12. I am aiming for them to stay as long as possible in the show while being able to show their different talents and also take some advantage of the reset they are doing, perhaps they can learn new things or discover new talents they didn’t know about.

The whole idea of having them on the show, despite being embarrassing for a 5year group, is already a ‘thinking out of the box’ move and that could end up being positive if we all know how to use this oportunity.

My hopes are for the fans to come strong enough to keep them for the first round of shows and, since the competition will be tough and the non-known participants will surely catch the viewers’ attention because of them being fresh and new, I expect for the show to progress with only 1 or 2 of the members being able to advance towards the finale.

There will come a round of votes that it won’t be able for us to vote them all 4, by then, I hope we can all foresee whom of them can stand better chances to make it further than the rest. So we can all use this in the group’s benefit for a future come back (never giving up hopes on that).

like i’m sorry but if you’re going to argue that artists need to get “real jobs” you’re clearly arguing from a capitalist standpoint

so then consider this:

creating art = a rendered service

posting commission info = offering services/goods to potential buyers

people who purchase commissions = paying for a service they want

this is the essence of capitalism, so like what are you even arguing here besides the fact that you don’t respect artists and their work as a whole


Howdy folks, it’s time for a good ol’ fashioned BeanBot serious post.

Tonight (5-25-15) a hacker (or a group of hackers) has been hacking into accounts, pounding, and morphing pets. This has happened to at least four people so far within the span of an hour. The people most affected so far are people who have UCs and RWs/RNs, however it appears that the hackers are now also attacking random people who are posting on the PSA boards as well. 

Here’s what you can do to protect yourself:

  • Avoid the PC for a day or too, it’s not safe as of right now
  • Change your passwords
  • Change your PIN
  • Put all your on hand NP into the bank so potential hackers can’t purchase MPs and morph your pets

UPDATE: One of the people first hacked tonight had their UC returned, however, this still bears warning. PLEASE STAY SAFE OUT THERE MY DUDES.