potential purchase

At what point of financial stability do I stop panicking about potentially big purchases?

I have enough in my accounts (and 2 paychecks this week) to buy a brand new MacBook if I have to, make my rent, pay utilities, and still have a couple hundred left over. So why am I so anxious? How many months does rent not have to be an issue before I finally relax?

Pet shops

Something sparkling, something sweet, perhaps made of leather and that looks like a treat. That was the mind frame Ota was in as he walked into the new pet shop which had opened down town. Taking a short moment to push the sunglasses he was wearing up on top of his head, he began browsing through the aisles for something to catch his attention. Focused on a matching collar and lead set, he glanced over his shoulder looking around in every direction to see if there was anyone that could provide assistance for his potential purchase.


"Cute Couples" - One Direction Preference


Sitting in the passenger’s seat of Louis’ car, you enjoyed the cool breeze as it spilled through the open windows. The sun was warm, kissing your porcelain skin as you hummed along to the radio. Louis kept one hand on the steering wheel, while the other was wrapped tenderly with yours. Squinting over at him, your eyes fought the harsh glare of the sun. Glancing back at you, he smirked, his bright blue eyes hidden behind his signature, aviator sunglasses. “Oh, I almost forgot,” he murmured, raising his eyebrows animatedly in your direction, “I got you a little something.” Lips tugging into a smile, you watched as he carefully reached his arm around to the back seat. “For you,” he hummed, placing the surprise in your lap. “What is it?” you quipped, taking the loosely wrapped package in your hands. Tearing quickly into the tissue paper, you pulled out a pair of sleek bronze sunglasses. With a huge grin on your face, you slipped them over your eyes. “Now, we match,” Louis, sang happily, entwining his fingers once more through yours.     


Plopping down beside Liam on the worn leather sofa, you nudged him playfully as you made yourself comfortable. It was Saturday night, all of your friends were hanging out at Liam’s place, having a few drinks and catching up as usual. Casually, you patted Liam’s chest, fingers drawing aimless circles into the worn fabric of his shirt. Smirking at one another, you both simultaneously hoisted your feet onto the coffee table in front of you. Side-by-side, you knocked your feet together playfully with each other, playing a subtle game of footsie. Louis let out a chuckle, watching the two of you goof around. “You two would make such a cute couple,” he teased, “you even have matching shoes.” Stopping abruptly, you glanced at each other, and back down at your feet. You both wore a pair of red converse, laced with clean white shoelaces. Smiling, he wrapped a muscular arm around your narrow shoulders, pulling you closer into him. “What do ya say, (Y/N)? Wanna be my girl?” he joked, until he saw the look in your eye. Gazing up at him, you felt a spark between the two of you, and Liam carefully pressed his lips to yours.          


Squeezed comfortably beside Niall on the sofa, the two of you battled it out in an intense game of FIFA. Nudging one another, you each tried to get the other to mess up. Fighting a losing battle you quickly snatched the clover green hat off his head of messy blond hair. “Hey,” he grumbled, training his bright, topaz blue eyes on you. With a satisfied smirk, you positioned the snapback crookedly atop your own head, pursing your lips flirtatiously at him. Batting your long, mascara cover lashes in his direction, he looped his arms securely around your waist and pulled you into his lap. Calloused fingers tickling your sides, he peppered your face in playful kisses. “Stop. Niall, no, stop. Too ticklish,” you pleaded, reaching to give him back his hat, “Here, you win. You win.” With a hearty chuckle, he abruptly stopped your hand, shimmying the hat back into place over your hair. “Actually, it looks better on you,” he beamed, sweetly kissing the tip of your nose. Pulling his iPhone from the pocket of his jeans, he squished your faces cheek-to-cheek, capturing the moment in an adorable, couple’s selfie.        


Walking hand-in-hand with Harry, each of you toting several shopping bags as you strolled casually through the mall. Stopping in front of an unfamiliar storefront, you gazed adoringly in through the tall glass windows. “Ooh Harry, let’s go in here,” you cooed, tugging excitedly on his arm. Laughing, he allowed you to pull him into yet another store. Ambling happily through the store, you trailed your fingers fondly along the racks of clothes. You halted abruptly, spying a table lined with colorful scarves and shiny jewelry. Eyes scanning the potential purchases, you picked up a set of bracelets. “Harry, look,” you chimed, holding out the matching black and silver, woven bracelets, “these are so cute.” Smirking lovingly in your direction, he placed a quick kiss to your temple. “You like them so much, then let’s get em,” he hummed, taking them over to the register. Leaving the store with a satisfied smile, Harry pulled the new jewelry from the bag. “One for you, and one for me,” he murmured, hooking the bracelet securely around each of your wrists, “now everyone will know what a cute couple we are.”             


“Wait, I forgot my jacket,” you called back at Zayn, rushing up stairs to his bedroom. Glancing quickly around the tidy space, you searched for your forgotten article of clothing. Spotting it draped near the end of his bed, you hurriedly scooped it up, accidently knocking a stack of magazines to the floor. Falling to your knees, you swiftly gathered up all the slippery copies, stacking them into a neat pile. Peaking under the bed for any stray magazines, your eyes fell to one of Zayn’s familiar black, spiral bound sketchbooks. Pulling it out, you sat with your back against the bedframe, flipping prudently through the heavy white pages. Each new page you turned held a similar image. You. Page after page was another sketch of you, laughing, smiling, even reading a book. You name it, Zayn had drawn it. Just then, he came walking into the room, spotting the open book of sketches in your lap. “I– I can explain that,” he stuttered, squatting down beside you. Looking up into his chocolate eyes you suddenly saw the love he held for you, and without another thought you brought your lips to his, kissing your best friend. 

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do you read reviews for ur book graffiti? or is that something u try to avoid as a writer? xxx

basically i’ve heard that writers shouldn’t read reviews, unless they’re particularly good ones. people who review books are reviewing for the sake of the people who will potentially purchase the book, not the author of the book. which, you know, makes sense. so for that reason, i’m kinda like. eeehhh. it’s not like i can change it now, you know!!

but on the other hand, i think some reviews definitely carry validity and i’ve read a couple with criticism that is absolutely fair. also, as time goes on, i keep thinking of more and more things i could have done differently with graffiti. like, it’s not that i’m not proud of it anymore, it’s just that it could have been BETTER!! UGH!!! 

i’m absolutely a better writer now than i was when graffiti was finished. so. you know. it’s hard. i’m working on a bigger project now that’s letting me flex my muscles way more so i’m hoping it’ll be something to redeem myself a bit ha

Miyamoto to start working on Pikmin 4 soon!

“If I am allowed to do a little bit of PR here, we released a series of short films called “Pikmin Short Movies” on October 25 at the Tokyo International Film Festival. If you have not seen it yet, I hope you will check out the information on the Internet. The short film is only about 20 minutes, but this is our very first animated movie that uses “Pikmin” as its theme. We’re planning to make this 3D movie available on Nintendo 3DS and make the HD version of the movie available on Wii U in the near future. At the same time, we have also prepared a demo version of “Pikmin 3” so anyone who hasn’t played Pikmin can experience its unique joy. Continually launching campaigns after the release of software will lay the groundwork for the next iteration of “Pikmin” in the future. And needless to say, we want it to be one of the motivations for potential consumers to purchase Wii U. We are making a variety of different efforts.” said Shigeru Miyamoto

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☠ (Marth-Marth-Marth)

Send one of the following or send ☠ and I’ll use a random number generator to pick one of the following Mafia themed prompts.


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38. High Roller: Your muse buys mine at a underground black market and is at your muse’s mercy or bidding

Lucina grimaced slightly, yanking on the chains and cuffs that held her and kept her from running off. She looked around worriedly as she saw people walking past her, many of them eyeing her considering. She didn’t even really know how she had gotten caught up in all this… But one moment, she had been travelling back to her home, and the next, she was waking up in the black market.

The young woman shrank back slightly as she heard her captor talking with a potential purchaser, clearly discussing what price would be paid for her. Her attention turned down to the ground for a short while and she closed her eyes, unable to look around any longer.

She really just wanted to go home…

Game of Snobbery 05x07: A Book Reader’s Recap

For Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 7: “The Gift

Things were off to a rip-roaring start at The Wall, where our hero was clearly distressed by Jon Snow’s choice to go help the Wildlings and couldn’t even give a Head Nods of Approval™. I have a theory that Olly is secretly Rhaegar Targaryen’s son. It’d explain his grim and melancholy demeanor this week. Plus all the focus on him.

Sorry, apparently there’s side-characters at the Wall or something too. Like Aemon, who died with uncontextualized book dialogue on his lips. Thank you for showing us what could have been, you precious cinnamon roll. But like always, we were quickly reminded that this is Weisseroff, the land where the only way to advance the plot is through attempted or successful rape. And yes, Gilly was almost raped to remind us that…The Wall is a dangerous place for a woman? That Sam is unpopular? That Ghost wasn’t some fever-dream of ours? All very necessary, and quite the aphrodisiac to boot.

In Winterhell, things were a lot less sexy. But it’s okay, I figured it out: D&D throw darts onto a board covered in different types of characterizations. For Sansa this week, they landed on “passive victim,” “boldface snarker,” and “weaponsmith.” She employed the first with Theon, but it wasn’t super effective. Instead it got that old lady who Theon had no way of knowing about flayed and killed. Well darn, that was a promising plot point. “Weaponsmith” had potential, but Sansa only managed to grab what looks like a keg tap. She might be able to fashion something to give us an empowering Gone Girl ending that would be so in keeping with her plot up until now. We’ll have to wait and see.

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My mum has been a dress maker/ costume designer for 25 years now. She can do all aspects of clothes making, from designing to pattern cutting to the actual sewing and creation of items of clothing. She’s as close to a professional as you can get without actually being in the clothes business.

The point I would like to bring up from this information, is that I’ve suggested something to her that I feel would interest a lot of long time fans greatly. I asked her if she thought it would be possible to make (almost) exact replicas of panic!’s original outfits from the fever era, and she said definitely yes. My next thought was, instead of just having her make an outfit for me and me not really using it or making the most of it’s beauty, would she maybe consider making an outfit for one of you guys and selling it as a totally one off item of clothing (and extremely rare, one of a kind item of memorabilia) - she said yes. 

So, my question to you is, would anybody be interested in purchasing something like that? This is only the first stage, so currently all I need is enough confirmation that somebody would be interested in buying. Once I feel like enough people are interested, I can explain in more detail the process of you potentially purchasing this outfit and the steps towards that. 

I hope this has been of some help and some interest to you guys, and not to big my mum up or anything, but she really is an incredible designer and costume maker and she is always looking for new things to do with her talent. This really is a great opportunity for any fan of panic! who have especially loved their outfits through the years, as well as the music. 

If you have any questions don’t be shy, and thanks for reading, have a great rest of your day/night. 

like i’m sorry but if you’re going to argue that artists need to get “real jobs” you’re clearly arguing from a capitalist standpoint

so then consider this:

creating art = a rendered service

posting commission info = offering services/goods to potential buyers

people who purchase commissions = paying for a service they want

this is the essence of capitalism, so like what are you even arguing here besides the fact that you don’t respect artists and their work as a whole


Hello sweet lil flowers, above I have this really neat t shirt and design that is by wanderoffintospace or Alex, a transgender man from Texas whom is selling these lovely potential purchases from his online shop, selfmvde.storenvy.com. This cute little self design is a steal for 17$ and all proceeds goes straight to Alex for his fund towards top surgery. This shirt is a wonderful opportunity to show your support for everyone who falls under the umbrella term of ‘trans’ as well as promotes trans* culture which is obviously in high demand. Please boost this as a way to help raise money for Alex as well as promote trans* awareness c: happy blogging!

Calling All Vid-Making Harmonizers! Sledgehammer Fan Videos

Hey Harmonizers! So we’ve come up with an out of the box way to promote Fifth Harmony’s single Sledgehammer online and we need the help of some talented Harmonizers!

The idea is to create fan videos for other fandom’s OTP couples that are set to Sledgehammer. By creating fan videos for different OTP couples from television/web series, it has the potential to reach people who have never heard of the song or Fifth Harmony before. As people watch the fan videos and hear the song, we are hoping they will connect with it to their OTP and potential purchase the song.

So we are looking for some of the very talented Harmonizers who would be willing to create one or more of these fan videos set to Sledgehammer. Some examples of OTP couples are:

1. Oliver & Felicity (Arrow - TV show)

2. Carmilla & Laura (Carmilla web series)

Other shows to consider: Faking It, Glee

Then after the Sledgehammer fan videos are created, Harmonizers can share them on tumblr and twitter over the holiday break and help promote Sledgehammer!

Idea by: Mere (@justmerebear)