Prince of Tennis Challenge // Five Favorite Characters :: [4/5Yukimura Seiichi

“Tennis is an all-out battle. Defeat is unforgivable. That is how we became kings!”


Prince of Tennis Challenge // Five Favorite Characters :: [1/5] Sanada Genichirou

THE EMPEROR. Proud. Unyielding. Powerful. That is Sanada Genichirou. There were two reasons why I adore this man. First was how he, with the absence of his captain, Yukimura, during the early part of the series, strictly leads the champions, Rikkaidai, and upholding Yukimura’s principle: “Defeat is unforgivable.”. And just when you think he’s already way too strict with his members, you’ll learn that he’s even harder to himself. Asking his members to slap him when he lost to Ryoma, refusing to accept anything besides championship, sealing his techniques just so he could defeat Tezuka, helping Ryoma recover his memories so that the Seigaku rookie could properly have a match against Yukimura because he believes that is the way of the emperors…the list goes on. His ways could be considered to be too severe but such strong convictions at his age is something rare and should be admired. Also, he could be very hilarious…without even trying.