I can feel the knife carving your love in my heart
You promised you wouldn’t harm a hair on this fragile body, no that’s not fair
But how can I trust you?
How can I trust you with My Heart, in Your Hands closing your grip!
I’m so afraid that you’ll leave me cold with my heart in your hands closing….

Try to sit here with closed eyes
It’s not possible
Cause how do I know that you’ll be good doing the things that you know you should
Yeah, how can I trust you? 

Dommin - My Heart, Your Hands

The only new DMC game I want is one that is directed by Hideki Kamiya and shows us either Sparda and Eva’s adventures two thousand years ago OR what domestic life was like for Sparda and his family (before he died RIP)

I want to see Sparda teaching his sons how to fight with a sword. I want to see Eva throwing a yoga ball or something at her husband which he then proceeds to ram across the entire planet with his giant horns (it’s like playing fetch except instead of a dog it’s a giant bug-goat demon thing). I want to see Dante and Vergil waking their parents up in the middle of the night bc they cant sleep and Sparda getting pissed about being woken. This has such potential, hmu for more ideas Kamiya