“Nearly everyone feels spiritual feelings when looking at nature or the night sky. Most people explain those feelings in terms of the religion they were taught as children. Pantheism believes that those feelings are older and more basic than any traditional religion: they are a natural part of our existence as natural material beings. They are a recognition of our participation and belonging as members of nature and the universe.” ~ Paul Harrison, Elements of Pantheism

The importance of Ronald Weasley

Ron Weasley offered the stranger sitting next to him on the train half his sandwich, even though it was all he had. Ron Weasley sacrificed himself for the good of Harry and Hermione at age eleven, because even then he thought they were more important than he was, and the ones worth saving. Ron Weasley was Harry Potter’s first friend, and the first thing Harry ever had resembling a family. Ron Weasley lived in a cramped house, and wore hand me down robes, and he didn’t even think twice about offering his room and food and family to Harry every break, he offered him every thing he could and gave him everything he had. Ron Weasley took care of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger when they were too busy taking care of the rest of the world to worry about themselves. Ron Weasley stood on broken bones when he was thirteen years old, to tell a man infamous for murder that if he planned on killing his best mate, he would have to go through him first. Ron Weasley was the person Harry would miss most in the world. Ron Weasley was a pureblood wizard who, from a very young age, devoted his life to abolishing blood status, even if he didn’t quite understand his own privilege. Ron Weasley’s greatest fears and insecurities were tied up in his two best friends seeing him the way he saw himself. They were tied up in the idea, imbedded deeply in Ron Weasley, that he was somehow inferior. Ron Weasley gave Dobby his own clothes and socks to be buried in, because he understood how important it would have been to him. Ron Weasley thought about saving the house elves when everyone else forgot. If you don’t love Ron Weasley, The Boy Who Cared, I don’t know what books you read but they weren’t the same ones I did.


Twilight Dreaming by Ben Williamson
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One of the most dramatic sunsets I’ve ever witnessed. I was positively giddy as I snapped this photo. It was so beautiful! Lookout Point, Harpswell

Whenever Teddy Lupin visited the Burrow, Mrs. Weasley always made sure to stuff him with food, more so than any of the others. Teddy thought that it was due to her caring and motherly nature but whenever Molly saw Teddy she thought of his father and remembered what Remus had said to her years ago in Grimmauld Place after a boggart has terrified her.
“And as for who’s going to look after Ron and Ginny if you and Arthur died, what do you think we’d do, let them starve?”