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Underverse 0.1 OST - Recomposed

Jael asked me recently to reimagine the OST for the first 2 episodes of Underverse, and here is the result! I hope you enjoy it! I really enjoyed working on this.

PS: Into a Clear Void isn’t totally inpired by CardCaptor Sakura: Clear Card. At all.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the track names on the Wolf 359 OST?

Some favorites include:

“Does This Dress Make Me Look Like I’m Having An Existential Crisis?”

“In Space Nobody Can Hear You Disappoint Your Parents”

“My Dear, We’re Out of Bagel Bites and the Airlock Has Decompressed”

“Please No Dadaist Poetry Beyond This Point”

“But How Do We Tell The Children We Are Allergic To Their Smiles”

“Eiffel, Put That Away, That’s An Important Plot Device”

“Honey, I Think the Toaster Has Gained Sentience What Do We Do in this Circumstance?”

And, my favorite…

“Minkowski Watching 50 Shades of Gray with a Tub of Ice Cream and Enjoying It Unironically”

Best OST 2k17


Glitchtale Origins OST - The Beginning

Original Soundtrack for Glitchtale Origins, the first side story that explains the beginnings of bête noire and how she came to be.


First preview of Misia’s “Kimi ni Soba ni Iru Yo” (Always by Your Side)
FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST live action Original Soundtrack

Mulan - Short Hair (Film Music by Jerry Goldsmith)
Mulan - Short Hair (Film Music by Jerry Goldsmith)

I had bought the Soundtrack to Mulan when it came out on CD, to only be super pissed to find out this song wasn’t on it. I was eventually able to track it down, but wanted to share it.

Have the actual music that plays during that iconic cutting hair scene in Mulan.