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If you're still taking those, PantheonXLeona "If only you had a heart to give" (I REALLY shouldn't have thought of this while watching Davy Jones and Tia Dalma in POTC3)

Send me a ship and a fic title, and I’ll post a summary of a fic with that title. 

This would probably be a very prettily written fic, pulling on the Greek image of Ares (brutish, violent, beaten thrice by his female counterpart) versus the Roman image of Mars (strategically gifted, noble, a warrior-hero), and what it means for Leona that she has Ares, not Mars, and how the sun god has always been male and the moon has been female.

She is no sun-bride, she is no maiden draped in shining cloth-of-gold. She is a warrior, tested and true.

If you only had a heart, I would tear it from your chest, she told Atreus when he betrayed her to the elders and forced her into the death match.

Now he has no heart and she is sorry for her words, spoken in the heat of the moment but still meant, but her apologies will mean nothing.

A man needs a heart to forgive and he has none.

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ugh, i realize that a character =/= the actor, but I feel like the shit that's come out has soured my appreciation for Sparrabeth. Like, it's not a role like Sherlock Holmes that's bigger than any actor.

well…. i’ve been secretly (okay not a secret at all tbh) disappointed in johnny since i watched potc4 and the way he totally butchered jack sparrow’s character (and the fact that’s how he views jack??) sooo since then i decided to not care about johnny’s opinions/views on jack anymore and ignore any post-potc3 canon (and by extension i started to not care about johnny altogether -as much as it pains me to admit it)

so yeah i didn’t even follow the news and i couldn’t care less. to me the movies ended back in 2007 and whatever happened irl after that doesn’t affect my ship or my characters or this blog 

that being said i perfectly understand your attitude i went through the same thing back in the day when that atrocious movie was released and now i’m cold as a stone! do not let them spoil our baby jack just watch cotbp and forget the bitter taste! johnny is not jack!!!!