Beckett organized a search for the mythical island of Kerma, hoping to find its legendary treasure. However, the quest for Kerma didn’t succeed because he was betrayed by Captain Jack Sparrow, the man he trusted enough to place him in charge of his own ship, the merchantman Wicked Wench. Not only Sparrow didn’t bring him the bearings of Kerma, but he also liberated a cargo of slaves which Beckett’s patron Lord Penwallow needed for his plantation in the Bahamas. Since Sparrow’s act ruined his chance to join the British nobility, Beckett ordered his men to burn the Wench and personally branded Sparrow as a pirate.


Actor Geoffrey Rush attends the premiere of Walt Disney’s ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End’ held at Disneyland on May 19, 2007 in Anaheim, California. Proceeds from the world premiere of Walt Disney’s 'Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End’ will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America and Make-A-Wish International. 


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Will Turner + his destiny
If you stab the heart, yours must take its place. And you will sail the seas for eternity.

The Dutchman needs a living heart, or they’ll be no captain. And if there’s no captain, there’s no one to have the key. So the captain has the key? Where is the key? Hidden. Where is the chest? Hidden.

ok so heres my question: at the end of potc3 when will becomes captain of the dutchman like…does it mean its will turner’s locker instead of davy jones’ locker bc honestly that does not have the same ring to it