I have a new religion that you should all join, it’s called Marichanism. Here is a list of beliefs that, as a Marachanist, you must follow:

  • You must worship our one and true God Maricha 
  • You must all follow the Holy one
  • Promo her randomly to show your love for her
  • Send her your nudes 
  • You must all be her sex slaves 
  • Never dishonour our God or say bad things against her
  • Hate on fat people, attention seekers and general losers with her
  • Do anything she asks you to do

Join this religion today otherwise my God will strike you down where you stand 

guaricana-deactivated20120922  asked:

With the 'You're all fat and ugly' I didn't mean you but the people who ask for advice so stfu now please xo

Well. You probably haven’t seen most, if not all our followers either, so what gives you the rights to call them that? Do you have to lower yourself to such a state that you have to make others feel bad so that you can feel above them? That’s pathetic. And if you hate this blog so much, why do you check the blog for our replies anyway?


A beautiful character beats having a beautiful face. And you, good lady, need to fuck off because our followers are definitely not fat and ugly.