potatoes and cheese

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Things that I realise I will never see the same again: Cardamom, the paper take to dry your hands with in the bathroom (every time I see it, I think of Evak haha), potatoes, cheese toasties, and the fact that if something doesn't happen in this universe means it's probably happened in another universe

stop, you’re making me so EMO!
i miss them SO MUCH, i can’t wait to watch SEASON 4 just to see their sappy faces again, i hope they’re okay, well rested and happy ♥

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things i’m currently in love with
one song: night call - kavinsky
two movies: star wars series, deadpool
three tv shows: the walking dead, how to get away with murder, breaking bad
four characters: obi wan kenobi, anakin skywalker, wade wilson, daNNY rAyBurn
five foods: mozzarella sticks, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, milkshakes, filet mignon (im so healthy man)

i tag whoever sees this and wants to do it!  

If they don’t hit $200,000 during this livestream, I’m gonna be upset.

Even if they don’t make it, it’s still a great cause!! …and maybe Mark may dye the stache anyways. 

Either way, please go help out!! :D