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Soldier: This drink is missing something… Something salty. You got any dried beef sticks?
Bartender: Uh, no. We’ve got pretzels…
Soldier: No.
Bartender: …bread and butter…
Soldier: No!
Bartender: …potato skins…
Soldier: NO!
Bartender: That’s all I’ve got! Do you want me to go outside and SACRIFICE A GOAT FOR YOU???
Soldier: Yeah, that’ll do nicely. One freshly slaughtered goat, please. And some dried beef sticks.
Bartender: Here. Have another beer.

The Hunger Games series is about a dystopian future in which America’s one percent live in luxury in “The Capitol,” and host an annual reality TV show in which children from the subservient Districts are selected to fight each other to the death, for reasons that are never satisfactorily explained.

The bloodthirsty elite citizens of The Capitol were notable for the gaudy and ridiculous fashions they sported. CoverGirl liked these looks so much that they released a tie-in makeup range celebrating the unique style of those casually murderous sociopaths.

Please note that the heroes of the story, led by Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss, are simple farming folk who dress in outfits cobbled together from animal skins and potato sacks. It’s only the entitled, narcissistic villains who paint themselves up like Cirque de Soleil performers, right before tuning in to an annual child murder spree for entertainment.

It’s one thing to dress up like a movie villain because you think they’re badass – many of us spent at least one Halloween dressed up like Heath Ledger’s Joker. But The Hunger Games painted the villains’ faces like this to make them look fucking stupid, in contrast with the salt-of-the-Earth heroes. 

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“art is meant to be shared so if u don’t want ur art shared don’t post it online”
you fucking mouldy potato skin, you wouldn’t steal a statue and put it in your home to ‘share’ w/ your guests WHY is this any different other than the fact that online you actually probably have an even bigger audience that you’re sharing stolen artwork with? art theft is art theft