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"This is a mirror image of everything I'm not, always reflecting what I've learned but was not taught."

fandom: ygo arc v
pairing: yuya & yuto
word count: 392
disclaimer: I’m not actually caught up in av but oh well.

Red eyes opened slowly to the darkness all around him. A thin fog swirled around his skates, ensnaring each step in a haze much like his thoughts. He focused his fatigued attention on the tendrils separating his gaze from the floor. Was fog… always so colorful? It was pretty, with sparks of red and violet hidden among the gray depths…

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Recipe of the Day: Ina’s Potato Latkes
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Yubel for the character meme c:

(This is going to be tough since Yubel’s always been hard for me to grasp, even though I like her character. I’ll try my best and hopefully I’ll make sense!)

My first impressions of them: She was insane and overly manipulative, obsessive to the point of insanity over Judai, knew exactly what she wanted and how she was going to go about it without caring who and what she had to use, and I was wanting to know more about her with each passing episode. (She did intimidate me a bit at first, I’ll admit that.)

What I think of their design: I love the way she looks. She’s very unique in appearance, especially with her duo-gendered form, her hair split with two colors, and even the third eye is pretty cool looking. She’s downright scary if you were seeing her in a dark alley, though - well, if you saw here anywhere at all, actually. But I like how she looks because it has a reason to it - that’s how she protects Judai. She sacrificed a very handsome appearance, her old self, and allowed herself to be altered into that form many would say is grotesque all for the sake of devoting herself to Judai. Her looks have depth, emotional depth, and I think that’s great.

What I think of their role in the story: The fact that she turned everything on its head, shattering the quasi-peaceful atmosphere of Duel Academia? The fact she had pawns at her disposal, all that darkness that she manipulated in others, and that she didn’t break promises with the ones she used showing a strange trait of twisted loyalty? (ex. Cobra wanted to be with his son again, and Yubel promised she would fulfill that, so she let him be with his son in the one way possible: in his death.) The fact that she was a great tactician, knowing who and what to use, knowing exactly what to do if only to get Judai to accept her “love” and vice versa? (ex. Her being a tactician, to me, would be her using Johan - Judai’s very close friend at the time and someone who was quite frankly different from his other friends in terms of how he acted around Judai, how he didn’t hero-worship him or place him on a unreachable pedestal, how he treated him normally while they bonded over duels and spirits - to be an anchor to Judai’s misery and pain, for him to be the domino that would set everything (the rescue attempts, the death of Judai’s friends, the sacrifices, the revival of Haou) in motion.) The fact that her sadomasochism was actually a deeply rooted psychological issue (as well as being influenced by the Light) and that it enhanced her intimidating persona? The fact that she once sacrificed everything for the person closest to her if only to protect them and keep them safe? The fact that she doesn’t take Judai’s shit and is able to talk with him, banter, and support him like she wanted to? The fact that she’s just Yubel? Basically, to me, she is a being of sacrifice, love, duty, and strategy, and what she brought to GX – all that depth and character development for everyone and helping the story play into Judai’s destiny – was amazing, in my humble opinion.

What I think of their interactions with other characters: She has a wide spectrum of interactions, I think. With Cobra and Martin and Amon, she was loyal to their desires while not being simply used by them – moreover, she was using them to her absolute disposal because she’s very smart. With Johan. With Johan. Oh, wow. Her hatred for him, her absolute loathing for his existence, was definitely interesting. She hated him for stealing what she thought was hers, and she hated him because she saw that something that was once hers wanted – was not taken from – but wanted Johan in return. She felt betrayed, and thus her hatred was born and Johan’s life (and his family’s lives) was promptly sent to suffer a turmoil of hell for an undisclosed amount of time. Basically, Johan gave Yubel a depth of character that the others, if they were the targets, could never have done. Her gave her a bigger reason for her purpose, and he gave her the anger to fuel it, so in return, she gave him pain to more than likely last a lifetime. (Also, anything with them after her fusion with Judai is basically guaranteed to either be snippy, emotional, harsh, or a form of development.) With Judai, I think I’ve covered that a bit in the above sections. She hated his betrayal, hated his tossing her away, and hated how he found someone new. She wanted him for herself and only for her, and damn well wasn’t going to be stopped in the process to ruin his life and him in that process. After all, pain is love, right? But then the love ended up not needing pain, not after she sacrificed herself back then and so did he when he ended her plans – he sacrificed the solitude he would’ve had if he never fused with her, because now she’s always with him and it might not be a good thing at times. Basically, everything Yubel has interacted with is like a flipping coin: it has both good and bad sides, and I hope I explained that a bit decently.

My favorite aspect of the character overall: I don’t know if I truly have a favorite aspect. One that sticks out to me, though, is her personality. It’s not flat in any sense of the word, and she’s deep, emotional, blunt to the point of using cutting words as well as ones that help; she’s just complex, and her complexity is intriguing to me. (I think I’ve explained some core bits of her personality above, though – no need to repeat myself, I suppose?)

What could have been improved or changed with regards to the character: More interaction with her and Judai in Season 4. That was a goldmine of sass and character depth that would’ve been awesome to see, considering they were still getting used to one another then. (Or at least that’s how I see it; I don’t think they’d be perfectly comfortable with one another just like that. Any relationship, even one as deep and strange as theirs, takes time.) Also, being able to see more of hers and Judai’s past lives – world building is hard, even for Yugioh in some cases, but it still would’ve been interesting to see the culture and how the two interacted back then under those circumstances.

My number one wish for this character: I wouldn’t mind seeing more fanfic and fanart, for one. She’s an interesting and unique character that would be awesome to explore more. But that’s just my opinion; I know some people don’t like her, and that’s fine.

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GX season 1 and 2 lovers UNITE!

I swear, one of these days I’ll write that discussion about the main groups’ individual relationships with Judai and how strongly I disagree with the popular notion that his relationship with Johan is different because Johan somehow really sees Judai when no one else does?? Goodness gracious.

But yeah, all, like, five of us UNITE. c:
I hope you’re doing well, love. 

potato-of-glory replied to your post: May I adopt these, please? It’s just the fact that they have so much respect and understanding for each other as rivals and friends (and lovers shh) but eventually Alit is punished for that rivalry and the prince is hopeless to stop it :’(

Oh, wow - uh, sure! You can adopt them, that’s really nice of you. ;;

Yes, yes! I agree (and yes, I’ve thought of them as lovers too, shh.) I just think that outside of their rival bouts, they were friends despite Alit’s status as a gladiator and the prince as, well…a prince. And that when Alit died, the prince was extremely adamant to make sure Alit had a hero’s burial or else they (the ones who ordered Alit’s execution) would be buried with him. (These two hurt me, I’m sorry for rambling.)

potato-of-glory replied to your post: lets cry together. I think about both of them and their tragic love story too much

Yes, let’s cry together because I get so sad thinking about them and what else could’ve been shown regarding Alit’s past in general. Heck, I ever headcanoned that Alit’s gold jewelry he wears in the present is a form of that gold choker he wore in the past, and that the prince was the one to give him that choker as a sign to show that Alit was more than a simple gladiator rank-wise.

And that they also meet up underneath the Colosseum and train sometimes when the prince sneaks away from his duties and they’re kinda snarky but polite with one another and Alit tells the prince about angels and why he hopes to meet one and please stop me, I get so upset about these two.

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can i ask for GX? for that series thing you reblogged c:

This turned out to be way longer than I expected. ;; Hope it’s okay!

Favorite male: I adore a majority of the males on the show, but if I really had to choose, I would have to say Judai. You watch him grow up and see him learn, you see him go from cocky and confident and sometimes insensitive to a young man who learns who he is, what his place is, how things go, how that world of his works, and it’s more than just sad or emotional – it’s fantastic as a whole. And seeing how he deals with people as well is interesting. There’s been times where he’s an asshole, uncaring and pretty rude, and he grows from that too while still retaining some old parts of him. I guess, in a weird way, Judai learning and losing parts of himself makes him relatable; GX, to me, is a show about growing up, and that’s something everyone deals with. 

Favorite female: Since saying Yubel doesn’t exactly fit the criteria, and while I really like Rei and Momoe and Junko, I would have to go with Asuka. She’s a great character, one who has a good head on her shoulders and is funny, calm, relatively normal when you look at some of the cast, but she is still able to kick ass and take names. She’s an amazing duelist, can hold her own against some of the best, and knows what she’s talking about. Asuka’s mature with her crush on Judai a majority of the time, and she’s nice but firm with her relationship with Judai, Shou, Manjyome, her brother, etc. – meaning she’s their friend (and sister) but she knows when to speak up or put her foot down. But she’s not a tyrant or anything despite being somewhat bold and mature, and I think that was a good choice to have a character like that in the show.

Favorite pairing: I’m going to be predictable and say any variation of Johan/Judai/Yubel. If only for the possibilities and just the way it can be handled as well as the characters themselves interacting. You’ve got your angst, your standard Yugioh dorkery and dueling, some romance (silly or serious depending on the moment), and mix that in with emotional issues, possible PTSD depending on the topics, that friendship the two boys have, fun with spirits and dueling, and so on. But they are more than that, too. You’ve got Judai dealing with two people he really cares for, learning about them, dealing with his destiny with them at his side. You have Yubel and Johan dealing with this anger and hatred and possible jealousy because of all of that mess in Season 3, and you see Judai either dealing with it, living with it, or being affected by it. You have Yubel and the Gem Beasts interacting, arguing, fighting, talking or what have you, since they are basically a part of Johan.  Basically, my babbling aside, you’ve got an OT3 that I’ve been sucked into and will more than likely never try to escape from.

Least favorite character: I can’t think of anyone for this one right now, unfortunately. (Guess I really do need that rewatch, huh?) I enjoyed a majority of the cast, even the villains, and no one’s really coming to mind so I guess this’ll just be blank. I”m sorry. ;;

Who’s most like me: Physically, I share some traits with Asuka: pale skin, long hair, large chest, somewhat tall. Personality wise, I guess I’m a mix; I try to be calm like Jim, I can be witty (sometimes) like Judai and majorly self depreciating like Shou, etc. I’m too shy to be as bold as Asuka, though, or as outgoing as Judai. But yeah, saying I’m a mix works.

Most attractive: Um. It’s a weird tie between Judai, Johan, and Jim. Judai’s redesign in Season 4 really helped up the ante with that edgy factor while he was still the Judai we all grew to like if you liked him at all. Johan’s just got that really adorkable thing going on even though he’s this buff Norwegian who really knows how to make people swoon, courtesy of that outfit Yubel put on him or even wearing his normal attire. Jim has that whole attractive roughed up cowboy thing without the rough around the edges part, and the animal lover adds to it. (And that’s not even talking about the girls because the girls in the show were nicely portrayed, too.)

Three more characters that I like: Austin O’Brien (because how can you not love that guy), Jim Crocodile Cook (for reasons that would make this an essay to explain and why wasn’t he in Season 4 and how can you not love him either), and Hane Kuriboh (because Hane Kuriboh was a great part of the show and as a partner for Judai and I may have a weakness for Kuribohs of all sorts).

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Shea looks pretty! :D

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How come you’re such a cutie?

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JUMPS OUT OF MY SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY OGD IOGHIGSKDJ I LOVE YOU YOU ARE THE PERFECT PERSON I mgoing to cRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crushes you in my arms affectionately omgjhg

oh my fuckin–

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have you gotten Yubel yet?

Nope! Also hello! You’re wonderful!!

* why i like them: Yubel is perfect. My favorite “villain” in the franchise. High ruler over all things snark and derision.
* why i don’t: Something about implications of gender roles in the character design.
* favourite episode/scene: Judai vs. Martin, although Johan vs. Amon was a really great one as well. Just gosh I like Yubel dueling yeah.
* favourite season/movie/arc: Can I mention that shirtless!Amon vs. shirtless!Cobra was a really hilarious thing that happened instead?
* favourite line: what amounted to “you’re not alone any more, dumbass” in s!4
* otp: I will never stop laughing hysterically over soulshipping.
* favourite platonic relationships: I really enjoy authors’ interpretations of Yubel and Johan. It’s such an interesting facet of the series that was never mentioned.
* head canon: It’s actually more of a Haou headcanon, but in their previous life or whatever, when Yubel was tasked with protecting Haou from the LoR while he grew up, Yubel was badly wounded, spurring Haou into a rage in which he attacked the LoR and, although weakening the LoR significantly, died in the process. Yubel hated him for it and vowed to protect his next reincarnation to an unhealthy extreme (thus Judai’s childhood problems with Yubel). That’s also why, when Haou is reawakened in Judai, he is awakened in a rage. That part of his soul is still enraged by the LoR and feeds off of Judai’s misery for the more violent actions he commits. 
* unpopular opinion: “T H E Y”

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H - Do you prefer characters from real action series or anime series


O - Choose a song at random, which OTP does it remind you of

Somebody that I used to Know ARE U SURE PANDORA.
whispers fianceshipping and is kicked out of everything

L - Your favorite fanartist/author gives you one request, what do you ask for


A - Your current OT3

eliteshipping fight me & you will lose

July 15, 2016
  1. Cancer
     Tea bowl

  2. Pisces
     Drinks coaster

  3. Capricorn
     Sports news

  4. Libra

  5. Virgo

  6. Scorpio
     Sweet potato

  7. Taurus
     Japanese morning glory

  8. Leo
     Ballad music

  9. Aquarius
     Interior goods

  10. Sagittarius

  11. Gemini
     Fashion magazine

  12. Aries

@vero: Isn’t it? c: The name, though… No one seems to know why it’s called feathershipping, who coined it, anything. But it’s mostly multishippers and the complacent who do ship it, so there’s no push to figure out why or, god forbid, change it. That seems to happen with a lot of the ot3s I have (my 5D’s ot3 is still unnamed and I still don’t know why tHEY ALL DUELED EACH OTHER IN A TRIANGLE DUEL IT WAS AMAZING but alas… the 5ds fandom is just particularly ot3-phobic from what I’ve seen despite ot3s being the easiest thing to do in 5ds of all of the series gosh).

@thayo: I imagine the whole “debate” is 500% worse on twitter than it is on tumblr, goodness. I’ll be so relieved when it’s over. (And I’m suddenly thankful I don’t have a twitter.) I hope you’re having a good weekend, though! Happy birthday to your muse! c:

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? 
Thou art more lovely and more temperate: 
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, 
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date: 
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines, 
And often is his gold complexion dimm’d; 
And every fair from fair sometime declines, 
By chance or nature’s changing course untrimm’d; 
But thy eternal summer shall not fade 
Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest; 
Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade, 
When in eternal lines to time thou growest: 
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, 
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

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How many turns do we get? I really want to hear about Misawa because I love him to bits

You get as many turns as you want, love. Especially since I LOVE MISAWA AHHHHHHHHHH

* why i like them: He is SO passionate about dueling and the intrinsic probabilities and eventually the physics that goes into it. He’s a cool guy who seems like the only level-headed one in the group sometimes and that’s SAYING SOMETHING.
* why i don’t: He keeps disappearing once it’s clear that the first one to claim rival gets to… not be the rival… it was like the writers kept trying to write him out but then realized they needed someone to further the plot at a stalemate.
* favourite episode/scene: Painting over the equations in his dorm room! Super cute gonna cry.
* favourite season/movie/arc: As much as he was just a plot device in season 3, I did enjoy his motivations and his few lines, since they actually made sense in a sea of “why are you hurting me so”.
* favourite line: HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF JOULES?!???
* otp: I guess I’ll say Tanya? Maybe theoretical physics?
* favourite platonic relationships: I really like that he watches over Judai a bit in season 1. It’s really cute. I would have loved to see more interaction between him and the exchange students, though. Especially O’Brien.
* head canon: The one where he’s pressured into dueling by his parents.
* unpopular opinion: um… I adore Misawa? He doesn’t get too much love that I’ve seen…