My dearest @letshidetogether tagged me to post a selfie, so here I am in all my couch potato-y glory. While wearing a color, no less! Thank you for continuing to enable my selfie problem, Anna ❤️ 

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So I recently started Samurai love ballad: party and I have to say, SO ADDICTED OH DEAR LORD! xD My good friend has been making me a fan of it’s characters for ages, so when I finally picked it up, as you can expect, I went crazy xD

Personally what I fell in love with instantly was the music and artwork. I loved how the music changed with the mood, which just enhanced the experience. Not to mention the MC actually having a mind of her own, which is usually not the case and honestly a let down in most otomes. She refreshingly has a great personality and a strong mind. I was hocked as soon as I finished the prologue. So if you are a fan of historical stories and romances. This game is definitely recommended from my end. And as a bonus the men are gorgeous as well haha(we all know most of you were wondering that lol). So ya, that’s what I am up to these days apart from other things. If anyone of you starts the game, do let me know how you found it. I am personally currently playing Masamune’s route and DAGNAMMIT KAWAI POTATOS STAPH. *ahem* Anyways, until next time peeps! Have fun!

                                   (My two potatos in all their glory)


I was tagged by the beautiful @backseatofthetourbus 😍 thank you so so much for the tag!! (Sorry I’m late doing it😅)

This is my home and lock screen + last song I listened to + selfie (I hope people don’t mind seeing me in my full potato glory😅)

  • My home screen is 2D from Gorillaz, a band I highly recommend!!
  • Lockscreen is a Tae moodboard I did ages ago and never got round to posting (if anyone’s bothered do you want me to post it?)
  • The last song I listened to is Words Fail from the amazing musical Dear Evan Hansen (again I highly recommend you listen to it and have some hankies within reach it gets intense)
  • And the selfie… is funny ol me 😂

I tag: @scriptedreams @happyowlbg @spring-gay @little-bts @taetaebears (I hope you don’t mind the tag and if you don’t feel comfortable with showing your face then I’m always up for cute pet/animal pictures ❤)

Recipe of the Day: Ina’s Potato Latkes
Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or not, classic latkes in all of their crispy, fried potato glory are sure to please. Follow our rules for the best latkes yet and then put them to the test using Ina’s recipe.

potato-of-glory  asked:

"This is a mirror image of everything I'm not, always reflecting what I've learned but was not taught."

fandom: ygo arc v
pairing: yuya & yuto
word count: 392
disclaimer: I’m not actually caught up in av but oh well.

Red eyes opened slowly to the darkness all around him. A thin fog swirled around his skates, ensnaring each step in a haze much like his thoughts. He focused his fatigued attention on the tendrils separating his gaze from the floor. Was fog… always so colorful? It was pretty, with sparks of red and violet hidden among the gray depths…

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potato-of-glory replied to your post: May I adopt these, please? It’s just the fact that they have so much respect and understanding for each other as rivals and friends (and lovers shh) but eventually Alit is punished for that rivalry and the prince is hopeless to stop it :’(

Oh, wow - uh, sure! You can adopt them, that’s really nice of you. ;;

Yes, yes! I agree (and yes, I’ve thought of them as lovers too, shh.) I just think that outside of their rival bouts, they were friends despite Alit’s status as a gladiator and the prince as, well…a prince. And that when Alit died, the prince was extremely adamant to make sure Alit had a hero’s burial or else they (the ones who ordered Alit’s execution) would be buried with him. (These two hurt me, I’m sorry for rambling.)

potato-of-glory replied to your post: lets cry together. I think about both of them and their tragic love story too much

Yes, let’s cry together because I get so sad thinking about them and what else could’ve been shown regarding Alit’s past in general. Heck, I ever headcanoned that Alit’s gold jewelry he wears in the present is a form of that gold choker he wore in the past, and that the prince was the one to give him that choker as a sign to show that Alit was more than a simple gladiator rank-wise.

And that they also meet up underneath the Colosseum and train sometimes when the prince sneaks away from his duties and they’re kinda snarky but polite with one another and Alit tells the prince about angels and why he hopes to meet one and please stop me, I get so upset about these two.

July 15, 2016
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