Boyfriend Seungcheol
  • acts manly
  • but really isn’t
  • is actually a really soft potato
  • bugs you a lot
  • annoys the heck out of you
  • but it all comes from love
  • honestly really kinky
  • has an obsession with your thighs
  • same for you, you love his thighs also
  • pretty much a thicc thigh couple
  • matching bracelets
  • he’s actually hella cheesy
  • his cheesiness makes you flustered but???
  • he’s such a dork istg
  • nosy sometimes
  • likes to get in your business
  • and also in you
  • shows off sometimes
  • likes to impress you
  • he doesn’t really need to tho, you love him a lot already
  • would probably bake you a cake but eat it all himself
  • hard working
  • does anything and everything in his will to protect you and take good care of you
  • he’s honeslty husband material af
  • chill at times
  • but it’s only when you’re not with him
  • when you are with him, he’s all over you
  • probably sings in the shower all the time
  • you’d have to tell him to shut up since you’re trying to sleep
  • really tho, hes’s a sweetie pie
  • he would spoil you, even tho you don’t want him to
  • loves watching you eat
  • sounds creepy af, but he finds you adorable when you eat
  • even tho he finds you adorable 24/7 no matter what you’re doing
  • you could be shitting and he would still find you the cutest person alive
  • scolds any guy that dares to talk to you or look at you
  • overprotective
  • he nEEDS your attention
  • A L L T H E T I M E
  • if you don’t give him attention, he will be hella sad :(
  • nose kisses
  • you make him easily flustered
  • you could just stand still while doing nothing and he would die
  • all in all, he’s generally a good bf that loves you way too much for his own good

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i was just blocked off by a “”potato bug”” in the small alleyway that leads to my house and i thought it was the largest spider i’ve ever seen in my life and i’m still recovering


Description from Mother Nature Network:

If you grew up thinking these cute little bugs were some kind of beetle, you’re not alone. Most of us think that roly polies — also known as pill bugs, potato bugs and wood shrimp — must be a type of insect since they’re always found under rocks and logs with other creepy crawlies.

However, these unique little animals are like fish out of water, in a way. Roly polies are crustaceans that crawled out of the sea onto land millennia ago.

How do we know this? Well for one thing, they still have gills!

Quonl Bio~

Decided to make a bio for my new son, and a colored picture to boot woo~ I tweaked the Samurai outfit a TINY bit because…To make things easier? :’D

..I find it funny how I colored his picture before coloring Eleanora’s, wahhh I’m sorry precious daughter I’ll color your picture soon too >^<!

More info under cut!

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