My Drunk Kitchen sentence meme
  • "Boo-boop"
  • "My February tomatoes are quite firm."
  • "Be yourself but...the smartest version..."
  • "I have a green bell pepper and some small peppers, but not one small green pepper."
  • "Unen-cucumbered!"
  • "This is a ninja. Show me what you got!"
  • "Could this be a problem?"
  • "That is cool...just like this gazpacho."
  • "I want to understand you."
  • "Part of me thinks this is some sort of sign that I should not even try."
  • "Heat that oil, girl."
  • "And the fire goes out without you even blowing at it."
  • "One cup Potato Buds!"
  • "Cooking!"
  • "A-salted."
  • "I'm suing."
  • "Meal with it."
  • "Frat boy fritters!"
  • "It's fragrant as fuck!"
  • "I can't wait to put this in my human later."
  • "...Where is your human?"
  • "Dat dill doe."

thekidacrossthehall asked:

When you get this ask list five things that make you happy and then send this ask to the last ten people that reblogged from you ☆

1) anime/ mangA
2) video games
3) building/ researching computers
4) hanging out with buds
5) potatoes

March 14 - National Potato Chip Day

Chips, chippies, crisps, crackers.

Ribbed, rippled, ruffled, wavy. Thin-cut, thick-cut, waffle-cut, crinkle-cut. Extra salt, sea salt, lightly salted, unsalted. Baked, fried, old-fashioned, home style. Scoops, stackers, sticks, shoestring.

Even this list of potato chip names doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of this internationally known and loved snack food!

“It is easy to halve the potato where there is love.” —- Irish proverb

Whom do we owe thanks to for bringing to life our favorite flavors —- dill pickle, jalepeno, barbeque, ranch —- in small, crunchy bite-size form? Credit (and the traditional tale of these tubers) is usually given to a man by the name of George Crum, who worked as a chef at a fancy schmancy restaurant in Saratoga Springs, New York. During the summer of 1853, a customer sent back his fried potatoes because they were too thick and soggy for his liking. So Crum, in an atempt to send an overly dramatic message, sent back potatoes that were much thinner and crispier. However, they were more than just a little well-received, and ended up becoming a staple item —- called Saratoga Chips —- on the menu.

And a staple item in our foodie hearts forever and ever!

With so many options, there’s absolutely no excuse for not celebrating with a bag or four.

This holiday was particularly special because: 1.) I had plans to meet up with friends from college I haven’t seen in probably close to two years, 2.) Gayle —- one such college buddy —- insisted she make one of my Eat The Year selfies, 3.) We ate at a Mexican restaurant. No potato chips to be found!, 4.) We randomly stumbled upon a guy selling chips at intermission of Shrek the Musical, 5.) We enlisted one of Jodie’s students to take our photos, 6.) We ended up taking a few selfies because Gayle wouldn’t stop moving (see above photo!), and 7.) We ended up with this beauty.

Awwwww memories!


Tomorrow: National Pears Helene Day