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Spoiler alert: there’s no potato chip scene. What’s the fucking point. (Also whitewashing)

Hot Potato

This is for everyone in the awesome Sterek writing group 4. And especially to @seanconneraille  whose initial prompt: Potato, led to this ridiculousness. Seriously. There were tons of awesome prompts, but the heart wants what it wants.  Also a special shout out to @artemis69 who said they should plant the potato. I wrote this in about half an hour and it’s completely unbetaed. So all mistakes are mine. A cleaned up version is now on AO3

They’ve been together about three years now, living together for one, and Stiles thinks they’re  okay. He has a job as a freelance programmer, which involves a little bit of travelling, and a lot of working from home in his underpants, only putting a shirt on for skype calls. Derek is a history teacher at Beacon Hills High School, which should not be as hot as it is. Fortunately it turns out that Stiles finds 28yr old teacher!Derek with sweater vests and  blazers with elbow patches even more attractive than the leather wearing Alpha!werewolf badass that first caught his eye in the preserve all those years ago.

The thing is, Derek doesn’t need to be a badass anymore, at least, not in the way he used to. The Nemeton has been dealt with, and the pack is flourishing, Beacon Hills is no longer a hell hole and so now he’s a badass in other, more subtle ways. He’s a badass gardner, who has lovingly nurtured a little plot of fruits and vegetables in their backyard. Then there are his badass knitting skills, (he made Stiles a kickass pair of mittens last winter) and don’t get Stiles started on the cooking, okay? No. Really. Don’t get him started. The cooking isn’t actually that great, Stiles does all the cooking, but Derek can mix a mean cocktail, which means their powers combined result in some truly awesome, if slightly blurry, mealtime memories.

Anyway, it isn’t often that Stiles is forced to work the weekend, but today the shit has hit the fan, and he doesn’t have any other choice. When Derek gets home on Friday evening, wearing the blue sweater vest that brings out his eyes and the charcoal blazer with the elbow patches, Stiles can only stare up at him from his desk tragically and mourn the loss of what could have been.

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anonymous asked:

how do you know when your fallow/resting time is over?

Hello! Anon!
Thank you so much for sending in an ask~

Well, it’s really difficult sometimes to pin that down. Half the time, I don’t realize that I was in a fallow period until my “Hearing” pops back into its normal self and I don’t feel like I’m straining myself.
So, with that in mind:

Learning About Your Fallow Period

Start a Journal/Calendar

This may seem like a bizarre thing to say [or completely cliche], but I’ve found out by accident that my fallow periods are around the same time each year/month. I was looking at the posts that I make on one of my blogs on wordpress. There were clusters of posts when I was extremely active and things were flowing, then months where the was absolutely nothing, then high activity again. I would definitely recommend starting a calendar or journal to record these periods. [Just realized that this would be perfect for those that love to bullet journal].

Here’s how:

  1. Start a Journal about what your experiences are, make sure to record dates and how much activity. 
  2. Note on a scale from 1-10 [or however high] of how easy or difficult each “ability” or aspect that you were at. Such as:
    –Communicating [Spirit Work, Mediumship, Deity Convos]
    –Intuition [Divination Crafts]
    –Spoons/Energy Level 
    –Sensing [Spirit Work, Aura Reading/Healing, etc] 
    –Ability to Focus [Astral Travel/Performing Spells/Meditation]
  3. Make a small calendar that can show you the days where you were active/productive and leave blank that days that were not. You can use your phone app or even a small desk calendars that you can “dot” the date in on.
  4. Be as detailed or little as you want, this is something personal for you to learn your fallow periods.
  5. When you notice that your “abilities” are changing, make note. Figure out what is new, what has changed, did it correlate to when your fallow period ended? Is this a sign that the fallow/resting period helped increase? Did it decrease and something else appeared in it’s place?
  6. Make note of outside factors.
    – Was there an Astronomical explanation [Darn that Mercury Retrograde!] [Moon Phases]? If so, how much worse was it than the others that happened? Which ones made things more difficult, which ones made it easier? You can plan around these times for things to do. 
    – Where you super stressed or worried? Fallow periods can happen because stress is it’s peak. Are these small fallow periods happening when it’s time for bills/exams/life? Now you can see these and plan how to help combat that.
    – How were your spoons/energy levels? Did you do heavy energy/magic work? Extend yourself mentally/psychically/physically/emotionally? Has there been a recent trauma?These can be very big stressors for a fallow/resting period.
  7. Make a list of the things that absolutely relax and destress you, things that make you smile no matter what, things that you love to do, anything that makes you feel like you. Use these to help you when you are stressed or upset.
  8. Make a list to remind yourself that you are:
    – A Good Companion who is loved by their Spirit Family, that this is just a time for yourself so that you can better connect with them down the road.
    – A Strong Witch that can move mountains if they wish, but you need to kick back your legs and be a couch potato because being awesome takes work.
    – A human being that is beautiful and wonderful at what they do, but need time to enjoy life and rest their amazing gifts and mind. 
    – A human being that is fallible, but work with what you have and play those strengths and need to rest them so you can kick butt later.
    – Remind yourself that you are loved and that you need you tim every now and then.

This may take a year or more to really pin down a timeframe. Fallow/resting periods come and go. But you can start to see a pattern, or somewhat of a pattern emerge. If not, then you know a heck of a lot about your own skills and to combat those days when you feel down.

Recommendations for Journaling/Calendar

For the Traditionalist:

I enjoy writing things by hand. So I am very picky about the journals that I use. 
I hate ghosting/bleeding.

Designworks Ink has a Large Hardbound Journal that has 200 line pages with day/month headers. Which is PERFECT keeping track of their stuff.

You can find it on their website! [$16]
I’ve seen Walmart carry them, but this can be only the area Im in.
Books-a-million has also carried them.

For the Techies:

Truthfully, I’m one of those that likes to keep these things private. The interwebs is never truly private, as people can hack into things. ALTHOUGH, having it so that only you can see it is the best thing.

With that, I suggest Wordpress. Weird? I know.
BUT there are things that you can track on there. You can copy and paste the information from one thing to another. You can see the days where you post and when you don’t post. You can make your blog private so that no one can see. I like the features where you can physically see the months and days where you posted. I wouldn’t use tumblr, even though it has the private, password option. Mainly because I can’t see the posts or when I post [you have the archive, but it’s just a conglomerate. Wordpress shows by day.

Here’s an example. This is what I see when I go onto my Astral Travel experiences blog, where I log about my experiences there.

See how it shows the amount of posts and the degree at how many posts in one day? This is what got me to realize when my periods are or that it’s a great way of tracking it. Granted, it only shows a year at a time. So keep screenshot occasionally to see large spans.

Working through a Fallow/Resting Period

This will be the hardest part, because we always want to continue what we do. It’s natural. And we are stubborn and grow distressed when that natural pattern is interrupted. The important thing about working through a fallow/resting period is not make it worse by forcing yourself to do things.

In this nice shiny journal or reference list, start a list of things that you enjoy. Pick out things that you can counter it if it’s stress or trauma induced. Is it a moon phase? Then work with the moon and do something will work during that time frame. Try to examine them and see what you can do in order to keep yourself active, but don’t push yourself beyond your limits.

I hope that this helps and if there is any questions or need some help, don’t be afraid to ask.


Lunch today is some cold potatoes, baby avocados and salsa. Super simple but so delicious! Did you know that cold potatoes are an awesome prebiotic?
I was so pleased that this batch of baby avo’s have turned out to be perfect (which any one in the uk can attest to is a rarity. Most avocados you buy either stay hard or go brown and gross before you can eat them)
I had two as they are so small (about the size of a plum) and who ever begrudged a girl some healthy fats!? 😂

I love cooking big batches of potatoes and sweet potatoes for days when I’m not in the mood to cook but still want a healthy carby hit 👌


Which Jeonghan is your favorite?   [CSC] [HJS] [WJH] [KSY] [JWW] [LJH] [LSM] [KMG] [SMH] [BSK]

Happy Birthday to YJH’s my angel @yebim. I know how much you adore yjh thats why i made this post for you lmao. Thank you for being born coz’ without you im just plain potato. Stay sweet, awesome, and lovely! Love you, Bam!  ♡

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