potato wears

A banner I made for the Samwell Student Union, they keep track of all the events in the Check Please Fandom!


(board inspired by Check Please comic 2.1- Moved In)

Rhaegar Targaryen died with a whole year’s worth of tax revenue on his breastplate and the costume department of GoT is out here tryna convince me that Rhaegar would wear a potato sack to his wedding. Get outta here


Christmas sweater preorders are live!

Be sure to read all the information on the listing before preordering!

Some general info:

  • Sizes XS to 3XL available
  • 11 characters to choose from
  • Preorders will receive 3 holiday cards featuring the character(s) ordered!
  • Planned to ship mid-November
  • Sweaters are only available during preorder period, preorders close Oct. 18

If any changes come up I’ll be sure to update, otherwise I’m very excited about the feedback I’ve received for these and can’t wait get some more sweaters made!

(And a huge thank you to @sabtastique, @pickletoez, and Timo for help modelling!! Ya’ll are beautiful ;v;)

Thinking back Padme Amidala went so damn hard every day with her fashion like…she didn’t have to scalp the entire galaxy like that?!?! Every time she walked into a room, SHE MADE DAMN SURE her ass was the best dressed!!! *Steps out into the backwoods desert of Tatooine where they’re literally wearing potato sacks* Serves nothing but high fashion. Simple picnic with her young Splenda Daddy™? TRULY DOING THE MOST SHE DIDN’T HAVE TO GO THAT HARD. Want to enjoy some space fruit salad with bae? SERVE SOME GALACTIC CYBER PUNK DOMINATRIX REALNESS ON THEM!!!! On a mission to save Obi Wan? SLAYING FOR THE GODS IN ALL WHITE CASHMERE AND SUEDE BOOTS LIKE?!?!

God she couldn’t even go to sleep without being extra™ she had to wear that Galactic Marchesa Blue Silk Gown embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls just to prove a point I fucking love Padme….

god look at him, it should be illegal to look that fine

Ok so i’m not supposed to be active bc i have to finish homework before the start of school, but im gonna drop this WIP that i wanna finish in this week.

Pretty boys in pretty clothes

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while! I get so wrapped up in development that I start letting everything else slide… I’m currently wearing a potato sack while my apartment is slowly transforming into a Hoarders episode

Here’s a cute lil house I made, though!

I was performing in a girl’s vocal ensemble for a Christmas thing about two years ago– it was a special where a bunch of girls tried out and we had some pretty damn serious rehearsals for a month before hand, and most of them had to learn how to sing chorally for the first time, which is no mean feat. When we got onstage, the male announcer just introduced us as “lovely” and “beautiful” and I just can’t help but ponder how ingrained it is that our value as performers is based off of our looks. We weren’t there to be pretty, we were there to sing…

i love the thing like, i as a trans person often feel horrible about my body and i do wish i looked different. i wish i looked more stereotypically androgynous, i even sometimes get super jealous of how cis ppl look. and i do know that’s bad but i can’t help it, it’s all internalized since birth. sometimes though when i do feel good about myself and wanna flaunt how i look, maybe wear more form-fitting clothes, people think i’m not trans enough or am faking stuff and make fun of me…. so really can’t fuckin win lol