potato watch

Drew this real quick
Can I just express how much I love this adorable little potato?

Seriously, I usually like the ‘Idiots’
but he’s my favorite in All Out!!

and there’s almost zero fanart for him out there, so I’m going to make filling the internet with him my job haha

I suck at body types, so I had to redraw his face a few times because he looked like a child lol

But I really like the result~

Just fixed my stupid typo haha;;


Tom Hiddleston and James D'Arcy


MJ: harmonizing with moonbin and sanha, doing imitations 

Jinjin: listening to music late at night, making others laugh

Eunwoo: being prepared, caring for his members

Moonbin: performing, one piece, probably eunwoo

Rocky: skincare routines (facemasks), making choreography and watching it

Sanha: potato

Let me know if it’s humanly possible to resist this option.

crazyfangirrl  asked:

How would the RFA(+V and Saeran) react to a MC that loves trying new and random stuff? Like, she always feels the need to do new things like gettinga tattoo or a piercing, or going on a road trip on a whim, or just deciding they are gonna learn how to knit just because they are feeling too much like a couch potato while binge watching stuff(lol this one is me) or joining a circus workout class. Sorry if it is a little confusing!

thank for request crazyfangirrl-nim

So if I’m reading this correctly, this MC sounds somewhat impulsive, but not reckless. more like extremely curious…let’s see how this goes

(I’m not happy with this, but I don’t think I could make this any better. Sorry~)


  • he’s a worrier
  • like 24/7
  • he’s always kinda standing around the side
  • watching you do some sort of extreme activity
  • or volunteering to do something that could potentially risk your life
  • i think he’s gonna have a heart attack cos of you
  • but he’s okay with your more chill activities


  • he’s had to some extreme stuff for roles
  • so when you tell him that you want to do the same
  • he hesitates
  • cos he’s hella protective of you
  • but he also wants you to be happy
  • he’ll eventually learn to relax
  • and may even join you 


  • whenever you do anything
  • she’s praying so hard to jesus that nothing happens to you
  • she made you get life insurance
  • (but she still yells at you because your premium is so high)
  • even so, she actually want you to do what makes you happy
  • and even if it means that she’s on edge more often
  • then so be it
  • but she does appreciate that your spontaneity helps with the cafe


  • Jumin doesn’t mind too much
  • since he has so many things in his house for you to entertain yourself with
  • but he will beg you to at least restrain yourself from doing more extreme activities
  • if you do ask him to join you
  • he’ll hesitate
  • he’s more about watching you be happy
  • Jumin’s content with letting you enjoy whatever you wanna do


  • he’s the one with the most training in learning to do a variety of different things
  • so he’ll be enthusiastic in joining you
  • but the more dangerous things…
  • he’s extra paranoid with the hypothetical that you’ll get injured
  • and sometimes he’ll get really angry at you for even suggesting it
  • it’ll take a lot of convincing to let him stand back and let you do what you want


  • he’s so concerned for your safety when you tell him about your desire to do things without much of a plan
  • but then you refute his concerns by reminding him that he did all sorts of things while blind!
  • you got him there
  • as long as he gets to document every moment of you picking up a new hobby
  • he’s happy that you’re happy


  • he doesn’t have any prior experiences to go by
  • so he has a neutral opinion about you wanting to do things
  • but he does get overwhelmed since you keep changing your interests all the time
  • however, it does offer him a distraction from his thoughts
  • eventually, he starts suggesting crazy things to do
  • and it’s up to you to check him