potato watch


new DanAndPhilCRAFTS video! how to make ‘Potato Prints’ 🥔


When I find myself in times of trouble

Paul McCartney comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom

“I’m sure there’s a very professional way to do this but I don’t know it.“

Drew this real quick
Can I just express how much I love this adorable little potato?

Seriously, I usually like the ‘Idiots’
but he’s my favorite in All Out!!

and there’s almost zero fanart for him out there, so I’m going to make filling the internet with him my job haha

I suck at body types, so I had to redraw his face a few times because he looked like a child lol

But I really like the result~

Just fixed my stupid typo haha;;

I just love watching Brian hype up whenever he’s on stage or busking or whenever. He becomes so full of energy, jumping everywhere and anywhere, shooting smiles and hearts, dancing around in the goofiest way possible. Plus, it just seems like he can feel the music a thousand times more and he tries to share that with the fans so that they too enjoy themselves. And I find myself smiling like an idiot to my screen as I watch this miracle and joy of a boy who is doing what he loves with the people he loves trying to spread the happiness and I try hard no to cry. 

i love when zim is like… momentarily interested in whatever random bullshit gir’s doing like gir screams something nonsensical and he’s just like “…………huh. wow. you sure did, didn’t you. look at that. hm. …………….ANYWAY! AS I WAS SAYING” 


made another amv, angst deluxe as usual (y)