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Tusker House Restaurant in Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World 

The Tuskar House is a buffet style restaurant located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. At this colorful Harambe marketplace eatery, you’ll find a family-focused buffet brimming with African and American flavors. For breakfast and lunch you can experience a character meal at Donald’s Dining Safari. For the dinner buffet enjoy dishes such as vegetable samosas, potato wedges, curried rice salad, pearl couscous, tabbouleh and rotisserie chicken. Guests 21 years of age and older can also enjoy a selection of African wines and beer. Reservations are recommended.

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Hi! Next weekend I have to cook for 10-12 non-vegans for dinner and I want to cook something really tasty w/o animal products but I'm not a good cook, do you know any good and easy recipes for meals? Something with rice or potatos? Thank you :).


I tried just finding dishes with potatoes, but you can look through the dinner tag, there’s lotssss of yummy things in there. Good luck!

Dinner: Whole Foods hot bar. In the mix: kale and seaweed salad, two kinds of fried tofu (omg super noms), steamed broccoli, potato samosa, pineapple fried rice, Kung pao chicken, lemon chicken, and BBQ chicken. This was so delicious…I want more.
I’ve been sitting at a computer counting GFP expressing cells for the past (almost) 10 hrs…surprisingly my eyes and everything are still fine!


While, rummaging through the fridge and cupboards, I came up with this fake curry dish. The reason I say fake is because there’s no coconut milk or fish sauce or curry powder. But it has all the right flavors in all the right places. This took me about 15 min. to make in total.

I put these four frozen potato&pea samosas in the oven as directed on the package.
Meanwhile, sauteed spinach, kale and chickpeas in a pan with olive oil.
In another pan, I sauteed onion, green bell pepper and tomato in olive oil, basil until the juices were sizzlin’.

I blended the pepper, onion, tomato mixture with an emulsion hand blender and voila!
Ontop are coarsely chopped Thai lime and chili cashews.
It seriously tasted like an Indian curry dish. All vegan. Get creative.