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So I decided to do a little collaboration with the beautiful @sketchyy-pencil with using her art as inspiration to write HCS for the cute doggies c: I have her permission to use her art. The drawings are hers and you can find the post HERE with their names HERE

Zen’s Dog: Jun the Siberian Husky

  •  He was hungry for love… hungry for being wanted… hungry for someone to run up to him and welcome him home…. but also… someone to be there for him as a friend…..who looks up to him…. THAT IS WHY HE GOT A DOG.  Dogs are loyal, love you unconditionally, will welcome you home, will look up to you, THEY ARE A MANS/WOMENS BEST FRIEND COME ON. He went to a breeder, and found this dog who was being ignored by everyone else. All of its brother and sisters were playing without him and when hew white dog tried to play with them, they growled at him and he walked away. THE FEELS WERE HIT OKAY. ZEN WAS GETTING THOSE FLASHBACKS AND HE RAN TO THE DOG AND HUGGED HIM SAYING THAT HE WILL BE HIS NEW FATHER. He took the puppy home and educated himself on how to take care of a husky. 
  • Look, Zen becomes the way Jumin is with Elizabeth the 3rd. Zen practices his lines with the dog. He got a little care seat on his motorcycle so the dog can go with him to his special place. You do not fuck with his dog. The dog is like an exact replica of Zen. White fur with Red eyes making all the other dogs want to be him or want to be with him. The dog is really there for Zen in a emotional level. They both know how it is to be ignored and not loved. Okay TBH, Jun rarely gets dog food, he gets meat, chicken, ham, all that good stuff. Zen makes sure he runs the the fat off so he doesn’t get sick D: He makes sure the dog takes frequent ice baths c: He loves to go to the park and play catch with his doggie. They cant be there for long because of fans wanting to take pictures. BEST BELIEVE THIS DOG IS THERE POSING FOR THE PHOTO

Yoosung’s Dog: Rin the Corgi

  • Yoosung was tired of feeling lonely all the time and he decided to do something about it. He decided to join a new club at campus and he decided to join the CORGI APPRECIATION SQAUD club. He always wanted to be apart of a squad so he was an active member c: He started to find appreciation to the breed and decided to get one of his own c: The club gave him directions to this adoption center and thats where he met his best friend RIN THE CORGI :,D Rin was Yoosungs hype dog! Yoosung bought LOL shirts for her and everything. He loVES PLAYING WITH HER TINY LITTLE LEGS!!! HE LIKS TO FLICK IT AND SING TO HER WHILE HE RUBS HER BELLY. SHE BRINGS HIM HAPPINESS. LIKE HE BUYS PAJAMAS FOR HER AND EVERYTHING. REASON TO LIVE. REASON TO DO GOOD IN SCHOOL. SHE IS JUST A GOOD GIRL. LOVES TO HUG. SHE TRIPS SOMETIMES BUT ITS OKAY. YOOSUNG PICKS HER UP AND TAPS HER BUT A BIT. 

Saeran’s Dog: Ciel the Doberman

  • Saeran actually met Ciel in the worst way possible. Ciel was Saerans personal guardian angel.
  • When Rika manipulated Saeran to join Mint Eye, he wasn't “conditioned” yet. He didnt know what Rika meant by that but 2 months later he was locked in the basement with little food and water. Men wearing white robes and black masks came in the basement and hosed down Saeran leaving him soaked and wet. They have him eat special food 3 times a day and thats all he gets. He doesn’t have clothes or a blanket. He just has a mattress and a pillow. He couldn’t believe Saeyoung would trade his freedom for his brother. Rika finally was convincing him that Saeyoung left him to die and that he must be cleansed by the lord. “The enemy is the RFA. The stole my happiness away from me. My main target is my own flesh and blood Saeyoung Choi. Mission? To Kill Him.” That was all he was thinking about when he was holding himself in the night trying to spread warmth throughout his body. Later in the night, he heard rapid footsteps around the basement. He thought it was a rat but he rubbed his eyes to try and see better. His vision cleared a bit and he saw a white puppy hiding behind one of the boxes holding bread in its mouth. The puppy looked at Saeran and ran into one of the empty boxes. Saeran went closer to the pups territory and kneeled down extending its hand so the puppy can know Saeran means no harm. The puppy trusted him and from that day on, the dog shared its stolen meal with Saeran and cuddled with him in the night so they both can stay warm. 
  • However one afternoon, the puppy was hiding in its box waiting for nightfall to sneak out and grab food. The puppies nap was rudely interrupted when Rika and her followers barged into the basement to beat up Saeran because they accused him of stealing food. The three masked men were punching and kicking him leaving Saeran defenseless. The puppy didn’t think twice leaving his hidden box and went to attack the men. The puppy was biting their legs as if they were pieces of meat protecting his friend. Rika saw what was happening and was about to attack the puppy till Saeran interfered and protected his friend. Saeran finally decided to fully join her and her cult if they let him and his friend live like decent beings. Rika agreed knowing the medicine was now taking affect. She gave them a room and Chef to feed them and everything. From that day on, they were eachs other ride or die.

Jihyun/V’s Dog: Angel the Australian Shepard 

  • Angel traveled around the world with V. She is a very loyal and friendly dog. The only problem V had with Angel is that for an odd reason, she hated Rika. Whenever Rika walked into the room, Angel growled and walked away. When Rika tried to cuddle with V, Angel jumped on the couch and sat on his lap demanding attention. Rika hated Angel and Angel hated her. She tried to convince V to get rid of Angel because her excuse was it was “damaging the relationship”. He told her no that he rather lose her than Angel. Angel barked and slept with V while Rika was planning on a thing called Mint Eye. Rika told V about her idea and Angel went and laid on top of V and growled at her. A sun can always disappear but an Angel will always be there.

MC’s Dog: Shin the Dalmatian

  • This dog is legit the worse dog guard ever. Zen convinced MC to get a dog to make sure she is safe and protected. She told Zen she already had a dog and that her name was Shin and that she was your pride and joy. The whole RFA felt better knowing you had a dog there ready to protect its master from any harms way. 
    • V saw the messages and began to freak out thinking the dog could possibly smell the bomb so he just never logged back in LMAO IM SORRY  HE HAS IMPORTANT SHIT TO DO 
  • However, MC didnt tell them that Shin is the most friendliest dog ever. She plays with everyone and loves to play little jokes. MC usually smiled because Shin had the same personality as the person who gave MC the adorable Dalmatian, MC’s grandfather c: Whenever she had to make phone calls or answer emails for the party, Shin was mostly annoyed because she wasn’t getting any attention
    • When MC heard her window shattered she was frighten seeing a white haired man in her home. She knew that was Unknown but before she could say anything, Shin jumped ontop of the man knocking him to the floor. Shin was wagging her tail with a ball in her mouth. Unknown did not expect that reaction. 
      • EXTRA BONUS 
        • Unknown started to play fetch with Shin and joined them for dinner eating spaghetti with them. 

Seven’s Dog: Chip the Shibu Inou 

  • He was inspired to get this dog because he saw a meme on social media about Doge and he wanted one so bad. Screw Elly, if she didnt want or need his love, he was going to give it to someone who needs it. He decided to go to a shelter hoping he can find famous meme breed and after 8 different shelters, he couldn’t find the meme breed D: He was beginning to lose hope but he decided to try one more shelter. When he entered the shelter, he saw a 7 month year old Shibu Inu and he screeched like a little girl. He ran towards their cage and was beginning to baby talk to it. He paid for the papers and everything. He didnt prepare to have a animal in its home, so he fed it honey buddah chips. When the dog stuck his face inside the bag it got stuck and Seven began laughing. He removed the bag from the puppies face and noticed there was a chip on it heads. He decided to call his perfect companion Chip :) Short for Honey Buddha Chips :) The thing he loves the most is named after his love :,D 
  • Seven decided to wear a Shibu Inu costume and slept on the floor with Chip so Chip wouldn’t feel lonely :,) After a couple of days later, he brought chip to sleep with him in his bed because the floor was getting uncomfortable. When Chip started to sleep with Seven, Sevens nightmare started to fade away. The guilt he carried inside his head and heart was being cured by chip, but it didnt mean his episodes stopped. One night Seven was having episodes when he was coding because he thought he saw a code saying “Saeran” in binary and he totally lost it. He fell to the ground crying grabbing his own hair. Chip grabbed a potato and ran to Seven giving the potato to him. He then went on his lap and cuddle him giving of “I’m here, everything will be okay vibes” :)

Jumin’s Dog: King Charles the German Shepard 

  • Jumin only thought about getting a dog because he was getting tired of Saeyoung trying to sneak into his pent house and grab Elizabeth 3rd. 
  • He knew Saeyoung could get past the guards and fuck up the security system easily, so he decided to tell Assistant Kang to look for breeder that has the highest qualifications to breed guard dogs. He finally got the information from Assistant Kang and personally went with Elizabeth 3rd to find the perfect dog to protect Elizabeth. Of course Elizabeth must come along to help him find the perfect dog that is suitable for her taste. He had Elizabeth the 3rd in his arms with security guards around him because he was paranoid a dog might react aggressively seeing a precious feline. 
  • He entered the training camp and noticed how obedient the dogs where, but they already belong to the trainers. The breeder took him to the 1-2 year old dogs who matured enough to be obedient. He walked in the special area and there was this black German Shepard that has been eyeing Jumin and Elizabeth from far away. Jumin didnt notice because he was noticing how Elizabeth the 3rd was feeling a bit nervous. Jumin didnt notice that there was an untrained angry dog on the lose and it was heading towards Elizabeth the 3rd. Elizabeth knew she was in danger and jumped out of her fathers arm and ran for it, she put Forest Gump to shame, she was having her own kitty Vietnam flashbacks. Jumin notice the angry dog about to attack Elizabeth till a black German Shepard who’ve been observing the whole situation decided to attack the other dog and defend Elizabeth. The two dogs were fighting till the owner of the untrained dog got a hold of the rude dog and took him back to his cage for training. Jumin ran quickly to the fierce black German Shepard and notice it had a bite mark around its neck. He noticed Elizabeth 3rd climb onto the back of the dog and licked the battle wound and Jumin fell in love with the dog. He bought the dog right away and he was preparing paperwork to sue the trainer for almost hurting his precious feline. He welcomed King Charles with open arms because it saved his heart, his everything, Elizabeth 3rd. 
    • Jumin left a camera in the penthouse and camped out in his car to see if King Charles can do his job 
      • 1 hour later Seven sneaked in and right when he made it pass the kitchen, King Charles attacked Seven by barking and chasing him off the penthouse. 
        • Jumin trained him to not the hurt the RFA but to scare them LMAO 
          • when he noticed everything on the camera, he bought King Charles a diamond collar. 

Jaehee’s Dog: Mocha the Beagle

  • This precious little Beagle is Jaehees best friend. She is always waiting for Jaehee to come home from a long day of being Jumins slave. She picked up Mocha while she kicked off her shoes and threw her fake as glasses on the couch. She gave Mocha a quick kiss on her adorable forehead and gently flicked her long soft ears. UGH MOCHAS EARS. 
  • Jaehee then went to kitchen and placed Mocha on the chair and began talking to Mocha about her day while making coffee. People may not believe her when she tells them, but Mocha actually responds back by giving different variations of a bark. If she disagrees with something, mostly what Jumin makes her do, Mocha gives a mad bark with a little growl. If she agrees, she barks happily with a little pant. 
  • Jaehee just smiles at her canine thanking the moment she first met Mocha. 
  • *flashback*
  • It was a heavy rainstorm that on particular night and Mr. Han offered to take Jaehee to her apartment because she took a cab to work. She politely agreed and hold and umbrella over Mr. Hans head so he wouldn’t get wet. 
    • Her whole left shoulder was soaking wet but she had to do it for her boss. They were halfway there to the limo but she heard a faint cry. She stopped and Mr. Han got a bit week and looked annoyed. He was tugging her to continue walking but she didnt. She kept looking for the noise and saw a box with a little head poking outside of it. She dragged Mr. Han to the car and pushed him inside and ran back to help the helpless creature. She almost lost her job but she knows Jumin cant find no one better than her. :)

Once upon a time a little girl by the name of Mashed Potatoes ran outside and got attacked by a dog and ended up breaking her leg. She didn’t let her cast stop her from being fabulous. She lived happily ever after in doors.


Prompt: This is for @amarvelouswritings 700 follower challenge. My song was Lady Antebellum - Just a kiss. The story takes place right after Loki lands on Earth (before he visits Berlin) in Avengers (so he hasn’t caused any damage yet).

Fandom: Marvel - Loki x Reader

Word Count: 4160

Warnings: language, suicide/suicidal thoughts, domestic/spousal abuse (emotional and physical), depression…?

Notes: First Loki fic on here (I doubt it’s as amazing as others I’ve seen). Beta’d by the ever amazing @like-a-bag-of-potatoes


You ran into the office, winded, stressing about how late you were - 25 minutes, for the–was it the tenth time this month? You winced as every bone and muscle hurt on you, thanks to your asshole husband.

“Y/N,” your boss said as he strolled up to your desk.

“Yes?” You turned instantly to face him. He had always been a rather lenient man for your tardiness and excuses to run home or leave early.

“I’m sorry Y/N, but this is unacceptable. You’re late again. This is the eleventh time this month,” he said, trying to be gentle.

You were getting fired.

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Teamiplier Coraline/Others AU Part three

Reminder that I used both the book and the movie!

Thanks to @northeast-artist98 and @turquoisemagpie for the wonderful creation of this beautiful AU! (also, sorry I took so long to post this part and not tagging North before!)

~Part One, Part Two, Part Three (you are here), Part Four (coming soon!)~

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Silly Sentence Starters
  • “Why aren’t you wearing any pants?”
  • “You don’t need pants!”
  • “A mayonnaise and banana sandwich? Really?”
  • “Are you actually going to eat that?”
  • “Flipping flapjacks and flying ferrets!”
  • “There’s a fly in the orange juice!”
  • “What do you mean there isn’t any cornbread?!”
  • “It was a very unpleasant experience that involved licking a squirrel in a hole and honestly you wouldn’t understand.”
  • “What do you mean you haven’t bathed in spaghetti before? How can you even say you’ve LIVED?!”
  • “You just slapped me with a noodle!”
  • “It’s a happy noodle! It’s supposed to make you happy! It must be broken.”
  • “For this, we need to find a happy fish!”
  • “Go on, admit it, a cheese excites you, we all know!” 
  • “Can you help me? I’ve lost my potato.”
  • “My potato ran away! Quick! Help me catch it!”
  • “What do you mean it ate the air conditioner?!”
  • “The vacuum cleaner bit me!”
  • “A river a thousand paces wide is nonsensical, much like me.”
  • “I have never washed clothes.”
  • “Why didn’t you tell me the washing machine was on fire?!”
  • “Wait, why IS the washing machine on fire?”
  • “Cultured frogs? What are cultured frogs?”
  • “Wait, nevermind, I don’t think I want to know.”

therainydayartist  asked:

I was wondering if you could do a react of the companions if sole blacking out on them? (Solo's face goes pure white, unresponsive, eyes dilated and glazed over, and shaking a little.) ((Only for a couple seconds thoug.))

It’s been so long since I’ve been on! Busy with graduation of family members now and such. Still playing far harbor so none of you better give me spoilers. Anywhoo I think this is the kind of moment where you realize that you love someone and don’t want them to go~

Ada: Her hands start sparking and she uses the blunt end of them as a defibrillator to bring Sole back within 0.2 seconds. “Ma’am/Sir, I will always be there to save you. If you need it, I got the tools. I wont let you die on me.”

Cait: “H-hey… What’s wrong? Wake up…” her voice was shaking. “Ya can’t leave me yet…” She didn’t know what to do. How do you save someone? Especially someone you love? At that moment she hated how ineffective she was. She was so damn powerful in the ring but completely powerless when it came to when she was needed the most.

Codsworth: “No… I can’t be the last living one of the family. It’s just not right! Please mum/sir, please wake up.”

Curie: The second Sole starts convulsing she takes one deep breath in and out. She worked quickly. One. Stimpack to the heart. Two. Hand in a fist over the chest. Three. Listen to the heart beat. Four. Pump in time. Five. Tilt the head back, block the nose, and breathe into their mouth. She repeated this until Sole came to and she let out a shaky breath, collapsing in their lap. She did it. She saved her love.

Danse: “Dammit soldier don’t die! The Brotherhood needs you! I need you!” He shook them as they began to shake. He tried to keep his composure but his heart was hammering in his chest as he aggressively tried to wake them. When that didn’t work, he picked Sole up and radioed in for an emergency evac to the Prydwen to get medical attention stat.

Dogmeat: *pained whimper*

Deacon: He froze. Locked up. In that second when Sole’s eyes rolled back, his life flashed before his eyes. He saw Barbara burning, curled up on the ground, screaming. All the pain rushed back and immobilized him. He was paralyzed for a good few minutes before realizing that Sole could die any second. He stripped off his shirt and wrapped it around Sole to warm them up as he took them in his arms to let them know he was there.

Hancock: “HEY! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Here!” He stabbed an ultra stimpack into their heart and waited impatiently as he placed their head on his lap, stroking their head with his hand and caressing their hand in his other. “Shit sunshine, you just gotta wake up and smile for me. I don’t know what I’d do without ya!”

Longfellow: “Oh shit cap’n! Hold on, don’t you go dyin’ on me! We got this whole damn island left to save and I ain’t no hero!” He grabbed them in his arms and ran all the way to Far Harbor to deliver them to Teddy. No one had ever seen Longfellow be so desperate for another person.

MacCready: “Oh shi-shoot boss, no… C’mon, c’mon, c’mon! He was trying to remember what he’s learned in Little Lamplight about how to give CPR. They had to look out after themselves. But it had been a long time and one mistake could mean death. He put his head on their chest. “You can’t go… I love you.”

Nick Valentine: “Kid! Hang on! This is gonna hurt a bit!” He threw Sole over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and ran all the way to Diamond City to get them some meds. He oversaw every second of it. Sole was the best damn partner he was ever gonna get and he couldn’t stand something bad happening to them.

Piper: Sole said they were anemic but she didn’t know what that meant until they fainted out of nowhere. It scared her to death and she didn’t know what to do, or even what it was, so she just clutched onto them for dear life, stroking their back and their hair softly and lovingly.

Preston: “General? What’s going on? Are you okay?” When it hit him that they had fainted he put them on his back and hiked all the way back to Sanctuary. He had to remain calm. He didn’t get to where he was by freaking out when someone was hurt, even if it was someone he cared for deeply. He had to be strong for them.

Strong: “HUMAN? WHAT WRONG? HUMAN NEED WATER? STRONG GET!” He came back with a jug filled with water and dumped it on Sole’s face, effectively waking them up.

X6-88: “Hold on ma’am/sir, I’ll get you medical attention immediately. I won’t let you die.” Luckily he at any time could beam them back to the Institute. With Sole shaking in his arms, he sprinted towards Dr. Volkert and gave very curt and direct orders for him to follow. X6 quickly became irritated that the doctor wasn’t moving fast enough and hissed at him to speed up. He needed them to be better NOW.


Maxson: At first no one saw Sole faint except him. When it happened he yelled at everyone to get out of the room (they didn’t understand why). He quickly ran up to his Sentinel’s side, released them from their power armor, and began administering CPR. He was going to protect them with his own two hands. There wasn’t a damn person on the Prydwen who would get the pleasure of seeing them weak. That was only for him.

Glory: “Goddammit! What happened? Hey! Whisper! Can you hear me?” By instinct, she caught Sole before they hit the ground, having fainted standing up. They were in the middle of a combat zone however and she needed Sole to wake up so that they could protect themselves as well. She was going to have to lecture them on health and nutrition once this was all over.

anonymous asked:

Hi Sentinel! I think you're an amazing author who is capable of handling versatile themes. I was wondering if you could write a supernatural AU With Vampire! Shinichi. I think it's a rather interesting idea but sadly, no one has ever written any fanfiction on this theme. You're free to ignore this request if you don't like it/You're busy/both. But if you do decide to write it, I would love to see ShinRan as the main ship :)

Thank you so much! Flattery will get you everywhere. ;P Heck yeah, supernatural AUs are right up my alley, anon! I am extremely busy but if you don’t mind waiting…

Hmm. Vamp!Shinichi has been done before. To death (hahaha PUN) in the slash part of the fandom with mixed results. Dropped the last one like a hot potato over the Ran hate and inconsistent characterization, though he wasn’t actually a vampire in that one. The first part of it was pretty brilliant though.

Now that I think about it, I don’t recall any in ShinRan, though I do distinctly remember a late oughts gen fic where Shinichi turns into a vampire at some mansion or other. I think it was ShinRan. I’d have to reread the one I’m thinking of to be sure, and it wasn’t to my taste, but it exists. It’s been so long since I read it though, like.

That being said, now I’m itching for a Buffy fusion, keeping nothing but the basic framing, where Ran is a Slayer, Shinichi gets turned in LA, and Jodie is her watcher. Or I could do interesting things with Hakuba’s family, hmm.  ANGST ANGST ANGST ANGST ANGST ANGST.

So I’m definitely writing this. It’ll be shortfic, the outline I just drafted has it around 10k. No ETA, though. It might take a while. Answering this when I should be doing other things, hahaha.

Look for it in a couple months, maybe. I’ll be extremely busy until the end of June/Mid-July. The tag is Vampire AU. The title will probably be something overblown and purple like Too Sweet the Rind because vampires always make me think of Swinburne’s “Dolores.”

Without Eyes » Nathan Drake

Request: As for a request, I would adore a Nathan Drake x Blind Reader where she’s just thrown into the battle field w/ a gun by probably the enemy just to be entertained by her confused and scared actions. 

Requested By: @flabbywalruso3o

Pairing: Nathan Drake x Reader

Fandom: Uncharted

Words: 843

A/N: I’m so sorry that I’ve been gone for a while. I’ve just had the worse writer’s block so this story might suck because of that. I still hope you guys can enjoy it! c: I tried adding tags, but ten names took up too much room! I’m sorry, guys! 

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Otoya, Syo, Reiji, Ranmaru, and Camus are trying to get a bite of whatever their s/o is cooking well before it's ready, because this seems like a cute idea \ouo/

“Mm, something smells really good!” Otoya exclaimed, joining you in the kitchen. You smiled, “Thank you.” He walked over and peeked over your shoulder, “Can I have a taste?” You dipped your spoon into the pot and blew it to cool, “It’s missing a few things because I’m not nearly finished. He allowed you to spoon feed him, “Really? I can’t tell! It tastes pretty good!”

Syo jogged into the kitchen to see what he’d been smelling all this time. His stomach growled when he saw them tasting what they’d been cooking. “That smell is making me hungry! Can I have small taste?” he asked, tip toeing to peek into the pot. “But it’s not even close to being finished. He shrugged, “I’m sure it’s great…Please?”

You added a few extra ingredients to the pot and began to stir. You felt a warm body press up against yours. “Ne, ____-chan can I be your taste tester?” Reiji asked, placing a soft kiss along your jawline. You continued to stir, “Can you wait a little longer?” He squeezed you, “Pretty, pretty please~?” You sighed and brought the spoon up to his mouth. He blew the broth and slurped it down, “Hmmm….Needs salt.” You elbowed him in the belly, “Get out.” He chuckled, “Oof.. But I was just trying to help.”

Ranmaru peeked his head into the kitchen and saw you checking the temperature of the prime rib. “How much longer?” You sighed, “Another fourty-five minutes.” He sighed, walking in to the kitchen and removed the lid from the pot of the stove, “That smells good.” He grabbed the spoon from the counter and helped himself to a potato slice. “Ran, you couldn’t wait?” He leaned against the counter enjoying the slice, ignoring your nagging words.

Camus had been watching you put all of the ingredients together and now he could really smell the chocolate. He nibbled at his bottom lip as you finished whisking the ingredients together. His focused how the batter would smoothly run down the whisk each time you lifted it. It’d been a while since you made homemade brownies. “____. May I just–” Before he could asked you rejected him. He frowned, “I just want to lick the spoon.” Camus practically smothered you as you attempted to protect the bowl.

Starter for:


Marie was coming from the Combat Zone looking a bit shaken. She had just witnessed some of the most gruesome fighting she’s seen in her life, even if she’s only 22. As she was walked, she reached in her bag and grabbed a can of Potato Crisps and popped it open. Nearby, a wild mutt noticed Marie walking by and began to trail her. “Maybe I’ll just chill on discovering the Commonwealth for a while.” She sighed. The mutt barked and ran up to her, snapping at her hands. Marie dropped the potato crisps and ran off, attempting to shake the animal.

She ended up behind a tree outside of the downtown area, breathing heavily to catch her breath. She noticed a group of people coming closer…but they didn’t seem like a threat, so she stayed in her makeshift hiding place.

anonymous asked:

Could you do the “Who wouldn’t be angry you ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years!” for enjonine, please?? I love your writing and I hope you're having a great day! xx :)

AN: It took a while to think up a scenario. It’s crack but all those prompts were crack. Typos all mine. 

Eponine’s keys clattered as they hit the floor. 

He hadn’t been there when she left an hour ago to pick up the groceries. Eggs, milk, some bread. Half a pound of beef tenderloin, apples and some fennel. A bag of potatoes. She ran through the list again in her head. Maybe, if she did it enough times, he’d disappear back to wherever he’d come from. 

Eggs. Mlik. Bread.

“Since when did you stop buying Captain Crunch?” He asked, spoon clinking against the bowl as he paged through the Sunday Times. Eponine swallowed. Once upon a time, Enjolras perusing the paper over breakfast had been a mundane sight. Now? 

“This granola is awful.” 

Half-a-pound of beef tenderloin. Apples. Fennel.

Three years and death had changed him. There were new lines around his mouth. A jagged scar just above his left brow, partially hidden by his hair. Which, had not changed from the shaggy mess of curls that had haunted her dreams. He was thinner, paler, less-sturdy looking. But the way he slouched in his chair, the angle of the spoon as it dangled from his fingers—that was still the same.

“You’re dead.”

He took another bite of cereal. “Obviously not.”

Eggs. Milk. Bread

“I watched you die. I watched Montparnasse empty an entire clip into your stomach. I watched Grantaire bleed out in the fucking alley behind Musain. I watched you fall out a fucking window. I was there. You died.” 

Half-a-pound of beef tenderloin. Apples. Fennel.

Enjolras paused, lowering the spoon back into the bowl. For a second, Eponine imagined he looked ashamed. “Not…exactly.” 

A bag of potatoes.

It was mildly annoying when he managed to catch the first potato she chucked at his head. The fact that he caught the second, third and fourth without even glancing up was downright infuriating. 

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” She hurled a fifth, sixth and seventh potato, all of which he plucked out of the air with ease. “You can’t call to let me know you’re not dead? Next thing you’ll tell me is that Grantaire is still alive too.”


“Oh you’re fucking kidding me.” 

“I take it you’re angry.” 

“Oh geez, ya think?” She flung another potato at his head, suddenly glad she took Combeferre’s offer to join the office softball league when it hit his forehead with a satisfying thwack. “You waltz in here, after faking your death for three years, eat all my cereal and expect me to what? Be happy?”

“It was dangerous. The Patron Minette knew we had the list. We had to or—”

“Or what? You wouldn’t be able to stop Congress from passing the Superhero Registration Act? Because I got news for you.”

“Eponine,” he sighed, the newspaper crinkling under his fingers. “I never meant for it to last this long. We thought—”

“If you’re gonna feed me some bullshit, at least have the decency to look me in the eye.” 

Eponine swallowed as he closed the paper and lifted his gaze to meet hers. Big mistake. HIs eyes were just as blue and clear as she remembered. For a second, she felt her anger falter as relief washed through her veins. He wasn’t dead. He and Grantaire hadn’t died to save her. Their blood wasn’t on her hands. 

“We thought we were protecting you. We were wrong. I’m sorry.”

Eponine clenched her teeth, her fingers curling around another potato. The old Enjolras would have never apologized. The old Enjolras barged into her apartment in the middle of the night, demanding she risk her job to find out sensitive information. The old Enjolras never explained anything, just expected her to trust him. The old Enjolras had seen it fit to plot out an elaborate ruse that had cost her months of therapy and thousands in prescription drugs. The old Enjolras had pretended to die without so much as a goodbye. 

“Y’know, I always thought it was strange that someone with super speed couldn’t dodge eight bullets. So what, was Montparnasse in on the whole thing too?”


“Why are you here?” 

His brows furrowed. “What are you—”

“For someone so fast, you can be pretty slow.”

“Ep, let me explain.”

“You stayed dead,” Eponine continued, raising her voice, “for three years and the week LaMarque dies you conveniently rejoin the living? Nuh uh. No way. I’m not that naive. Why are you here, Enjolras?” 

Shoulders sagging, Enjolras sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. “ We need to get close to Mayor Madeleine. You cover City Hall.”

Eponine couldn’t control the sharp laugh that fell from her lips. Three years, and he was still a bastard and somehow she was still surprised. “No.” 

Eggs. Milk. Bread


Half-a-pound of beef tenderloin. Apples. Fennel.

“Ep, please. I didn’t want it to be like this.”

“Get out.” 

fic update: Let Your Heart Be Light, Olicity, rated M, chapter 11/15

Let Your Heart Be Light (45991 words) by callistawolf
Chapters: 11/15
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Thea Queen, Roy Harper, Tommy Merlyn, Moira Queen, Walter Steele, Laurel Lance, Sara Lance, Malcolm Merlyn
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Christmas, Romance, Friends to Lovers, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Romantic Fluff, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Eventual Smut
Summary: It’s time for Christmas Dinner with the Queen Family!  What surprises are in store for our beloved characters? 

Author’s Note: Well, here we are guys. I know people have been dreading this and I did draw it out a bit, getting here.  Here is where not just the other shoe drops but ALL the shoes drop.  Please don’t hurt me. ;)  Also, thanks again for the continued outpouring of support over this story.  Words can’t express how happy I am that this story is making some of you feel better about this hiatus (and that finale!).  Feel free to drop me a line here, on tumblr or on twitter.  I’m happy to chat!  

You can read this chapter on Ao3 or FF

Christmas dinner looked amazing.  Oliver wondered if everything had always looked this good, spread across the table, or if he was just noticing it this year because he was riding high on cloud nine.  There was a huge roasted turkey, its skin golden brown and glistening in the candlelight.  Bowls and serving dishes of stuffing, salad, potatoes and roasted vegetables ran the length of the table, with bottles of wine interspersed at regular intervals.  The fine china was set out, the silverware glinting in the atmospheric light.  And the smells!  Suddenly, Oliver was very aware that they hadn’t had much to eat all day and he couldn’t wait to dive right in. 

Felicity took the seat to his right and he immediately reached underneath the tablecloth to squeeze her knee.  She smiled but gave him a quelling look.  The message was clear: hands off till later, buddy.  

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"Imagine cuddling with Samandriel." One Shot

This is a part of the re-upload series; From the early days of this blog. These are not in the current format. All new submissions must be in the current format to be posted. 

You drop your backpack down on the floor as you enter your house, rubbing your aching shoulders which were now free from the heavy weight. It had been the typical school day in the repetitive classes that bored you so much. But who could blame you? After the demons had been sealed away in hell forever, almost all Hunters found themselves lost, unable to return to normal lives.

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Blueberries Chapter 4

Thank you everyone for your patience, I changed this story about 15 times before I finally settled with this version that I really like! I hope you do too! Sorry for any grammar errors. Enjoy!

“We have been looking at this tape for hours” said Jessica as she leaned against her chair throwing rolled up pieces of paper in trashcan.

Yes, it was true, her and Nick have been staring at the screen for hours, Mr. Smith was right, there was no real “proof” of anyone stealing those flowers, but yet they are gone the next morning. Nick zoomed in closer, still nothing. His brain hurt, he needed a break.

“Do you think someone tampered with the camera?” said Nick

Jessica roller her eyes, “I doubt it, what’s so important about those flowers anyways?”

“Um, that there stolen?”

“There just flowers”

Nick sighed, why were the flowers stolen? Were they worth more somewhere else? He would have to do some more digging into the origins of the flowers. But for now he checked his phone for 100th time, still no text from Judy.

Last he heard from her was last night when she told him not to text and drive, but that is the last thing she sent, she must have gone to bed and forgot. Jessica noticed his worried stare into his phone.

“You okay? You have been checking your phone a lot” she gave him a worried glance

“Oh it’s nothing, just waiting for a friend to text back”

“Yeah speaking of friends, thanks for leaving me with Higgins you ass.. you know I don’t like him !” she snapped

“Hey now, I was being generous, I got you ride”

“Yeah because you went off to find that rabbit farm girl!”

Nick froze….how in the hell….

“I’m not an idiot I could smell her in your patrol car and I have eyes Nick I saw the way you were acting around her at that blueberry stand!”

“I have nothing to hide Jessica but what I do with my private life is none of your concern” he said calmly.

“We are partners!”

“Yes, at work, once work is over we are friends Jessica”

“Do you like her!”


Jessica was on the brick of yelling, “Why! She isn’t even the same species as you! Why would you want to be with someone who isn’t even the same species! I’m pretty sure 10,000 years ago you would have ripped her throat out!”

Nick flinched at thought, a deep growl rumbled in his chest. Jessica knew she crossed the line, she crossed her arms staring hopelessly at the computer screen.

Nick sighed, Jessica liked him and he knew that, of course he never did anything to lead her on to thinking that he returned the favor, but I’m sure it still hurts.

“Jessica” he whispered

She looked up at him, her eyes still set ablaze.

“I cannot give you what you seek”

Her eyes lowered, her ears pinned sadly to the back of her head. “I know” she whispered

An awkward silence filled the room until a light knock was at their door.

It was Officer Higgins

“Chief wants to see you”


Jud hissed as she placed a cloth of rubbing alcohol on her side where a large cut laid. Her heart still pounding in her chest.

Last night she barely escaped with her life as the wolf lunged at her. Fast on her feet she dodged him but one of his dual claws caught the side of her shirt and ripped into her skin. She yelped as she fell backwards, falling onto the sacks of potatoes.

The wolf turned back around, he was not going to miss a second time. His eyes glowed like fire in the night, Judy moved backwards until she ran into one of their gardening rakes, she quickly grabbed it in her hands and swiped as hard as she could towards the wolf. The wolf screeched in agony as the rake cut into his eye and disappeared into the night.

Judy’s heart was in her throat, adrenaline still pumping in her veins she grabbed a sack of potatoes and ran back to the house, clutching her side. Throwing them by the front door she ran up to the stairs, straight to her bedroom and locked the door.

What the hell just happened?

“Judy? Dinner is ready!” her mother called for her

Judy peeked her head out of her room, trying desperately to catch her breathe.  “I’m not hungry mom”, she hissed as the cold air was stinging her cut.

“You need to eat sweetie”

“I will eat later!”

Her mother didn’t bother her anymore, Judy legs began to feel light as she crashed onto her bed, darkness closing in around her.

She awoke with sudden realization of last night’s events, she sat up noticing she didn’t attend to her cut. Her shirt still torn and blood stain, she even managed to get blood on her bed. A light knock on the door,

“Judy you awake? It’s time to start the morning chores” said her mother


“Be there in a minute” she rushed to the bathroom, throwing of her shirt and pouring the rubbing alcohol on top of her wound. It burned like hell as she quickly grabbed some gauze from under the bathroom sink and wrapped it tightly around her waist. She disposed of her blood stain shirt, praying to god no one will find it.

She couldn’t tell her parents, no, she wouldn’t tell her parents. Whatever happened last night was a freak of nature and for all she knew this can turn into something bigger. Plus, her parents would send her to the hospital if they found out about her cut, and she hated hospital’s.

Wait a minute, Nick!

She needed to call him and fast, he could help her. She quickly felt around her pockets, they were empty, her phone must have fallen out last night. She put on a black long sleeve tee to hide her wound and a pair of jeans. She ran outside passing by her mother and her siblings without a word. She searched the front yard, nothing. She dashed behind the barn and it was laying there in the mud, screen half cracked barely enough battery life left. There was a message from Nick from this morning.

“Morning, I’m not sure if you fell asleep last night but I didn’t hear from you. Anyways, I will be back in the burrows today for another assignment, I would like to see you again”.

She quickly replied, “Yes, we need to talk”

She looked down to see the wolf’s prints were clearly visible in the mud from their encounter last night, she pulled out her phone and snapped a few pictures.

“Yes, we need to talk”

Nick stared hopelessly at the phone screen, worried out of his mind. What did they need to talk about?

Jessica was driving this time, since Nick was trying to text and drive. They were heading to the home of the Greystones, the wife had reported her husband missing 48 hours ago, and hadn’t return home since.

The Chief assigned them their new assignment this morning while Officer Higgins took over the grocery store theft case. He believed this missing mammal case had more importance for their attention. Nick opened the file on his lap reading over the case, the address to the house was not that far from Judy’s home, he can see her afterwards.

“Do we have a last sighting on him?” said Jessica

“His wife was the last person who had seen him, according to his boss he never made it to work”

“Maybe he left his wife for someone else” Jessica grimaced

“I doubt that, it says here they have been married 25 years”

Jessica muttered something under her breath

Judy tried helplessly as she tried to stack the boxes of radishes into her father’s truck. Her side ached.

Her mother noticed her off balance and came to her side, gripping her shoulders.

“Judy are you alright? You haven’t been yourself”

“I’m okay”

“I think you have been working yourself too hard, remember what the doctors said”

“I know what they said…”

Her father came out of the house with a worried look in his eyes.

“I just got off the phone with Mr. Gibbs, apparently Mr. Greystone has gone missing”

Judy froze

“What?” her mother gasped, “When? How?”

“I guess he never showed up to work two days ago, his wife called the police, I guess they’re at her house now”

Could that be Nick?

“My heavens, poor Mrs. Greystone… are you alright Stu? He was your close friend” Bonnie came to his side, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

“I just hope they find him Bon” he reassured her. “Thanks Judes for loading up the truck for me, I best be off” he gave Bonnie a quick kiss on the cheek, hopped in his truck and drove off.

Judy needed to slip away, the Greystone house was not far away.

“Mom, I think I’m going to lie down” as she began walking through the front door.

“Ok sweetie, let me know if you need anything” her mother started to walk towards her garden that sat next to the side of the house. Once her mother was out of sight, she threw off her sun hat and dashed behind the house. The Greystone’s house was only a couple houses down, she could cut threw and be there in no time, although her cut was slowing her down.

Jessica need to take a breather, there was only so much crying she could take. Mrs. Greystone cried the moment her and Nick arrived. Gushing all over them about her missing husband.

Sheesh, mammals can be such babies.

According to his wife, he never came back from work two days ago and no one has seen him since. They couldn’t even find his car. Nick assured here that they will try everything that they can to find her husband, the old wolf flew forward, staining Nick’s shirt with tears. That was Jessica’s cue to leave before her big mouth got the best of her.

She leaned against the hood of the patrol car with her aviators on taking in the nice breeze. Her ears perked at the sound of tiny feet heading her way, but she did her best to ignore it.

“Excuse me?” a voice as soft as the wind spoke to her

She didn’t need to lift her shades to know who it was, she could smell her already, the smell that stunk up Nick’s car. It was that dumb bunny.

Jessica clamped her teeth together, curling her tail around her feet. She lifted the shades to see the rabbit that ruined her love life. The bunny was breathing franticly like she ran to get here. She clutched her side for some odd reason and her eyes darted all around the yard and back up at her, waiting for her response.

She could see why Nick had an interested in her, she was beautiful for a bunny. Hatred grew at the pit of her stomach as instincts wanted to rip her throat out.

What does Nick see in her

“May I help you?” her voice slipped a little letting venom come out in her words.

“Is Officer Wilde here?” her breathing becoming steady

“He’s busy” she glared at her

The bunny could sense the hostility from the artic fox, she stood tall and crossed her arms glaring back at Jessica.

“I guess I will wait for him here then if you don’t mind” said Judy

“Sorry bunny this is Police business” she smirked, “Don’t you have a carrot to grow or something?”

“Don’t you have someone else to pick on fox?” Judy snapped

Jessica froze lifting her shades, “Watch it Rabbit, you don’t know who your talking too”

Jessica and Judy glared at each other, you could cut the tension with a knife

Nick hugged Mrs. Greystone for the 100th time as he bid her farewell, he reassured her that he would give her any updates on the whereabouts of her husband. He didn’t even make it out the door until the wind blew her scent in his face.

He looked up to see Judy was by his car and to make matters worse Jessica was there too. Typically, he wouldn’t have mind but Jessica’s body language said otherwise, he knew her all too well and she glared at Judy like she was an afternoon meal. Nick walked fast towards them, Judy heard him coming and looked up at him smiling where as Jessica didn’t change her posture.

“Judy” he smiled, firmly placing himself between her and Jessica

“Hey” she smiled back, Nick noticed something off about her

“It’s lunchtime and I’m starving” Jessica cut in, giving one more glare to the bunny.

“Go ahead without me Jess” said Nick

“I’m not picking you up later” she snapped

“I can drive you” Judy whispered

Nick smiled at the idea, “I’ll see you in 30 minutes Jessica”

Jessica grunted as she got into their patrol car and sped off, leaving a dust cloud for Nick and Judy.

“What’s for lunch?” Nick smirked

“I can make you something back at my farm, it’s not that far”

“So your telling me you ran all this way here just to see me? How thoughtful” he winked

“Well I needed to tell you something, but your partner seemed a little tense around me”

“I’m sorry about that”

“Don’t apologize, let’s go”

Judy walked off towards the dirt road, she felt the electric pulse sweep through her body as Nick causally intertwined his hand with hers. Judy’s body turned red hot as Nick’s thumb drew circles around the palm of her hand.

“Does this bother you?” Nick motioned to them holding them hands

“No, I don’t mind at all” she whispered

They walked for about 10 minutes until they reach the Hopps mailbox, Judy froze not really thinking this through. She didn’t want to explain to her parents who Nick was just yet, plus her siblings would be all over him, she needed to talk to Nick privately.

“How does lunch in the barn sound?”

“Lunch anywhere with you is fine with me, but why?”

“I need to talk to you privately and I won’t get the chance if my family is around….”

“Sneaking me around on the first date… how romantic” Nick smirked

“This is not a date!”

Nick couldn’t help but laugh at how red Judy was getting.  Judy took Nick through the corn field on the side of the house, being careful not to be being spotted.

Judy peaked through the brush, she didn’t see anyone on their back patio, she can hide him in the barn easily. Nick started gently rubbing his hand on the small of her back. Judy smacked his hand away.

“Stop that” she glared at him, even though she enjoyed it very much. She grabbed his hand as they made their way to their barn. She opened the door on the side and ushered him through. It was fairly clean for a barn, a tractor sat in the corner are piles of hay was rolled up into squares. Nick planted himself on a hay stack as he stretched.

“Alright Judy what’s for lunch?” he peeked under his shades to see Judy standing in front of him, her hands balled into fists.

“Judy?” he whispered

‘’Mr. Greystone isn’t missing; I saw him last night” she blurted out

Nick got up from the hay stack, holding onto Judy’s shoulders

“What are you talking about?” he looked down at her with a worried glance.

“He..um… he attacked me” she whispered, she rolled up her black shirt, revealing her bandage that had little specks of blood still from her cut.

Nick growled at the sight, “He what!? Attacked you! When!? Why didn’t you call me!” Nick yelled

“It happened to fast, but Nick listen, he wasn’t himself….he was on all fours…growling at me…he wanted to eat me I think”

Nick froze as she let go of her shoulders and pulled out his phone.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m calling Jessica to pick me up and I’m taking you to the hospital”

“No! Nick, I’m fine!” she lurched forward and grabbed his hand

“Your hurt! You need to have that looked at” he snapped

“Nick I’m begging please don’t take me to the hospital” Judy wrapped her arms around his waist, trying to use this technique to calm him down. It eventually worked as his body relaxed, placing his arms around her.

“You could have been killed” Nick whispered, his heart ached at the thought.

Judy nodded slightly

“Do you have a first aid kit? I can take care of that cut for you” Nick smiled down at her

“Yeah I have one in the house”

“Alright once I clean up your cut your coming with me”


“You’re the last person who has seen Mr. Greystone even a victim of Mr. Greystones attack if you will” he paused, “that makes you a key part in this case” his serious face turning into a slight smile.

“What are you saying?” Judy looked up at him confused

“I’m saying, I’m enlisting your services for this case”

Judy made her way back into her house stumbling around the cabinets to find the first aid kit.  Her heart pounding in her chest, did Nick really mean what he said? She put those thoughts aside for now as she fumbled for the white first aid kit box and the bottle of rubbing alcohol, she also spotted a basket of blueberries left over on her family’s kitchen table. She quickly grabbed them and headed back to the barn, of course she ran into some of her siblings along the way but none of them followed her.

Praise the Lord

She opened the barn door as Nick continued to lay on the hay stacks looking through Judy’s pictures she showed him earlier of the wolf prints.

“After I hit him with rake” she continued, “he disappeared into the woods, we just need to find him now”.

 She handed him the first aid kit as he gestured her to sit down. She sat next to him and rolled up her shirt high enough to be able to get to her cut. Nick opened the first aid kit and put on a pair of sterile gloves as he slowly removed the gauze wrapper around her waist. She hissed a little as some of the white parchment was stuck in her cut. Nick took a cotton ball and cleaned the wound with rubbing alcohol as she tried her best not to whimper.

The sensation of Nick’s paws lightly brushing her sides and stomach gave Judy a thrill she had never experienced before. Nick made the finally touches with ointment to keep it from being infected and wrapped it up with a clean new gauze that was a lot softer.

“There we go good as knew” he smirked, his face was fairly close to hers as she looked up at him.

Their noses almost touching and the space between becoming smaller as Judy found herself moving closer towards him, her heart racing. Nick placed a paw lightly on her side, using his thumb to stroke her hips. Their faces drew closer, he moved and she moved, like magnets. The moment was cut short as Nick’s phone buzzed snapping both Judy and Nick out of their trace, realizing they were very close to kissing.

Judy face was red hot as Nick looked at her with a huge smudge on his face and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead.

He checked his phone. It was a text message from Jessica.

“Higgins found something on the grocery store theft, you might want to come and see this”




Things are about to get intense.