potato opus

I saw her in the produce section late last Saturday
It hadn’t been but seven days since she went away
Once she’d love my filet mignon, my carnivore inklings
But now she was a vegan princess, living off beans
She’d given up the cheese and bacon, sworn off Burger King
And when I wouldn’t do the same she gave me back my ring
I stood there by the romaine lettuce, feeling my heart pine
Wishing that this meatless beauty still would be mine
She turned around to go to checkout, fifteen items or less
And I knew this was the last go-round, so this is what I said…

Don’t ever give me no rotten tomato,
‘Cause all I ever wanted was your sweet potato
Mashed, whipped, creamed, smothered, chucked, and diced,
Anyway you fix it baby sure tastes nice

– Potato Song [Part 1] by Truth Squad
    (This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen)