potato knees

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I don’t know whether you were being serious in your tags or not, but Ezra Miller /is/ queer! He’s explicitly come out as such. So he really does know our feelings about shirtless Jason Momoa very well.

Oooohhh I know, I was being 100% serious, haha! 

What he isn’t, though, is subtle, because is2g every time I see him on a press tour with some ‘sexy big celeb’ he’s all Heart Eyes™, and god, don’t even get me started on the way he’d fucking lean into Colin Farell’s touch like there was no tomorrow, ugh <3

where’s my fic based on that interview where Colin wraps a hand around the nape of Ezra’s neck and Ezra looks like he’s visibly melting into the touch like asldghkhsfjhlkk where is my dom!colin sub!ezra fic wHEREEEEE

Just some insults I just came up with.

Piece of ass Nipple butter Pancake twister Jukebox troll foot Horizontal hamburger Double banana Obnoxious marshmallow Unspeakable tomato Sock stealer Octopi licker Exuberant moron Butt chicken Cabbage molestor Ungrateful duck Armpit hair producer Sweaty watermelon knee Potato tweaking cheater Boobie gnawler Vertical tit Unexpected Lego Smelly leg Burned scone Blanket puller Eyebrow shrub Red lobster lover Pansy underwear fashionista Fluorescent pastel Buttery nugget kicker Panty killer Informal goose Insolent brick Lap dancing shoe Immature chopstick Chugging footwear