potato boxes

okay but imagine if sana went with the boys to help them unpack. even orders pizza from the car and before sana can say anything he’s like ‘one pepperoni and one margherita please!’ and he just gives her a soft smile. and then he’s like ‘oh, and four boxes of potato wedges’ and jonas gives him a little salute. at first she’s confused - ‘you don’t like pizza?’ but then he explains to sana he’s observing passover right now and of course starts longingly talking about bread and the boys are like ‘you’re doing so good man!!! halfway through the week you’re getting there!!’ and sana just feels so happy because these boys are so accepting and pure and they celebrate their diversity and she just enjoys being a part of a little multicultural squad 

Fun fact: before knowing Kageyama’s name I called him potato head.

That feeling when you can afford groceries for the first time in three weeks and a parcel of chicken, a box of rice, and a few pounds of produce look like an absolute feast.

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When you’re a bad piggy so mom decides to put you in a box and SHIP YOU AWAY FOREVER.

Just kidding, Hubert isn’t going anywhere, he’s just enjoying his random exploration of an old chip box ❤😊

  • Some fucknut valley girl at the eastern market: I get a craving for mac & cheese like once a year, so I call my friend to come make it for me since I don't know how to make pasta. I never eat pasta. It's just empty carbs. I don't even own a colander.
  • Me, standing next to my sister at the pasta counter, where we came to buy pasta: [mouthing incredulously] doesn't know how to make pasta

I got POTG as widow tonight and someone thought I was aimbotting. Meanwhile my “snap aiming” was just me panicking because I couldn’t see the enemies clearly. :’D Everything is super fuzzy and slow in-game since I’m on vacation using my old laptop, a 2003 dell desktop mouse, a cutting board as a mouse pad, and my phone’s cellular service as my internet connection. It’s a miracle I got overwatch to even work let alone me managing to get a POTG and accused of aimbotting on it. xD;;; 

 I may be on vacation but I need that Mercy skin

Cry Baby Ask 😭🍼
  • 😭Cry Baby: How often do you cry?
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Dollhouse: Did you play with dolls as a child or something else?
  • 🍼Sippy Cup: Favorite childhood drink?
  • 🎠Carousel: Favorite amusement park?
  • 💦Soap: Do you have any crushes?
  • 😡Alphabet Boy: Any boys that have really pissed you off before?
  • 🚲Training Wheels: When did you learn how to properly ride a bike?
  • 🎉Pity Party: When's your birthday?
  • 🙈Tag, You're It: What did you fear as a child?
  • 🍪Milk & Cookies: Favorite sugary snack?
  • 🙍🏻Pacify Her: Any girls that have really pissed you off before?
  • 👗Mrs Potato Head: What's your favorite thing about yourself?
  • 🎀Mad Hatter: What Disney character do you think you are most like?
  • 👅Play Date: Do you have a childhood best friend you're still friends with now?
  • 🐻Teddy Bear: Did you sleep with any stuff animals as a kid?
  • 🍰Cake: Are you a feminist?

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My first introduction to history was through Lewis and Clark since I live on their trail. I've done some research but haven't had the time to get in depth, so could you possibly tell me what each of their personalities were like? Thank you :D

Lewis was a man with serious emotional problems but also a man of great character, great integrity, marvelous insightful leadership. But a man who continually was on the edge of falling off of the abyss of of good sane control. At the age of eight, he was already showing courage and resourcefulness. Freethinker, pinning him as manic depressive, he worried much, was insightful, articulate, good sense of humor, reflective, self-aware, detached, pessimistic, philosophical, moody, purposeful and in his own words “a musty, fusty, rusty old bachelor.”

William Clark was relaxed, playful, practical, not afraid to complain, a terrible speller, direct, responsible, likable, respectful, “even-tempered”.