Highlights of the Penguins 2014-15 Season:
  • Marc Andre Fleury
  • The French Clique
  • The Horny Beauner line combo (not that it worked out, just the name)
  • Mikey and Big Bob bringing the Freakshow Section to games televised on national TV 
  • Duper is alive and okay and working with his doctors to get better.
  • That shoot out where it wasn’t really a goal and we came back to win it again
  • Marc Andre Fleury again
  • Picking on Potash all season long.
  • Aces and Ice pictures of the team
  • Team selfie at Aces and Ice
  • The fact that we scraped by holding on to our butts to get into the playoffs.

Thank you, Penguins for an incredible season.


The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders by John Potash

“Do you object to people who are ‘fardées’ to the extent of being a uniform lavender or blotting-paper colour all over? If so you would not care for my sitter; but she has the most beautiful lines, and if the lavender or chlorate of potash-lozenge colour be pretty in itself I should be more than pleased.”

– John Singer Sargent, letter to childhood friend Vernon Lee

cyber-waste replied to your post: Possibly a stupid question

I was job searching on indeed.co.uk once and found myself up in front of the Medical Research Council *shrug* Maybe try that way or directly email staff with your research interests? Going through the RA route is sneaky good too. Good luck! x

Ahaha, that’s somewhat serendipitous! I have emailed the admissions department of my chosen school with a message like ‘yo I want to research this, do you know where I can get money without selling a kidney or two’ so maybe they’ll be able to assist. I do have a hunch that funding might be somewhat limited as my chosen field isn’t like, y’know, neuroscience or anything useful. We’ll see!

cosmicbrowniebits replied to your post: Possibly a stupid question

ask thatlittleegyptologist! Lottie’s doing her PhD right now.

Firstly, that is a URL that I am following immediately, and secondly, I have sent a tiny message! Hopefully I am not intruding, oh no. 

potashium replied to your post: Possibly a stupid question

it’s worth talking to admissions at the dept youre applying to, in mine they chose a selection of applications to send to erc so you applied to the dept first

Aye, I’ve sent an email to them which essentially says ‘so. Funding. Funding, funding, funding. How ‘bout that funding, hmm?’ Hopefully they’ll get back to me and the veil of confusion can be somewhat lifted.

monkeymu replied to your post: Possibly a stupid question

Masters or PhD? ESRC or AHRC? You might be too late for the main open competitions. They finished last month for the ESRC.

Master’s, and more likely AHRC, although I’m about as good at navigating their website as Odysseus was at navigating, erm, anything. I also feel like they would be more tailored towards lengthy research projects, which obvs an MA ain’t. Thanks! 

~Alkahest, the mysterious universal liquid of the alchemists~
Alkahest was supposed to dissolve all other substances, even gold. It was some sort of an ultimate elixir, therapeutic and all powerful. Paracelsus’ recipe of this element was based on caustic lime, alcohol and carbonate of potash.

Image of Alchimia, the embodiment of Alchemy Woodcut published by Leonhard Thurneysser in 1574. Thurneysser was a student of Paracelsus.

dreamsgonereality asked:


analytical, broad, posing for foreclosure
smoke signals wafting from eardrums, pierced and shattered
pretend your brain mattered,
willow-bent and ache like clay
pipestone, granite, limestone, potash
unzip your chest
and show me your heart
and i’ll
put oil
on your cogs
and wires.

Glory be. ☀️🌾🌱🌸🌴🌳🌰. Got almost everything planted this weekend except for a small section and also brought out the seedlings I started inside. Made my own special fertilizer and potash from the campfires last year. All heirloom seeds…. Everything from burdock, naranjilla, kiwano melons to black Hopi sunflowers. (The entire sunflower is edible 🌼🌼) #growyourownfood #nogmo #vegansofig #permacultore #fruitbat #ilovespring

New addition to Chiastolites Fusion groupies. Small rock fusion (very very small as in maybe like…3′5″)

I gotta color it yet but it’s a fusions with Mystic’s Potash.

75 holes drilled before I had pity on a mama killdeer.  I finish drilling and planting tomorrow.  I’m adding one pound of 3-4-7 fertilizer per tree to make up for potash and phosphorous, and all the trees get dipped in a mycorrhizal root dip to help them get started.

Icelandic sands

Another glaze which I am relatively new to - I am yet to glaze any pieces with it but it was one of the glazes that I used in a tri-axial glaze test that I did recently. You can find a picture of it in one of my previous blogs here. It is a matt white glaze with subtle flecks in it. The recipe is as follows:

Icelandic sands (oxidised stoneware):

  • Potash Feldspar - 51 parts
  • Dolomite - 21 parts
  • China Clay - 25 parts
  • Whiting - 3 parts
  • Silicon Carbide - 2 parts

Be sure to test this glaze before you use it to glaze your favourite pot!

Burma, like a cherry pie with the top ripped off to expose the tasty mineral wealth inside.

Or to quote the USGS:


: Bauxite aluminum, iron ore, copper, tin, silver, uranium, nickel, tungsten, mineral sands, lead, zinc, diamonds, magnesite

Bangladesh: Titanium
Bhutan: Gypsum, calcium carbide
Burma: Tin, antimony, zinc, copper, tungsten, lead, some marble, limestone, gemstones
Cambodia: Gemstones, iron ore, manganese, phosphate
East Timor: Gold, manganese, marble
Fiji: Gold, copper
India: Iron ore, manganese, mica, bauxite, titanium ore, chromite, diamonds, limestone-dolomite-marble, barite, cement, garnet, graphite, rare earth elements, salt, talc, wollastonite
Indonesia: Tin, nickel, bauxite aluminum, copper, gold, silver
Laos: Gypsum, tin, gold, gemstones, potash
Malaysia: Tin, timber, copper, iron ore, bauxite, rare earth elements
Marshall Islands: Deep seabed minerals
Nauru: Phosphate
Nepal: Quartz, copper, cobalt, iron ore
New Caledonia: Nickel, chrome, iron, cobalt, manganese, silver, gold, lead, copper
New Zealand: Iron ore, sand, gold, limestone
Papua New Guinea: Gold, copper, silver, nickel
Philippines: Nickel, cobalt, silver, gold, salt, copper
Pitcairn Islands: Offshore manganese, iron, copper, gold, silver, zinc
Solomon Islands: Gold, bauxite aluminum, phosphates, lead, zinc, nickel
Sri Lanka: Gemstones
Thailand: Tin, tungsten, tantalum, lead, gypsum, lignite, fluorite, cement, dolomite, feldspar, salt, kaolin, ball clay
Vietnam: Phosphate, manganese, bauxite aluminum, chromate, kaolin, silica sand, rare earth elements

Mapping out the Mandalapunk industrial revolution hotspots: