We have great people to work with, they make it really easy on me. Basically they’re setting me a little low tap in backdoor like Sid used to do, so I just put my stick on the ice and tap it in.

Pascal Dupuis on adjusting to transfer from a hockey player to a TV hockey analyst.

(Potash: It can’t always be that easy!

Duper: Well, I don’t know, you’re doing it!)

highlights of the pens elf video

  • posted on my birthday, clearly an intentional present for me personally
  • olli maatta as the opening shot of the baby
  • 5′8′’ tall conor sheary the elf. with his TEENY VOICE.
  • fucking of COURSE matt cullen is the dad
    • bonus: cully being a legitimately good actor? possible post-retirement career in the works? who knows
  • flower appearing twice, saying nothing either time, putting things that are not food in his mouth
  • phil kessel’s dead fucking eyes
  • ft. DAN POTASH as the romantic interest
  • bryan rust’s entire fucking existence tbh
  • “buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color?” -kris letang, canada’s favorite fighting frenchman
  • where is mike sullivan? who did he bribe to get out of this?
  • i know i said it already, but to reiterate, phil kessel:

What do you need to make a man?

Iron enough to make a nail,
Lime enough to paint a wall,
Water enough to drown a dog,
Sulfur enough to stop the fleas,
Poison enough to kill a cow,
Potash enough to wash a shirt,
Gold enough to buy a bean,
Silver enough to coat a pin,
Lead enough to ballast a bird,
Phosphor enough to light the town,

Strength enough to build a home,
Time enough to hold a child,
Love enough to break a heart.

Words from Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett and image from the 2016 Discworld Diary “A Practical Manual for the Modern Witch”