Matatapos ko ba ‘tong pinapanuod ko kung distracted na naman lola nyo? Syangaps tangina kanina pauwi. Habang nakatingin lang ako sa kawalan yung isip ko naman lumilipad. Earth to Sai. Pero… idk. Ang dami kong tanong. Tangina wag na wag mong guguluhin nananahimik kong puso ha. Charat. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ang oa naman. Pero pota yun nga, wag na wag nang umeksena kung gaguhan lang pala gusto. Sus don’t me. Sampal ko sayo figurine namin eh.


Cuando crees que tu padre está haciendo twerking pero en realidad va a potar como un gato.



Ver con sonido, mitiga y tal

first session with a new party:
- our dragonborn ranger broke a hole in the wall after a joking suggestion from the half-orc cleric and found a secret entrance
- i nailed all but one STR check (which i crit-failed) and i have a -1 in STR
- i yelled “SACRED FLAME, MOTHERFUCKER” at the cleric for not using it on undead
- may have face planted when i decided to be cool and do a running jab at a broomstick and missed/crit-failed the roll
- the ranger couldn’t get hit even when the DM got frustrated and tried to make it easier to hit her (she also has the lowest AC of us all)
- the gnome died and i, the -1 STR half-elf rogue, picked them up and booked it
- i like doing running jabs at monsters
- bagpipes tiefling sorcerer almost got eaten by a door
- the tiny halfling found us a shortcut we otherwise should not have been able to access
- IMMEDIATELY as we enter the scary room with the bloodstained dias, the gnome paladin and cleric summoned the boss
- the boss of the dungeon was homebrew and non-canon and it was based off of someone who pisses me off regularly (with a CR of 26)
- half our party died to him
- on my turn, i declared that i was using a combination of my action, my bonus action, and my cunning action to dash 90 ft to the top of the stairs
- i ran 90 feet in 6 seconds because fucking goddammit i hate you

already having a good time

pota-totoo  asked:

Hello i just wanted to drop by and say ur art is amazing thank u so much i feel blessed seeing it 🙏🏽👌🏽

*whispers* I really love your arts so now I’m fangirling ngl (。• ᗜ •)◞💕

You the reason why I now low key ship widowtracer

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Alex is known to knit and Frisk knows to sew! (both taught by Toriel-?) Since Frisk may soon outgrow their sweater, they have a hand-knitted red and blue striped scarf from Alex to wear everywhere!! And Alex keeps a thick embroidered bandana around their neck that Frisk gave them one Christmas!


Lemme all tell you a story of me being petty

Right so I was at the grocery buying dog food and it was supposed to take not more than 5 minutes. I pick up my brand, toss in some pads, and make my way to the cashier to pay up. I see one with no line, just an older lady with a bunch of her items already being punched in. So I push my cart and load up a total of 6 items on the conveyor belt.

As i patiently wait for the lady to finish paying up, there’s this man with a bottle of water in his hand, discreetly trying to squueze his way into the queue. He’s a bit undecided it seems. Is he going to cheat me? Is he going to cheat the other line? He’s gauging, calculating - which line should he squeeze into?

I finally speak up and note his presence, and ask him in the most neutral and casual tone, “Where are you lining up?”

His smile is that of a man caught red-handed in a crime as he says, “I was trying to get ahead.” He raises the single bottle as if it perfectly explains his behavior. He believes he shouldn’t take long - it’s just one item after all - and thus should be allowed to not wait in line properly like everyone else.

Now, I hate queuing. I manuever whatever shopping I have to do so that I can suffer through the least amount of queuing time. And if I have to suffer in line, i make it a point to read or listen to music to pass the time.

What I hate more than queuing though, is someone trying to squeeze and insert their existence in my fucking line.

But I play it cool. Fine, I tell myself. I allow him to get ahead of me because it wouldn’t really hurt.

He looks pleased with himself. He gets in line properly. And I lock him in his place by pushing my cart behind him.


I knew the lady in front of us was going to pay by card. I knew that the cashier was being inattentive and had made a mistake punching in the items. I knew the manager was going to be called to sort it out. And I knew by the way the lady had placed her items on the conveyor belt that she was going to pay for her items in seperate receipts.

And I had taken note of all of this as the man had been discreetly trying to get ahead of me in the queue, raising the bottled water in his hand.

Petty, i know. But I enjoyed watching him as the queue that was supposed to take only seconds turn into a good fifteen minute wait. He couldn’t get anywhere because he was stuck. He was getting impatient, tried to get ahead of the lady who looked at him like he was mad, tried to ease the pain of the wait by checking his phone several times. And when it was finally his turn to pay, he couldn’t get out of the there fast enough he even forgot to take his receipt.

Well screw you, Manong. If y ou had just queued in the 12 items only instead of trying to cheat everyone with big carts in their lines you would’ve been over and done with but no, you had to fuxking choose to just get ahead of someone else. Wait in the damn line. It’s not that hard and you’re not exactly in any hurry. If you were, you wouldve gone to the convenience store just across the street instead of a grocery, or you could have queued properly like a decent human being. In the 12 items only lane.