potara earings

todd howard couldnt attend the bethesda conference because him and dennis from its always sunny put on the potara earrings and now they cant be separated. here we see tennis about to kill the man who showed him on camera

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So, not necessarily related to Glitchtale, but. What do you think the soul would look like if a Determination and Bravery fused? Like full on Potara earring fused, what would their soul look like?

I dont think new traits can be created. Plus humans can’t absorb human souls lol.

inspired on that previewof dragon ball super  so i made another fusion pic Giegue and Asriel using potara earring in fusion this time show more giegue body than asriel but is got hair <w< and is strong very strong so be ceraful dont mess wiht him owo

Giegue: wait how do we undo the fusion now?
Asriel: umm right
daniel: . . you guys cant … is permanent
Asriel&Giegue: WHAT?!

Dragon Ball/Z : Son Goku [ISFP]

Note: this is the Goku from the Dragon Ball manga, the “canon/non-filler” original Japanese episodes and the latest Toriyama-penned movie Battle Of Gods. I state this because he came out as a VERY different character in the Funimation dub of the anime and some of the fillers as well as movies to me. Not that different type wise, but still, it’s different if it’s not Toriyama’s nor Japanese. 

Introverted Feeling (Fi) : “A calm heart awaken in fury”

Goku’s a bold individualist who has strong personal values. He priorizes them over logic and social norms, and would fight for his beliefs at all cost, while frowning at any opposing force. He spoke up to the universe’s most evil men “Why do you have to kill someone who can’t fight back? That’s wrong” and “I can not be evil like you, i’m not your Saiyan brother.” His feelings are entirely independent, which enables him to understand like-hearted people and keep his cool even in the most turbulent of situations; at the same time, he can appear self-absorbed - he does whatever he want without looking outward to consider what people think or feel. He can spent years training alone or with just one other person.  He tends to hold back his thoughts and feelings for the sake of maintaining peace.  Though insensitive to certain things and has trouble understanding anything outside his point of view, sometimes Goku takes OTHER little things to heart and can be really hard on himself for matters that are not technically not his responsibility but everyone’s. Overall he takes a warm, gentle “live and let live” approach to life yet forms deep bonds with only a few people being his friends (no one touches Krillin) and family. He only ever cried once in the whole series.

Extroverted Sensing (Se) :“I don’t know why, but i’m getting really excited. It’s more fun if he’s really that strong!

Goku is a genius martial arts fighter, the best in the series.  He’s adventurous and loves fighting strong opponents just for the sport of it to test his ability to its limits. He has his appetite and love for the “apple of life”, as well as keen senses which gave him strong opinions about food he hated and later are honed for a fighter. He is incredibly quick witted :  steals Kame-sennin’s glasses without the man realizing, teleports to Kamehameha Perfect Cell. He usually learns new techniques in no time. His use of Se allows him to seize immediate opportunities for action so well that he became sly and manipulative: tricks Vegeta into wearing the Potara earings, tells Kaio that he’d go ask Kaioshin while using instant transmission.  He’s very reckless, impulsive and competitive if presented with an exciting fight, but also loves to sit back and chill in the background. When faced with danger, Goku operates in a very in-the-moment way – he takes matter as they come and remains optimistic.

Introverted Intuition (Ni) :  “I have a bad feeling about this. I have to do something. There’s something unusual about that guy. She should give up.”

The fact that Goku is socially introverted aside, his extensive use of Ni is the reason why he’s not ExFP. He has a vision for the near future, as well as gut feelings about what has not yet happened, then found out he was right every time. Like when Videl fought the Majin guy, or when informed that Vegeta was expected to defend Earth on Beerus’ visit. Earlier he irrationally gave Cell a senzu, but yelled at Gohan to finish Cell off quickly – at that moment he just knew Cell was going to do something unstoppable. In Frieza arc he knew Vegeta was not going to kill them right away and just seemed to always know what Vegeta (and his other rivals) thinks - and not because “He’s a Saiyan!” like the way Vegeta – a Si user - knew him. Still water runs deep, this knowing side of Goku can really amaze. From his mischievous remark about “The old man is useful despite his appearance, unlike SOMEONE” to Young Kaioshin, to the way he told people “The job to kill bad guys is no longer mine. I want people of the Earth to have something to do, deciding their own fate” just to see Vegeta restate and bring to action the EXACT SAME THING later. He usually either meditates in silence or just stops training and rests to calm his mind in preparation for the battles.

Extraverted Thinking (Te) : “I thought I told you to stay still! This is no time to waste crying!”

From the beginning, Goku was always a free-spirit who hated being boxed in and controlled by anything other than his impulses. However, he can use his thinking efficiently when the situation calls for. He can be really straight-up with his words and focused and aggressive in his carrying out plans for action: he yelled at the kids harshly, beat Frieza to the point of begging for mercy, planned the fight for Gohan, offered Videl’s and Bulma’s assets (In the Piccolo Saga) he knew that Kami would die too if Piccolo died, and (in Buu Saga) told Piccolo that he would need him for training the kids. He doesn’t care about logic or leading others, but showed intelligent leadership quality in times of chaos, because he can see the big picture well without letting his feelings getting in the way.

Note :this is the Goku from the Dragon Ball manga, the “canon/non-filler” original Japanese episodes and the latest Toriyama-penned movie Battle Of Gods. I state this because he came out as a VERY different character in the Funimation dub of the anime and some of the fillers as well as movies to me. Not that different type wise, but still, it’s different if it’s not Toriyama’s nor Japanese. 

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Gogeta (left) Vegito (right) Both are a combination of Vegeta and Goku through fusion. Gogeta is formed through the use of the fusion dance and is featured in the DBZ film Fusion Reborn. Vegito is the result of the fusion between Goku and Vegeta by the use of the Potara Earrings. This is featured in the Fusion Saga in the DBZ series.

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*throws potara earrings at Skaia and Tamika* put them on each ear. Trust me, Sloth'll love it.

Tamika stares down at the earrings distrustfully, while Skaia puts them on immediately.
“They’re pretty!”
“But what do they do? Never trust one of these Grey Messengers.”
“Aw, come on, put ‘em on!”
“Alright, alright, fine.”

“Uh…what the hell?”
Tamikaia looked down at herself. She was a strong woman, standing 5′4″ tall, flowing brown hair draped over her back, her pale features flecked with freckles, lavender coloured eyes set into a porcelain face with slender features. Her bust and hips swelled in an almost perfect hourglass figure.