potable water treatment

'...In Heaven as on Earth....'

On earth, we drink usually much less pure HOH, with luck treated by competent potable water treatment plants and personnel. Our water here is sourced from distillation and condensation from clouds of distillate, which then flows with the fishes, and the run off waste from nearby animals, both urine and feces, and whatever pathology and non pathogenic microbes manage to be floating along with the flavoring chemicals, and are not filtered out by earth, sun, or man’s treatments, and we generally drink, in usually non pathogenic concentrations, various organic (including microbes) and inorganic pollutants, so in heaven (aka ISS), it is entirely possible that the recycled-created potable water onboard, as a scientific mission requirement of “must not cause any ingestible problems to a crew”, is likely to be more pristine than even trapped rainwater, down here!  This is scientific fact.  Even ‘clean’ trapped-collected rainwater washes out airborne chemical, organic, and particulate pollutants, including occasional pathogenic ones, in varying concentrations! 

Hence, Donald might restate his comment, sometime, when he thinks of it. And I support his work, by the way!

It does sound funny, ‘cause it’s a short closed loop system on ISS, compared with that of the giant ‘mixer’ of earth.

I’m not sure I’m doing this right, this was sent as a submission, so I’m doing this the only way I know how–the hard way..lol.  I hope the submitter sees it. I’m going to look into it further to make sure I thank him for submitting, but anyway, here goes for now:

I totally agree with what the submitter laid out.  I can only imagine what my tap water has gone through to get to my faucets and realize how blessed we are in this country to be able to just summon basically clean and safe water at the turn of a knob.  

  • Side Note: There are not too many times that I turn on a faucet and don’t think about those in third world countries that have to walk miles for just a container of water  that I would grimace if I had to walk through

My delight in seeing the remark by Trump, “better you than me” is that it is exactly something that us regular people would say-well maybe just me….  He says what we are all thinking and I loved it.

Guy, GUYS!!!

Actual, honest-to-goodness potable water from the water treatment plant is arriving home and filling our underground water tank!

It’s been MONTHS since this last happened, over a year I believe, and if it last long enough, I finally won’t have to buy a water tanker to fill it up for at least two weeks!

Someday though, someday it will arrive constantly and with good pressure, so we don’t have to use that moody and dirty water pump system anymore.