• Shiro and Keith are neighbors in an apartment complex
  • Keith sometimes sees his cute neighbor out on his balcony watering his potted plants
  • Keith’s cat sometimes crosses over to Shiro’s balcony and meows until Shiro lets it in
  • Keith has to keep going over to ask for his cat back
  • Shiro doesn’t mind because the cat is cute and Keith is cute
  • Eventually the cat stops showing up so Shiro goes over to ask if something is wrong
  • Turns out Keith fosters cats until they get adopted and that one just got adopted
  • He’s talking about his new cats and Shiro is zoning out a bit and staring at him
  • Shiro: “You’re cute”
    Keith: “What”
    Shiro: “UhhHHh… They’re cute. Your cats, I mean.”
    Keith: “Oh, I thought you said – um, never mind. Yeah they’re really cute”
  • The shelter Keith fosters from gets a sudden influx of cats so Keith takes a lot of them home to make space at the shelter
  • Keith is overwhelmed with cats, Shiro comes over to help out
  • Keith gives Shiro a key to his apartment so he can stop by and refill cat food and give them any medications they need
  • Pidge: “You gave him a key to your apartment? This is a pretty serious relationship”
    Keith: “What, no, we’re not even dating”
    Pidge: (raises eyebrows)
  • Shiro comes in one day and Keith is asleep on the couch, worn out from work, covered in sleepy kitties
  • Shiro feels that gut feeling and realizes he doesn’t just think Keith is cute – he’s in love with him

i want such simple things. my cat. a potted cactus. mason jars. fairy lights. a multi million dollar penthouse suite that overlooks central park. two billion dollars, cash. a muscle bound man who remains silent at all times and carries me from room to room when i am too tired to walk. a mimosa, which i drink from the right shoe of a new pair of louboutins

The first 4 series of Warriors main characters, with the first series on the bottom, all the way to Omen of the Stars on the top.  I would have loved to have even more characters, but I think 20 is enough for one print.  >.>

Omen of the Stars- Ivypool, Dovewing
Power of Three- Rock, Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Leafpool
New Prophecy- Stormfur, Tawnypelt, Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, Crowfeather, Feathertail
Original- Bluestar, Tigerstar
Cinderpelt, Graystripe, Firestar, Ravenpaw, Sandstorm

I think my cat is literally trying to kill me.

Last October I was broke as hell and down to like a bag of rice and some ramen packets. Suddenly, he got curious about the contents of the rice bag and tore it open while I was in class, sending rice everywhere.

Now I’m out of money again but a bit better off (I have a lot more food in reserve this time) while I wait for my financial aid refund. The thing is, I’m about out of soda. So I decided to pour my last cup this morning for the caffeine while I made breakfast. Well, while I was stirring the pot, the cat decided now was the time to get curious again and when I turned around, he was on the counter, dipping his nasty paws into my drink.

It’s like he knows the precisely correct thing to do to inflict maximum damage when the chips are down. Maybe I should let him play outside with the cars and coyotes.