💐Flower Faeries💐

This is based on what I know, my experiences, and what I've read. Feel free to add more information or correct some! 

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Habitat: Anywhere that flowers grow, especially meadows, parks, and gardens. They Enjoy sleeping inside flowers. They’re known to take cover in barrows (underground tunnels) on particularly damp and dreary days. They may take up residence in homes and other indoor locations where cut flowers are kept.

Life Cycle: Born in a chrysalis-like sac, usually deposited in the center of a living flower before sundown. As night falls, the petals close, guarding the baby.By morning, the infant has emerged and its wings have dried and matured. The child is ready to fly. 

Natural Element: Air

Magic: Sprinkle dew to ensure that all flowers get an equal helping. Prolong the life of flowers, delaying the wilting and browning. Change color of their wings at will to blend with their surroundings. 

Disposition: Joyful, free-spirited, caring. They are among the happiest of faeries. Lovers of music and dance.

Favorite songs and dances: They enjoy mimicking the movement of flowers in flower dance. 

Signs of their presence: Flowers wet with dew. A single flower in bloom, lying on the ground. You’ll know a flower faerie left it there when, even out of the water, it stays fresh for more than a day.

Faery rings: Circles of mushrooms growing in fields. These are the places where the faeries dance.

Clues that a flower faery is tending your cut flowers: Your cat stares attentively at a pot of flowers (Cats are very sensitive to faeries)

🌸Some Types of Flower Faeries🌸

Garden Weavers: These faeries sprinkle seeds and water plants, weaving colorful gardens in unlikely places. 

Nectar Sharers: They help maintain good relationships between bees and faeries. They make sure there’s enough nectar for bees. They are known for taking sips from humming bird feeders. 

Meadow Flyers: Often mistaken for butterflies, they dwell in meadows.

Dew Bearers: Dew Bearers sprinkle dew to ensure that all flowers get an equal sharing. 

Barrow Builders: They make sure that the barrows are kept clean and full of flowers for the faeries to go there when the weather is unpleasant. 

haircuts - tom holland

word count: 1474
prompt: semi relevant, tom gets a new haircut and is super anxious to get your opinion of it so he keeps finding increadingly extra ways to hide it from you?xo via: @peterparkerrtrash
notes: the time frame is off but ya’ll get where this came from, ok!!! and to the requester, I hope this was okay :)

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you were just as surprised as everybody else when tom tweeted, very ambiguously, bye bye hair.

it didn’t help that it was nearly nine o'clock for you, which meant for tom it was a solid two am. did that boy every actually sleep?

the second his tweet notification popped up your thumbs quickly tapped over to his contact and pressed the little circle for facetime. it took longer than usual, but soon enough you saw your smiling boyfriend and- were those boxers on his head?

“tom, what are you wear-” you started, only to have him cut you off midway.

“hello, darling!” he calls, and you can read the nervousness oozing off him even through the phone.

your brow raises slightly as you prop your phone up in front of you. “why are you hiding the new do, holland?” you ask in loo of a proper response, folding your arms over your chest.

tom, bless his heart, smiles lopsidedly and momentarily makes you lose your train of thought. being his girlfriend for a year and a half put no damper on the way he effected you. “what do you mean, love?”

“i hate you,” you mumbled, growing too tired to argue. it was hardly pushing on nine thirty but you felt exhausted. “i love you, goodnight.” you suddenly add and tom laughs softly on the other end of the phone.

“that’s contradictory-” before he can finish you hang up the phone and drop it onto your night stand, curling up on your side of the large bed.
tom texts you a very nice i love you daring to wake up to.

fast forward two days and tom is finally coming back home for a few days, hopefully a week.

you’re currently, with a fast vigor, rushing around your apartment to gather up all the take away boxes and bowls. tom didn’t like leaving you alone because you literally never took the time to cook for yourself. you lived off take away and cup noodles.

when the familiar sound of the lock clicking tipped off your senses, you threw the rest of the boxes and bowls into an empty cabinet and casually leaned against the counter, crossing your legs.

after a few seconds, and some rustling, tom appeared around the corner with a beanie and a hood covering his head. his face lights up when he spots you and he shuffles over to wrap his arms around your middle, peppering your face with quick little kisses. “hello, darling.”

you jokingly roll your eyes, a grin quirking up the corners of your lips as you move your head quickly to catch his lips. there’s a long moment of soft kissing before tom pulls away and you frown briefly. “let me see the hair.” it’s this moment you let your brows lift, humming. “shaved the stache?”

tom nervously nods and keeps his arms around you, smiling. “is it okay?” he asks.

“please,” you snort, pulling away to grab your bottle of water, taking a long slip. “you could shave your head and grow a full beard and it’d be fine. you don’t need my approval.” you softly laugh and tom seems to perk up a little at your words.

you then notice that one of the takeaway boxes hadn’t quite made it into the cabinet and the was sitting smushed between the bottom and the floor, and tom followed your gaze only to mockingly gasp. “y/n! you’ve been eating chinese?”

your face flushed as you snatch the box and go to open the cabinet to shove it in, only for the rest of the take away and the few bowls to fall at your feet. “i, uh-” you pause, scrambling to gather them up but you drop the large pile. “i have no idea how these got here.”

tom laughs but bends down to reach your height. “im gonna shower,” he presses a quick kiss to your temple before trotting off towards the steps.

“hey, let me see your hair!”

“join me in the shower?”

you look between the cabinet and the stairs a few times before sighing. “no, have fun.”

it’s the next morning when you wake up in your and tom’s bed alone.
your brain momentarily wonders if the previous night had been a dream, but when you notice tom’s suit case and backpack on the floor you grin and stretch out your tired limbs. “toooooooom,” you call out softly towards the bathroom, only to no avail. silence.

you breath out deeply and shift around in tom’s shirt, climbing out of bed to throw on a pair of sleep shorts. padding over to the steps, you lazily rub your eyes and walk to the first floor, hearing a loud commotion from the kitchen.
worried, you grab an umbrella from the front door and hold it in a baseball bat manner, moving quickly over to the kitchen, ready to strike.

then you see tom standing with a pot covering his head.

“tom,” you breathe out sharply. “what are you doing?” you drop the umbrella and walk closer to him, but he takes a step back.

“hey, woah!” he holds out his arms, pressing into the back wall of the kitchen with the pot still covering his head. “i don’t have my beanie on, shoo.” he snickers and you wrinkle your brow.

“i can’t see your hair either?”


“tom, i’m your-”

“we’re dating, love, yeah, but nooooooo.”

“do you not like it?”

“i like it a lot!”

“lemme seeeeee!”

you didn’t get to see it.

tom had snuck past you and into the living room to retrieve his beanie before you could catch a glimpse at his haircut.

maybe he was bald?

it’s later that night around midnight when you’re stumbling towards the bathroom to use the toilet when you open the door and hear a loud shriek.
tom could be very loud when startled.

you lift your tired gaze only to see tom with a wig poorly thrown over his head and the empty maniquin head rolling across the floor.

“tom, is that-”

“your halloween wig? why yes, my love, it is.”

you look between the mannequin head and your boyfriend’s flushed cheeks, shaking your head. “im using the downstairs bathroom.

the next morning he nearly broke his nose diving behind the counter when you unexpectedly came down the steps.



and things went on like that for about four more days.

the list of things tom had used to cover his hair escalated from a beanie and a pot to your cat sam and tin foil.

“why is sam on your head?”


but last night tom had posted some teasing on his instagram story when he was out with haz and he’d informed you via text that today was the day he’d show you, and his 3.9 million followers, his hair.

that text was four hours ago and, in the middle of chopping potatoes, your phone lit up with a notification from tom’s instagram. without thinking you drop the knife and grab the phone, successfully flinging the phone into your face and against your lips.

with a whine you scramble to grab the phone, pressing your fingers to your lips as your other thumb navigated through your phone.

you’d successfully given yourself a fat lip. wonderful!

you opened up instagram and swore that if tom posted another throwback picture you’d break up with him, you really would. but when you clicked to his page you saw the new post and eagerly clicked it to see the change and your heart rabbited in your chest.

fuck, you thought, he looked so damn good.

“oh my god” you vocalize, scrolling quickly to find tom’s contact.

to: luvr

it took only a few seconds to get a reply.

from: luvr
u think so?

to: luvr
how many times have i told you to stop using that emoji

from: luvr
seven 😂

to: luvr

from: luvr
none of that was spelled correctly
but soon
on my way

after an hour or so tom had come home and you’d absolutely attacked him with kisses and love, running your fingers through his shortened hair any chance you got.

“why did you hide this for days, you look so good.” you mumble into his hair as the two of you lay o the couch, his head nuzzled up under your chin.

“mm, i liked the way it looked. i just like teasing you.”

“you ass,”

“your ass”

“i hate you,”

“hey! where are you going?”

“away from this nonsense.”

and if tom was annoyed by the way you held his head to your chest and played with his hair for two hours before falling asleep, he certainly didn’t vocalize it.