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Trying to throw a large platter? Check out this vid:
From @hhopepottery - Paddling avoids problems with wide open forms, as well as helping save energy when centering.. 🏓#potteryvideos #studiopotter #potterystudio #potterywheel #wheelthrown #ceramicsstudio
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If You Don’t Think That Hogwarts Kids Smuggled In Some Kind Of Strong Ass Wizard Weed Then You Are Fucking Wrong

Like come on, you know there was one brave as fuck kid from Hufflepuff who grew that shit in his backyard and brought it back to school with him for a personal stash. Then planted it in the forbbiden forest or (stupidly) in the greenhouse, but he got caught cause some Slytherins found it and now he’s secretly rich af being the school pot dealer. 

Sincerly, My Tired Mind

Imagine Peter offhandedly mentioning one night how his mum taught him to bake, and during the summer months that they’d make all kind of treats, selling them at the local shops.

James’ eyes go a bit soft as he shares how he learned from his Amma to make adhirasam from scratch, and that none of the others have lived until they tried it.

Which prompts Sirius into sharing with how one of the house elves at Grimmauld taught him to make ginger newts and chocoballs. Remus only snorts saying that if he can make anything edible he’ll eat one of James’ quidditch boots.

Somehow their discussion turns into an all out bake-off. Flour, eggs, sugar, and spices are pilfered from the kitchens as each concocts their very best.

Sirius ends up making some lopsided cake… thing. It’s the love child of ginger newts and chocoballs, exceptionally delicious, but ugly as sin.

Peter creates a beautiful three tiered masterpiece, but when they taste it there is hardly any flavor to it other than sugar and flour.

Remus makes some pot brownies, refusing to disclose where he acquired such high grade weed. The other three say he cheated because the brownies are “enhanced.”

They all end up agreeing that James’ is by far the prettiest and most delicious. And then Sirius and Remus start arguing, because “my lumpy cake was edible, James grab your boots.” and “Edible, yes, but we were seeing who was the best and your lumpy cake lost.”

I think I’m gonna go back through cats cradle and change the cat that was Draco to Khemia. That way I’m not giving off too much of the “Julian = draco” vibe cause I hate that soo much. I’ll leave his other cat, Potter, though