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chocofreak27-deactivated2016071  asked:

Eyyyyy Yo! Was good?! I just wanted to know who your otp was in Snk? And if you would like to draw your top 3 fav parings? I'm like.. FO REAL curious. XD -Choco

Yo chocofreak27 I am good!!1

Sashaxpotato 5ever for SnK

Ehhh 3 top OTPs?? That’s hard….My ship-list is hella long…. orz

I guess I’ll go with these babes:

Platinum Pair from Prince of Tennis (NiouxYagyuu), Korrasami from Legend of Korra, Narumitsu from Ace Attorney (EdgeworthxPhoenix)

I have A LOT of other ones but yea…. sorry for the crappy little scribbles xD;;;;