pot of fire and pot of thunder

Silly Soul Eater Thoughts: Jurassic Spark

Imagine Harvar pulling a Jurassic Park on his teammates:

They come upon an electric fence marked DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE

and Harvar’s like “I’m a lightning weapon - even if it’s on, it can’t hurt me”, and he steps up to the fence, and fearlessly closes his hand around the wire, and instantly, he screams, causing Ox, Kim, and Jackie to all start screaming, and Kilik looks on in horror, holding the twins, but then they realize that Harvar’s scream is devolving into LAUGHTER.

Kim and Jackie start pelting him with anything and everything in reach, throwing even their own shoes at him, and he just staggers, gripping his gut, just DYING of laughter, and doing his best to dodge.

“You should have seen your faces! The fence isn’t even ON!”

“Oh my god, Harvar, you are SUCH a colossal DICK!” Kim screeches

“Hey, you were the ones complaining I had no sense of humor!”

Kilik snickers and shakes his head, trying to help Ox recover from his near heart attack while Thunder performs a dramatic encore reenactment of Harvar’s prank for Fire and Kilik’s amusement, and Jackie and Kim continue to chase a laughing Harvar and pelt him with anything in reach.

fucking dorks every single one of them


A list of my favorite black characters in Anime, it doesn’t matter how long they lasted in the story or how “cool” their actions in the story were. All of these characters made a lasting impact on me based off of how original and well written they were. 

Abengane-Hunter X Hunter

Canary-Hunter X Hunter (Favorite)

Afro-Afro Samurai

Kaname- Bleach

Dutch-Black Lagoon

Darui- Naruto

Garterbelt- Panty & Stocking

Kirikou (Glasses), Pot of Fire(orange cap), Pot of Thunder(yellow cap) -Soul Eater

Yoruichi- Bleach

Loupe- Hunter X Hunter

Confession: “I’m honestly not sure what people mean when they say the soul eater manga wasn’t that good. death the kid and black star were much less annoying and maka seemed so much less whine-y. the relationships between the characters were more in depth and i loved how they included characters like kilik, kim, and pot of fire and pot of thunder a lot more in the manga.”