pot needle

Somewhere over the rainbow
Where druggies find their fixes
Lonely girls get stitches
Death, decay, & ditches
Somewhere over the rainbow
New moms are killing heart beats
Sex is random in the streets
Pots of needles at your feet
Rotten houses, empty graves, defeat
Somewhere over the rainbow
Acid stings and simple flings
Over stressed with starving veins
Well somewhere over the rainbow
Life isn’t what is seems
I hate to break the news
But your Rainbow is a dream
—  Andy’s Momentary Insanities

She was so fucking broken, so she decided to erease those killing memories that hurt her in mind, soul, and spirit.

This cocktail is made of:
6 amps of buprenorphine IV and IM.
6 joints of marijuana
6 cigarrettes
2 pills of valproic acid
3 pills of sertraline
2 pills of quetiapine
1 pill of pinaverium bromide
1pill of lorazepam

Bough To Bough (a poem)

Bough To Bough

Would anyone else
ever understand our Christmases
like the one when I brought us home
a little real tree in a clay pot
to decorate for fun and you asked me
where I got it and insisted we drive
all the way back to that greenhouse
the next day where we bought up
all the trees that were left behind
the ones missing too many branches
the ones too small to hold up a star the ones
too brown and brittle to look lively enough for a holiday
and that night we surveyed our forest by candlelight
and I realized that Christmas isn’t about being perfect
but about being with those who care and know us
and want us there most pot to pot
needle to needle bough to bough.