pot lovers

Haworthia sp. (possibly emelyae) in hand painted cup.

I bought this little guy bent up and deflated from having lived too long in a small plastic pot. I immediately saw its potential though — it’s got a lovely spiral form, and a frosty texture that matches this brushwork perfectly.

When Haworthias become deflated even though they are being watered reasonably, it’s often a problem with the roots. Healthy roots are white and turgid the day after a watering, while dead ones have the feel of hollow, rotten straw. While repotting, I cleaned up the dead ones (about 50% in this case). This created more space for new growth off of the main body of the plant.

I also removed a couple of the most cramped, damaged leaves that were hiding under the surface level. These are always a risk of rotting later, and they aren’t getting any light anyway. The remaining crown is very flat and compact. Hopefully it will bounce back to plump health in it’s new home.


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