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Lovers Canna-spell

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This is for those canna-user couples out there. This is a two person spell but it’s OK if your partner doesn’t know or do spell work, it’s so easy they will feel comfortable doing it too.


- Preferred cannabis you both enjoy 
- Preferred way of smoking ( or ingesting )
- Red candle in a glass jar
- Paper and pens ( one for each of you )
- Two roses ( if no access to roses, two flowers will substitute )
- Red ribbon ( enough to make bracelets for both of you, either on your wrist or ankle )


- Wrap the ribbon around the jar and light the candle
- Each person take some time to write out a list of the things you both enjoy about each other; don’t stay with physical attributes either. Get creative. “I enjoy how they make coffee” “I love the face they make when they first wake up.”
- During this you can begin to smoke, will help get creative.
- Once you’re both done share your list with each other, enjoy some laughs, maybe some tears, get personal. This is building a connection.
- Each take a rose and exchange it, a symbol of care and love. You can dry them and keep them around if you wish.
- Take the ribbon and both of you wear it around your wrist of ankle for a whole week ( or until it falls off, which ever you prefer. )

Sometimes in relationships we forget to share with each other the things we enjoy about the other, we feel stagnant and disconnected. Taking this time to show this love and appreciation will do wonders for a relationship. At first it can be awkward, not everyone is good at sharing, but over time it’ll become like second nature and your love will only flourish from there. 

Bright blessings canna-users, puff puff pass <3
-Your friendly Canna-witch-

Haworthia sp. (possibly emelyae) in hand painted cup.

I bought this little guy bent up and deflated from having lived too long in a small plastic pot. I immediately saw its potential though — it’s got a lovely spiral form, and a frosty texture that matches this brushwork perfectly.

When Haworthias become deflated even though they are being watered reasonably, it’s often a problem with the roots. Healthy roots are white and turgid the day after a watering, while dead ones have the feel of hollow, rotten straw. While repotting, I cleaned up the dead ones (about 50% in this case). This created more space for new growth off of the main body of the plant.

I also removed a couple of the most cramped, damaged leaves that were hiding under the surface level. These are always a risk of rotting later, and they aren’t getting any light anyway. The remaining crown is very flat and compact. Hopefully it will bounce back to plump health in it’s new home.