pot helmet

A Szyszak.

Made in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, circa 1640.

In the collection of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK.

And I can tell you this photograph does not do it justice, it’s an incredible helmet.

Three-quarters armor and Pappenheimer rapier of a cuirassier, circa 1620. The red sash would identify the wearer as an officer of the Holy Roman Empire. The helmet is of the lobster tailed pot style, a design often associated with Eastern Europe but popularized as a universal cavalry helmet in the the first half of the 17th century. It was also called a zischägge, a Germanization of chichak, the Turkish helmet it was based on.

This image helps to illustrate the often understated size of rapiers. This particular sword’s blade probably measures slightly over 40 inches long. It’s no surprise that many cavalry troopers of the period chose to carry such weapons as their sidearms, since the long reach would have proven invaluable when fighting from horseback.

Imagine your OTP are getting ready to watch a scary new slasher movie. Person A hopes that the experience will be romantic, thinking Person B will get scared and cuddle up with them. However, the film is too scary for both of them, and they don’t notice that they are hugging each other for dear life.

Bonus: Person C comes home to find that they have armed themselves with cooking pots for helmets and are wielding golf cubs/frying pans.

Bonus 2: Person C just came back from a Halloween party… dressed as the murderer from the movie A and B just watched. What happens is up to you.

An Illyrian bronze helmet made into a cooking pot, 5th/4th century BC

Bronze with greenish patina. Hemispherical cooking pot with two handles riveted to the sides, made out of an Illyrian bronze helmet. The skull was expanded, the crest base planed off, and the side and nape projections reduced. There are visible remnants of the ear cutouts with decorative engraved ornamentation on the edge of the pot. The rectangular face cutout surrounded with a bead and reel frieze has been closed off with a riveted piece of sheet metal. Height without the side-mounted rings 15 cm. The skull has been restored in places near the top, and preparations were made to make the plate over the face cutout removable. A rare example of the conversion of a military helmet for domestic use by subsequent generations.

Ancient Illyria was a region in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula inhabited by the Illyrians.

Dancing and Dreaming

Product of the fact that I cannot get this dang song out of my head.

A couple of days late, but here’s the “Young Elsa” prompt for day six of Elsa Week!

Rating: K

Pairing(s): Snow Sisters

Summary: When Elsa is little, she learns of a song that she may someday sing to a very important someone. (Luckily, she doesn’t have to wait long for this person.)

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kellam's birthday headcanons

mu recently reclassed kellam into a great knight, and maribelle knew how attached kellam was to his armor because of sentimental value, so she gathered everyone to make kellam new armor from his new friends

it is really chaotic. tharja tries to curse some metal into shape & it ends up bubbling. henry starts carving crow motifs with a concentrated blast from a fire tome. chrom keeps hammering his thumb, and gregor is hammering everything way too hard. cherche is trying to add too many spikes, and virion wants to put a freaking cravat on the breastplate. donnel is sad that he doesn’t know more about crafting and offers up his pot for a helmet gift, but mu told him that great knights don’t need them.

after awhile, stahl steps in as referee, and they all sit back and let cordelia, frederick, and gaius actually do the crafting. libra paints it afterward & everybody signs the forearm covers so kellam can look down and remember how many ppl care about him. stahl uses a special protective glaze from family apothecary secret recipes that will keep the paint from being ruined.

meanwhile the shepherds had been training hard all month at not being noticed so that they are able to throw kellam a surprise party

they’re all terrible @ it and kellam saw this coming, but he’s touched and pretends to be surprised