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This is exactly what Coretta Scott King warned congress about in 1986.

Jeff Sessions will fear-monger and stoke anti-Blackness by using everything from casual racism to deeply racist stereotypes, to justify the mass incarceration of Black people for non-violent, victimless “crimes” like marijuana usage.

The Trump Administration is in full White Supremacy mode.


Newt Gingrich says America can’t “be multicultural and still be a single country”

  • Newt Gingrich went on Hannity Wednesday night to discuss the London attack. The discussion veered into America’s so-called “issues with refugees and migrants,” as host Sean Hannity described them.
  • Gingrich replied that Americans needed to get over the “mythology” that people from different cultures can coexist peacefully in the same country:
  • “[Part] of it is when people come here, we need to go back to teaching people how to be American — to assimilating them into an American civilization,” Gingrich said. “We absorb lots of people from lots of places. We can do it again, but part of that requires that we defeat this left-wing mythology that you can be multicultural and still be a single country.”
  • Gingrich assumes that there is one monolithic “American” culture — implying one centered on white Americans — that all others must conform to in order for the U.S to function properly.
    He frames the idea of different cultures living in harmony as a “myth” compounded by immigrants unwillingness to assimilate.
  • Yet it seems not to have occurred to Gingrich that maybe he is the problem, not immigrants. The U.S. has certainly had trouble getting people from different races to coexist peacefully. 
  • But most of that can be attributed to our centuries-long history of white supremacy. Read more (3/23/17 11 AM)

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So I guess you all can chalk me down in the camp of “nobody for replacement Black Paladin 2k17″ and it’s one part, I have a huge amount of feelings on the Lions, and I also feel like it’d be the worst thing for any of the potential Black Paladin candidates- literally, as in directly antithetical to their character development- and I also think it’s something they could feasibly pull off considering how in practice, despite Shiro and Allura as main leaders, all of the paladins weigh heavily on decisions made. 

That was explicitly something Shiro chose the first time he was nominated as leader- “Whatever we choose, we have to choose together” and he tenaciously policed that idea throughout the series thus far. The nomination of Keith as Black Paladin is the sole excuse- it’s done, more or less, behind the rest of the teams’ backs, and the only person in favor of that idea is Shiro- not Keith, not Red (who spends the season being very protective of Keith) and certainly not Black (who makes it very, very clear to Zarkon who her paladin is)

It’s quite possible that we’re not going to see a singular leader- but the leaderless paladins acting by committee. Which could set up a very interesting conflict, because we’ve been promised on the empire side of things that politics are going to get really interesting, really quickly.

Seeing the paladins struggle democratically through decisions and teamwork, and probably conflict more than usual, but come through it because at their core they trust and care about each other, could be a very interesting contrast to the empire- which is going to be in a very bad place, since Zarkon has stocked his surroundings with ambitious, calculating, often bloodthirsty and manipulative people, and now suddenly he’s not there to keep them in line.

Haggar’s unlikely to want to stray too far from Zarkon, since he’s prime for an assassination attempt right now, and all of her political power appears to be because she had Zarkon’s ear. She may be bringing in Lotor to set up as a puppet king while she takes control, but that’s not going to work- for a couple of reasons.

Primarily, Lotor blatantly has his own agenda and especially if Haggar’s only keeping one eye on him and her other on Zarkon, he has a lot of wiggle room to act behind her back. WG’s presence would certainly imply that Lotor has avenues well outside of the empire and is looking to gather more of them- since the empire pretty clearly can’t trace jumps made by a teludav, if Lotor gets hold of one, and has the lineage to use it, that’s going to make him very difficult for anyone to pin down.

Second, even if Lotor’s an incredibly charismatic person and able to compel a lot of galra to follow him rapidly- he’s still seemingly a newcomer and relative unknown. Other forces in the empire- Throk in particular seems to have taken over Prorok’s old position- are going to be better established and quite possibly in a good place to challenge him.

Especially if Lotor’s mixed heritage is particularly obvious- considering how uniform the fleet is, it’s possible that Lotor being only part galra might even weaken his legitimacy as Zarkon’s heir in some people’s eyes. After all, from what we’ve seen of him, he takes very little after his father. Prorok distrusted Haggar heavily, and it’s probably not a coincidence that Lotor looks a lot like her- I think people are going to draw the connection between the odd-looking white-haired woman who’s so frequently right at Zarkon’s side and Zarkon having an odd-looking white-haired son, even if neither Haggar nor Lotor are public about their connection.

So if you have the empire turning into a simmering pot of political intrigue and people trying to grab for power while Zarkon’s down, it’d be an interesting contrast to see the paladins, equally “headless” but coming together and supporting one another. Heck, especially if diversifying the major antagonists gives us counterparts for the four remaining paladins- I’ve speculated at Lotor echoing Lance and WG potentially being a Keith allegory, but Throk and his friend could be counterparts to Hunk and Pidge.


Jeremy has finally had enough of Diane messing up his campaign.

cam-cam33  asked:

Hey, there! I'm not sure if you accept custom asks because I'm new to all of this but, I was wondering if I could request a prompt that's kinda angsty. So, s/o gets into an accident, is in critical condition and 2D hears the news. Maybe you could write about his initial reaction and then a visit in the hospital? Sorry if someone already asked this before. I know writing the same thing over and over again can get boring. Thanks! ♥️

((I accept most requests except for a couple of things, I might make a master list of things l write/won’t write if y'all are interested))

The band was just finished with practice when his phone had rung. He answered it, putting the phone to his ear.

“Excuse me, am I speaking to Stuart Pot?” A polite voice asked, most definitely female.

“Yes, yew are um, may I ask ‘oo this is?” He questioned, holding the phone between his shoulder and cheek as he began to put his keyboard away.

“This is the healthcare facility, you were placed as an emergency contact.” The woman answered.

“B-By who?” He stammered, unaware of anyone who could have gotten injured and put his name down as an emergency contact of all people.

He could hear the chatter of people in the background as she shuffled through papers.

“(Y/n) (L/n). She’s in critical condition and you’re welcomed to come visit her.”

2-D froze, dropping his keyboard as he gripped his phone with both hands.

“Wha’ happened?!” He shouted, startling not only himself but his band members as well.

“Car accident.” She replied, her voice somewhat quieter than it had been before.

2-D could feel his lips go dry as he began to breath heavily.

“T-Thank yew fo’ contacting me.”

They exchanged their goodbyes and he hung up, dashing out of the room without another word. The band called after him as he jumped into his car to race to the hospital.

His number one priority was to see you.

He nearly sprinted into the entrance and to the lobby. He checked in and ran up the stairs to the room where you were kept. There was a nurse who had been awaiting him.

“Stuart Pot?” She questioned, holding a mysterious clipboard.

He nodded and followed the nurse into the room. He nearly fainted at the sight.

“The doctor will be in soon.” The woman announced before walking out, leaving the clipboard on the table.

He waited until she left to check the files. He scanned over them, his eyes trailing back to the words critical condition.

“Oh love, wha’ ‘ave yew gotten yerself into this time…” He sighed, rubbing tears from his eyes.

His bent down beside you, inspecting all of the cuts and bruises that were on your arms and face. He held your hand gently before placing a soft kiss on your wrist.

“Don’t yew worry, (Y/n). I’ll be righ’ by yer side.” He mumbled softly, before peppering even more kisses.


Uruguay’s President Mujica is a former revolutionary (some might call him a terrorist) who was shot six times, imprisoned for 14 years, tortured, and kept in solitary confinement for upward of three years, only to be released, renounce violence, enter politics, win election to the nation’s highest office, and lead Uruguay as it rose out of recession, all the while legalizing gay marriage and abortion, which is noteworthy for a country that counts Catholicism as its dominant religion. He donates 90 percent of his income to charity, lives at his small farm rather than the country’s lavish presidential palace, drives a Volkswagen Beetle, almost never wears a suit, and rails against the excesses of consumerism and the West’s reliance on it as economic ballast.

President Chill: Uruguay and Its Ex-Terrorist Head of State May Hold the Key to Ending the Global Drug War

Weediquette: Stoned Moms

If you get the moms smoking then you can get almost anybody. That’s the plan of the legal cannabis industry, and they’re searching for ways to get moms around the country to set down their wine and light up.

We travel to Denver with Jessica Roake, a mother of two from the suburbs of Washington, DC, for a mom-friendly cannabis tour. She gets blazed beyond belief in the name of market research.


All This ‘Force’ Nonsense

Star Wars (Rogue One) One Shot

Characters: [FEMALE] Reader x Chirrut Imwe + Baze Malbus

Warnings: none i think

Request: “Well I have one idea about Chirrut… Like reader is kind of Jedi? Or Grey Jedi and was trained by Yoda. No one knows who she is but Chirrut can feel the force in her? Is it too much?” - lulura

Word Count: 916

A/N: Not too much at all, I hope you like it ! I’ll admit I had to research what a Grey Jedi was, but anyways, here you go !

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These Photos Of Legal Recreational Marijuana Users Shatter Stereotypes

The stereotypical marijuana user – the “stoner” – hasn’t adequately represented the actual people who responsibly enjoy marijuana for some time. But the stoner myth seems more antiquated than ever as more states lift prohibitions on marijuana use.

To combat these stoner myths of the past, Drug Policy Alliance has put together a set of stereotype-shattering stock photos depicting modern, real-life marijuana users from all walks of life.

Check out the full photoset here.

Canada Is Forcing Medical Marijuana Patients to Destroy Their Weed

On Friday, the ideal time for any government to release bad news, Health Canada issued a public statement outlining their new medical marijuana (or as they often refer to it,marihuana) system. In it, Health Canada explains that they do “not endorse the use of marijuana” while adding that they will be “taking the necessary steps to protect public safety while providing reasonable access to marijuana for medical purposes, as ordered by the Courts.”

When these new laws go into effect on April 1st, existing medical marijuana patients will no longer be able to grow their own weed. Instead, these roughly 40,000 registered Canadian marijuana patients will have to turn to corporate, legal grow-ops that are being built and regulated all across the country. This means that patients will have much higher costs (Canada’s new legal grows will charge these patients $5-$7.50 a gram), while also being provided with a more limited selection of cannabis.