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Breaking Clique Stereotypes

Dream team? This new group of friends seen in the cafeteria has the AGHS population gabbing!

If you haven’t noticed, the social hierarchy within the student body at Angel Grove has been anything but normal this school year. The not so low-key drama has yet to cease simmering. This month, we’re diving in with an extra large spoon to stir the overflowing pot of drama!

A unique collection of students have formed a rather unexpected social clique. The new group have been on close watch due to recent events.  If you have been living under a rock, we’ll catch you up to speed. As mentioned in previous issues; Kimberly Hart was dethroned from cheer social elite, golden boy quarterback Jason Scott fell from grace following his injury during a prank gone wrong, and brainiac Billy Cranston showed us he’s not that harmless after all by knocking out the biggest bully on campus.

This group of ‘rebels’ seem to have formed a new-found bond. Breaking all social norms, they’ve have been spotted throughout campus together as a new generation of united outsiders. We forgot to mention the not-so-new new girl Trini and shirtless rogue hottie Zack who seem to be apart of the crew. On the rare occasion the squad is all together, heads turn and jaws drop in awe as to what brought this unexpected group together. What could bring this group to become friends? If only we could take a peek at their group text!

The editors at The Roar are loving the scandalous new united front. We’re pleasantly surprised to see such an original group of individuals break stereotypes. Regardless of what has caused the new #SQUAD, we have to applaud their ability to fuel the festering rumor mill on campus.

By: Alexia Raye

Devil Spy Book One
Devil Spy is a webcomic about a teenage human animal hybrid in a world where humans were wiped out by war.

Good evening everyone! As announced in the last Devil Spy Book Kickstarter campaign updates, if the campaign reaches goal, I’m offering a bonus large print to be sent out to everyone who’s pledged at the $35+ reward level. This includes international backers. Here is the design, hope you like it!

The campaign is currently just shy of the $2000 mark, it’s going to be tough to try to get to goal with only a little more than three days to campaign, but I am prepared to continue trying! If we can get some more backers we could definitely get the book funded! If you happen to know anyone who you think would like to contribute, please do pass the link onto them. And share it where you can, thanks! ^_^

I really do love these characters (especially Wyatt because he’s my chubby bunny) and I want to make these books for everyone SO MUCH! Please check out the Kickstarter, pledge whatever you can if you’re able. Tell as many friends about it as you can. Thank you!


that-bloke-named-dave  asked:

Anyone who tries to endorse Leafy in any positive light is not to be trusted. That boy stirs the drama pot so hard that the teflon lining is tearing and releasing toxins into your food.

I don’t really know anything about him. All that I’ve previously seen is his reaction to a woman that… ah. Should probably be looked into by animal welfare organisations, shall we say.

When the weed is a little too loud
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> maybe I'll get more homework done if I wait until I'm finished to smoke<p/><b>Weed:</b> Nah man, you can totally do your homework high. Plus, I'm super dank!<p/><b>Me:</b> Yeah, your right! I can do this!<p/><b></b> *hits bowl*<p/><b></b> 15 Minutes Later....<p/><b>Me:</b> Yeahhh so I'll finish this homework tomorrow or something.<p/></p>
Overcompensation all day every day

All Louis had to do was go to LA and not get papped every 2 days on average since January. Go to LA, get papped once or twice, even with Freddie, a few articles about how he’s in LA being a dad and voila. That’s all it would take to make this 75% more believable. But nobody in or around this band has ever understood what overcompensation is, so.

Pot meet Kettle....again

I am part of the LiveJournal group.  Yes, I have talked about Puffy there.  I think after everything she has done to me it is understandable that I have a bias against her.  So, yes, I have talked about her.  Yes, I do blame her for a lot of the problems that shippers went through.  Yes, I do suspect her of various things.  

BUT….none of that makes me an anti.  It doesn’t even make me close to an anti.  What it makes me is someone who is very tired of the games she likes to play.  She complains that she is talked about and that is middle school behaviour, yet she talked about me privately for months.  She says she doesn’t care about “us” yet she feel the need to tell everyone how horrible “we” are.  She is not some innocent victim.  Don’t fall for that line of bs.  She may put on a good show, and she likes to compare anyone who doesn’t fall in line to an anti, but take a look at her behaviour.

Screencapping of shippers

Posting cryptic messages

Flouncing but not actually leaving

Mysterious sources that conveniently give her info that she cannot share but “trust her”

Long winded rants that make her out to be the victim of evil shippers

The near constant need to be at the centre of any and all drama.

Calling shippers liars

Blocking everyone who dares question her

That behaviour is very familiar.  There is much more going on with her than how she makes it out to be.  If you knew the things she has said and done outside of Tumblr you would be shocked.  I am not suggesting that anyone air their personal story.  What I am saying is that she is feeding you a line by acting like she is being attacked.  

So, yes, I talk about Puffy on LiveJournal.  I also talk about Sam and Cait, and Outlander, and the weather, and my home, and my family, and how hot Sam is.  

Feel free to message me with any questions or comments.  I stand by everything I say and am willing to discuss.

I think I will probably get a few messages that tell me I should just accept Puffy’s apology to me.  Let me be clear….that apology was not to me.  She has never approached me to discuss anything, let alone offer an apology.  She never tagged me in that.  AND she crabbed about me in that very post (and several subsequent ones).  That apology was for her.  That is all.  

Again, please feel free to message me if you want to talk or have anything to say about what I have posted.  No fighting or drama at all.  Thanks.

There’s a rant on the way.

I don’t know how much will end up coming of this, but I do know that I have something to say. I’m kind of just letting my fingers do the talking here and hoping that my thoughts will come out coherently. 

Some of you know what happened with Maddie Ziegler, the hacking of her iCloud and the leaking of her flashing her chest to the camera. Notice how I said chest. Not breasts. Maddie is 12; she is still a child and she is prepubescent. When it’s said that these are ‘nudes’, that is the sexualization of a child. If you post screenshots of the video or the video itself, you are participating in the distribution of child pornography and I look down on you. 

If you post comments on her Instagram like ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ and ‘DM for the full video!’ you are just as disgusting as the hacker. Stop spreading it around. Stop stirring the pot just for drama’s sake. 

Not only that, but you are making a little girl feel bad about something she did in jest. Think back when you were 12. Remember all the silly things you did with your friends? With your cousins? They meant nothing, just like this means nothing to Maddie, she was innocently having fun with Kalani. They are immature. Kalani may be older, but she is not at fault for this, either.

Keep this is mind ALWAYS: Maddie is the victim here. Yes, she made the video, but that doesn’t matter. SHE IS 12. Her brain is nowhere near fully developed. THE HACKER IS AT FAULT. They are a disgusting, deplorable human being to have the motivation to exploit a child in such a manner. I can’t imagine how Maddie feels at this moment. When I was a kid, I experienced abuse and it makes you feel dirty and violated and used. And since Maddie is so prevalent in the media these days, I imagine she’s feeling those emotions but times 100. 

I am not a stan of Maddie’s, but I will defend her. I don’t think she should have been disqualified as Choice Dancer. I don’t think this should tarnish her reputation. 

Whoever leaked this video needs to be found and implicated.