Feeling super body positive the last two days and it feels AMAZING! This feeling is something I never thought I would feel and sometimes it feels weird because for YEARS I hated the way I looked, I would layer up on clothes just to hide my body. I hated the thought of taking off my clothes to shower or to even change because I didn’t want to be naked or even somewhat unclothed. And now I feel confident in my skin and love my body for how it looks, I no longer feel afraid to wear crop tops and shorts. But not everyday I feel super body positive and that okay because everyone has there good and bad days, so don’t beat yourself up if your not shitting out body positivity everyday and don’t sell yourself short! you are beautiful, strong, and important 🌸

#transformationtuesday it has been a hot minute since I posted one of these before and after flexing! I have been getting a lot of messages asking how I keep such a “lean” stomach and the truth is it’s not that “lean”. In most photos I am flexing and have good lighting, but when I sit and slouch I have little squishy rolls! My stomach has been the HARDEST part of me to accept and love in recovery because society put in my head that In order to be beautiful I needed to be super skinny with a tight stomach. BUT even at my lowest weight I never achieved the no rolls I saw others have. It made me feel like I still wasn’t thin enough or good enough, and would punish myself until I had no strength left in me to move. Just because I didn’t look the same as someone els. I now embrace my body and love it no matter what it looks like! I stoped comparing myself to others because we are completely two different people with two different body types! There is so much more to life than comparing yourself to others and worrying about what you look like, and I have learned that the hard way. Embrace and love your body just the way it is, we are all beautiful no matter the shape or size❤

Raw PB brownies

• 250 g of dates
• 1/3 cup of minced hazelnuts
• 2 tbsp of minced almonds
• 1 tbsp of cocoa
• a pinch of salt

• ½ cup of peanut butter
• 1 tbsp of maple syrup
• 0,5-1 tbsp of almond milk
• some coconut oil (if necessary)

Soften the dates. Process all the ingredients for the bottom layer and spread the mass on a tray, then freeze for 10 minutes or so. Meanwhile, mix all the ingredients for the top layer until creamy. Spread the mixture on the brownies, cut into squares and keep refrigerated.

A nice vegan + gluten free + sugar free + paleo treat with no guilt! However, quite high in calories 🙃

Feeling just AMAZING and so positive today despite my shit show yesterday. I did end up turning the rest of the day around and went out for dinner with my fam jam and went to bed with a full belly. I woke up this morning with so much energy and told myself that today was going to be a great day! I decided to go to the gym and burn some of the energy inside me. Did some back, biceps, abs and even cardio! I have had to take it pretty easy when it comes to anything that involves my shoulder because I fucked it up trying a new move a few weeks ago, skull crushers I believe? I have always had loose limbs since I was a kid so my shoulder maybe have popped out and popped back in😬 it’s not hurting anymore, but I wanna take it easy just incase! Taking it easy or even resting is something that I would have never done before, not even if I was sick with the flu. I was so addicted to exercising I always felt obligated to do it regardless of the condition my body was is, and this is a really big recovery win for myself because I realize that now I have a positive relationship I have with the gym and exercising. I don’t feel the need to go everyday and I don’t feel guilty if I take it easy or even miss a week or two because life happens and things come up. Fitness is apart of my life, but it is no longer my whole life and I’m SO OKAY with that🤗

TOASTED from today’s booty workout, my buns are on HOT FIRE FLAMES 🔥 I really wish I filmed it because for once the gym was not busy!! I have been looking into finding a new gym (one that’s always dead) so I can put out some videos for you guys💕 ALSO I’m so in love with this bralett from Aerie, I have another one and I actually haven’t worn a bra since last year when I was burnt to a crisp, plus I literally have no boobs so I don’t feel the need to wear one #freethenipple BUT these braletts are 10/10 and I highly recommend 👌🏻

My shoulders are Demolished from today’s workout!! It felt really good to wake up and feel awesome and positive and have a great workout since yesterday’s wasn’t the best, and I kind of felt like a bag of poo, BUT that’s okay! Not every day your going to have the BEST workout of your life and you aren’t always going to feel your best. You just have to remember that you are loved, you are important, you are beautiful, and that tomorrow is a whole new day❤

My package from just came and I am a very happy camper! 😊Also I’m about to make myself some post-workout blueberry pancakes soooo you could say that my day is going pretty well so far. I hope you’re all having a great day and that you find something to smile about! (If you can’t, go google Justin Timberlake’s 2013 VMA performance and rewatch the *NSYNC reunion. Cheers me up every time. 👌🏻)

THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY! I’m currently on my way to my hometown for the long weekend and I’m so so excited! Something that use to really give me anxiety was traveling because I didn’t have any control over the types of food that would be available or if I had access to a gym. I would bring everything that I would eat in a day for however long I was staying, I would refuse to eat out or eat the food that was made especially for me because I was so consumed with the thoughts that their food might be “tainted”. I worried about eating too much fat and not enough protein, I would never really fully enjoy myself on my vacations because I was so restrictive and wanted to eat 100% pure all the time. Sure you can eat cautiously, but food and life is meant to be enjoyed and it’s amazing the feeling you get when you do the things scare you the most. Don’t be afraid to do the things you love and love your life the way you wanna live it because the only person stopping you is yourself. I can tell you that I am such a happier person now than ever before because I do things that used to and still do scare me!

Was FINALLY able to train shoulders today after a brake that felt like FOREVER! So happy my shoulder is no longer in pain, but they sure will be tomorrow. I went so hard today and really pushed myself to the point of swearing😂 I wanna talk real quick about extreme hunger (not going to be quick). So in recovery you will experience extreme hunger. It’s the feeling of your stomach feeling like a bottomless pit (in my experience anyways) and it’s VERY important to remember that this is NOT binge eating this your body just trying to repair itself from all the damage that has been caused. You may experience this right away, or 4 mounts in recovery. It can happen even if you are at a healthy weight, so don’t let your brain tell you, you don’t need this food because you are already at a healthy weight. When you eat food It doesn’t just go to weight gain it goes to your brain, liver, muscles to literally keep you alive. And its okay if your body may be craving “unhealthy” foods, you need to respond to your cravings and to your hunger. The “unhealthy” foods are probably the ones that you restricted so yes your body is craving then. So please don’t feel bad for eating them! your giving your body what it wants, and don’t think that this will go on forever because it doesn’t and once your body recognized that your giving it what it wants. Your body will naturally go to not crave those foods anymore (or just not as often). With extreme hunger don’t panic that you have “gained” weight because you are going from eating not enough into now eating a lot more food. So yes you are going to gain weight, but weight gain isn’t a bad thing and it’s important to give yourself lots of love and patience❤️