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Outlander Production Offices, Early 2013

(A Reenactment)

We open to: a white office, interior, Ronald D. Moore (executive producer) standing before a table set in the centre of the room. Seated at the table are Maril Davis (executive producer), Diana Gabaldon (consultant), Terry Dresbach (costume designer), Matthew B. Roberts (co-executive producer), Ira Behr (executive producer), and three hired writers (#1, #2, #3). Otherwise bare, the walls are adorned with one Battlestar Galactica poster and one framed head shot of Captain James T. Kirk.

Ron: Welcome, everyone, to the first of many Outlander production meetings. As you all know, season one’s been green lit  - and now it’s time to get to work.


Ron: So, we’ve all read the books …


Ron: Well, most of us have read the books …

*nervous shuffling*

Ron: Ok, well, four of you. Four of you have read the books at least once.

Maril, Diana, Terry, and Matt: Yes.

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