That year, Harry and Neville celebrated their birthdays together. The Leaky Cauldron was packed; every seat, counter, and potted plant was taken. At 11:59 PM, Ron raised his butterbeer, joined by forty others in the crowd. “To the new king of Gryffindor!” He slapped Neville’s shoulder, and the brass crown slipped off the grinning birthday man’s head. The announcement had arrived yesterday: Neville was the new Gryffindor Head of House.
    The mechanical dragon on the clock pendulum roared, signaling midnight. Ginny pushed Harry up onto the raised hearth, next to Neville. Dean and Seamus was hoisting a goalpost-sized treacle tart through the crowd as Neville raised a new toast. “And to Harry! Still saving the world!”
    Harry protested the statement, but no one heard him over the cheers. Ron handed him a new mug. “Just take it, mate. Honestly, youngest Head Auror in Ministry history. I reckon you’re doomed to make the rest of us look bad.”

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   Seamus Finnegan, co-founder of fledgling brewery Thomas & Finnegan, is excited to announced the launch of the brand’s first craft beer, an IPA.
   Finnegan’s India Pale Ale, which will be sold in the duo’s Diagon Alley bar from this Monday, is crafted from English hops and has a distinct, hoppy flavour which makes it a perfect pairing for spicy foods.
   Thomas and Finnegan, who established their company in 2003, have recently secured investment from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes Inc. 
   'We want to see our brews on tap in all good pubs. The Leaky, the Three Broomsticks,’ Finnegan said, when asked about his plans for the company’s future. ‘If anyone’s as much of a hophead as me and Dean, then this will be the beer for them.’
    Dean Thomas, Finnegan’s long-running business partner, had more prosaic aims in mind. 
    'As long as Seamus makes enough money to buy his flipping moustache wax, he’ll be happy. Rent isn’t cheap either.’
    Thomas also dropped hints that the pair plan to produce a Stout by the year’s end. Ale aficionados - watch this space. 
    – Ruaridh Belhaven, Food and Drink Correspondent for The Daily Prophet

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A few years ago I helped a coworker’s 85 year old mother place some envelopes of personal snapshots into an proper album.  In her collection of pictures were these three strips of contact prints. She didn’t remember who took them, only saying that they were of a school outing in 1958. Since none of those pictured were of family she let me keep them.

The prints are in rough shape and the scans aren’t perfect but they’re pretty interesting images and worth sharing here.  Interestingly, one boy in the group shot of students is holding a Fujipet camera. 

A friend is trying to locate where this Church is, or perhaps where this church was. Little information, there is a pub in the background called “The Park” but searches on Google Maps don’t yield any results of use, neither will Google image search. The pub may have gone. Basically a Post-War Church in the UK somewhere. 

Any suggestions?

UPDATE: I actually have the answer. It was Leeds Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church built in the 1960s. It is now Leeds Grand Mosque. Many thanks to Iain Borden for extending his architectural network on this one. 

POSTWAR: Lavender Brown [ ficlets by hpedit ]
    There wasn’t too much that was different, except she’d been a fussy eater beforehand - to the point of lying about being a vegetarian - and now she liked steak to be rare and bleeding on the plate. Full moons tended to be an issue too, but that wasn’t really new to her; mother nature’s monthly gift had always taken a week out of every month. Steaks and little monthly problems - these changes were no matter. She was growing used to them.
    The scars were no bother; they’d fixed them with skin grafts, salves, and the marks they’d left behind could be masked with foundation. And that was no matter, because she’d worn makeup all her life, she could do her mascara in the back of a moving carriage. That was just a detail.
    And the friends who’d deserted her because of her wolfish tendencies - they were no matter, either. They could always be replaced.
   Life, as Lavender saw it, was a matter of taking what you were given and making the best of it.

Looted Art Treasures

General Dwight D Eisenhower, Supreme Allied commander, inspects art treasures looted by the Germans and stored away in the Merkers salt mine. Behind GEN Eisenhower are General Omar N. Bradley (left), CG of the 12th Army Group, and (right) LT Gen George S. Patton, Jr, CG, 3rd U.S. Army. 4/12/45.
RG 111-SC-204516