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tnght’s ep was great, and then there was this one trip-hop album that i found on bandcamp by a producer named moth equals that was pretty good but other than that, not much has happened. i really didn’t care for the new flylo album.

same! I’m a diehard Flylo fan but UTQC was, while still very enjoyable, very much inferior to both Cosmogramma and Los Angeles. You might want to check some of these out though, some of my favorites from this year

Burial - Kindred

Andy Stott - Luxury Problems

The New Law - The Fifty Year Storm

Bersarin Quartett - II

ASC - Out of Sync

Ital Tek - Nebula Dance

Claro Intelecto - Reform Club

Desolate - Celestial Light Beings

Hmot and Nocow - Lost in Taiga

Indian Wells - Night Drops

Monolake - Ghosts

Black Boulder - Phon.O

just a few that I’ve been really digging (there’s a bunch more if you want too)