[Drawing of a stick-figure girl sitting behind a table talking to three other stick-figure girls standing opposite her. Above them are the words, “POTS Problem #45: Losing People!” The girl behind the table says, “Hey! It’s been forever since I’ve seen all of you!” The other girls say, in turn, “Yeah, I stopped texting when you got…weird.” “I didn’t understand your illness and didn’t bother to try to figure it out!” “I’ve always been a flake, so you’re not missing out on much.”]

Slightly salty. ✌️

[Drawing of a stick-figure guy staring down at a stick-figure girl, who is lying face-down in the ground. Above them are the words, “POTS Problem #44: Self-doubt!” The guy says, “Whoa, Vanessa, you okay?” The girl replies, “I thought that if I just tried harder I could do the thing. I was wrong.”]

Sometimes your brain will attempt to convince you that you’re not trying hard enough–that you don’t want it enough–that it’s all your fault. But I will tell you a secret: sometimes your brain is wrong.

Zalfie party // Jack Maynard

I really enjoyed writing this one, as the request was simple, yet intricate at the same time. I hope you like it, and thanks for requesting [who ever you were ;)]

REQUEST: Hiii❤️ could you do a jack imagine where him and Y/N go to the Zalfie no social media party and everyone sees their cute moments like dancing together or sharing ice cream, a lot of those things. ❤️❤️ thanks

WORDS: 1165


Music blasted from the speakers as you and Jack danced to the music. You were on the way to the Zalfie house, to attend their ‘no social media party’. All guests had to leave their phone in cars, if driving, or in the spare bedroom upstairs. No one was allowed to use any social media at all, nor have their phones on them. It was a pure activity for friends to get together and have fun (and celebrate the fact that Zalfie moved into a new house). You were in the passenger seat, Jack driving. In the back was Joe and Caspar, who also danced to the songs played on the radio.

Despacito came on, and yourself and Joe groaned. It was an agreed between the two of you that the song absolutely sucked. But seeing your precious boyfriend get down to it, you couldn’t help but laugh. He bobbed his head crazily, tapping his hands on the wheel in time with the beat. You couldn’t help but just casually start dancing too. By about half way through the song, all four of you screamed the lyrics, yelling gibberish when the foreign lines came on. “Hey, did you know that the English version is a literal porno song?” Caspar chirped over the ending of the song. The three of you laughed at Caspar’s words.

“Hmm. Good to know” Joe nodded, taking in Caspar’s words. Jack continued to drive, and you all split into conversations of your own. You were having a relatively normal conversation with Jack while Caspar and Joe had a strange one in the back. All you heard was them saying something about positions, after that you zoned out. Yourself and Jack talked about how good the concept is of having a ‘no social media party’ and that you guys should host one later in the year, too. It was an awesome thing to do. Everyone these days are looking over at their phones, having posture problems… so hosting this party was an amazing idea.

It wasn’t until you rolled into the driveway of Zoe and Alfie’s house, that you got really excited. You were happily shaking your shoulders as Jack parked in their yard. The four boys chuckled at how excited you were, but you didn’t care. You hadn’t seen Zoe (nor Alfie) in months! You all got out, making sure to leave your phones in the glove box of the car. Jack gave you a small kiss on the head before you ran up to the door, knocking happily.  Zoe flung open the door, engulfing you in a huge hug. Alfie came up and gave the boys a ‘bro hug’, before letting them inside. You continued to hug Zoe happily. When you pulled away, she held you at arms width away. “You look so pretty, Y/N!” she cooed. You thanked her, a small blush on your cheeks. You gave Alfie a quick hug too, saying your hellos.  Zoe put an arm around you as the two of you walked to the back yard. It was beautiful. There was a hammock in the corner, and a huge tent about 10 meters away. You gasped slightly when you saw it, and so did the boys. They instantly ran down, Alfie close behind. They ran straight into the tent, Jack nearly falling most of the way. You smiled at the stupid guys.

Zoe turned to you, wiggling her eyebrows slightly. “So… you and Jack?” she asked, smiling.  You nodded as you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “4 months next week” you told her. She jumped up and down happily. She was a lot like you, Zoe was. The two of you would get excited about almost everything. You hadn’t seen her in months, but before that, you saw her literally every other week. She knew about your think with Jack- as it was only a thing at the time- but you haven’t actually seen her since you started dating him. She was so happy for you, you could tell.


Jack laughed as he threw an arm around your shoulder. The party had really started to begin. There were so many of you guys; Jim, Tanya, Marcus, Zoe and Alfie’s assistants and more. You were having so much fun, just talking and having a good time. You were sitting on the outdoor seats right outside their conservatory with Jack, Joe, Zoe, Alfie and a few other buttercream members. Music played from the speakers scattered around the garden. A familiar song caught your ears… Despacito. Everyone screamed, a mix of happiness and being annoyed. Everyone began to dance in the middle of the yard, including all the people you were once sitting with. Jack held a hand out to you, “Want to dance, my love?” he asked, giving you a small smirk. You rolled your eyes, accepting his hand. He took you out onto the grass and started dancing. It wasn’t proper dancing, he was just being stupid. He started to wave his hands above his head, acting like a lunatic.

“You look like one of those inflatable doll things outside of car dealers!” you squealed, laughing. Jack also laughed, but not as much as you. You were laying on your back, rolling around. Jack scooped you up, and sat you upright. You squealed slightly, high on life.

“C’mon, babe. Get yourself together,” he smiled. You gave him a big kiss on the forehead, before continuing to giggle. He just laughed at you. “If only I had my phone, I would be totally recording you right now, you nutter”

You finally settled down after a few minutes of just sitting there, laughing at yourself, still envisioning the inflatable doll. Jack was eating an icecream, and you instantly wanted some too. “baaaabe” you said, smiling. He turned to you,


“Can I have some please?”

“some what?”

“Icecream, you belland” you beamed. Jack handed the icecream over to you, expecting you to give it a small lick. Instead, you gave it a big lick up the side of it. Jack groaned slightly,

“You got it all slobbery!” he laughed. You nodded, going to have some more. He took it back, continuing to eat it himself. You pouted at him, while Conor simply sighed.

“You guys are too cute, please leave,” he said. The two of you shook your heads, staying where you were.

When Jack was finally distracted with talking, you took the cone out of his hands, taking another lick. It took a while for Jack to realise that you took it, but when he did, he nicely asked for it back. You stuck your tongue out at him, giggling. You ran down to the hammock, swinging in it. By the time Jack got down and finally got it back, there was none left.

“Y/N, I love you, but I really wanted that icecream,” he sulked. You just smiled at him, giving him a kiss.

“You’ll be right” You said.

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maybe i'm just really dumb and am not looking in the right places but a couple weeks ago i came across a smutty fic where dan n phil give each other massages because dan has bad posture and sever back problems and it leads to stuff and i wanna finish it but i can't find it anwhere!

Massaging Your MindEager to get rid of some knots in his back, Dan gets Phil to massage him. The way Dan sounds during the act is a bit too exciting for Phil and Things escalate. Oneshot phanfic (I am officially in the trash bin and no one can get me out).

if not, maybe also try checking our massage masterlist :)

this one?

- Tori

[Drawing of a stick-figure girl dashing across the screen. Above her are the words, “POTS Problem #41: Excitement!” She is screaming, “I’m so pumped that I’m pumped full of adrenaline and my heart feels like it’s gonna pound out of my chest!”]

I AM A COSMIC BEING OF PURE ENERGY who’s gonna crash in about four seconds. ✌️

I had a POTS and EDS revelation.

So most people get tired after sex and fall asleep like normal humans. But I get ridiculously energized. Like I’m bouncing off the walls while my boyfriend is fast asleep. It’s always been this weird thing. So anyway, eds and pots can cause delayed and inappropriate adrenaline surges and crashes. So where most people mellow out, my adrenaline is still going too strong until I crash like an hour later.

Anyone else with POTS or EDS have this problem?

[Drawing of a stick-figure guy talking to a stick-figure girl. Above them are the words, “POTS Problem #38: Kobayashi Maru!” The guy, totally confused, says, “Koba-what-y ma-who?” The girl replies with a smile, “It’s a no-win scenario. Basically, if I get a diagnosis, I lose–and if I don’t get a diagnosis, I still lose!”]

Even though I know it’s lose-lose, I’m still disappointed when I don’t win.

Little green monster - Request Sam x Reader

Request: Can u make plssss a imagine when the reader is talking to Charlie and Charlie flirt with her and Sammy gets jealousy? Make it funny and fluff Ps: i love your writing My englis suck sorry 🖖

A/N: Thank you for the request! Hope you like it :) There’s like one swear word in here just to warn you. 

“When’s Charlie getting here anyway?” Dean questioned, feet kicked up onto the chair next to him. Sam started to respond before you heard a small knock at the door. All three heads turned, and you stood up with a groan as your muscles remembered how to walk again. The boys followed, and when Dean opened the door, a petite redhead girl stood outside, holding so many bags and boxes that she bore resemblance to a pack horse. “You gonna help?” She exclaimed, and Sam reached out for her things. 

You had made your way back to the library now, and Sam had set down Charlie’s bags on the table. She breathed a sigh of relief and went to hug the boys, and you stepped back politely as they greeted each other. “Who is this beautiful woman you’re dragging through the mud with you?” Charlie asked, sending a flirty smirk your way. Sam coughed awkwardly and she turned to him. “Charlie, this is Y/N.” You learnt forward and shook her hand, gifting her a small smile. 

Dean chuckled, recognizing Sam’s jealously that you had not yet sensed. “This is going to be interesting.” Dean murmured under his breath and left the room for a beer.  

“You need to teach me how to do that!” You marvelled at Charlie’s laptop screen in awe as she leaned back in her chair, chuffed. “I’m sure we could arrange that.” She smiled, and you stood up from your chair. “Definitely.” You replied and watched as Charlie packed up all her belongings. Sam was seated across the room, eyes narrowed. You met his gaze and his face returned to it’s normal state of friendliness. With a confused frown, you looked back at Charlie, now standing in the doorway loaded up with all her things. 

You skipped down the step so you were level with her, and offered to help carry her things outside. “No, don’t worry I’ll be fine.” Charlie shook her head. “May I say, you totally wear plaid better than them.” Her eyes traveled over your body and you blushed. “Why thank you.” You accepted the compliment and did a little spin to display your outfit. 

Sam coughed indiscreetly, showing his obvious discomfort at the situation. You smirked, turned your head around to look at him, and then back to Charlie. Sam was now leaning up against the pillar in the library, arms folded. He avoided eye contact, instead opting for staring at his feet, jaw clenched. You couldn’t help but smile as you looked back at Charlie. “Anyways, thanks for all your help gorgeous!” You crooned and leaned forward to hug her. She grinned at you and you embraced her petite body for just a second longer than you normally would. When you broke apart, you stepped back, and Charlie waved to Sam. He responded with a tight lipped smile, and you brought a hand to your mouth to stifle laughter. “See ya round bitches!” Charlie called as she made her way up the stairs and out into the cool night air. 

Sam breathed a heavy sigh when the door shut behind her, and you finally addressed him. “What’s your problem?” 

Sam’s eyes flicked up to yours, and he straightened his posture. “My problem? My problem is whatever the hell that was.” He remarked, gesturing to the spot where Charlie had previously stood. 

You giggled and stepped up into the library and towards Sam. “Nothing. She was just being friendly, so I reciprocated!” You exclaimed, waiting for Sam’s response. 

“Yeah well, try being a little less friendly next time.” He murmured, and started down the steps and past you. 

You jumped to the side, blocking his path at the last second, and placed your hands on his shoulders. “Are you jealous?” You queried, analyzing his frustrated facial expression. 

Sam scoffed flippantly, but you maintained eye contact and rose an eyebrow. 

He frowned instantly, and looked down at his feet sheepishly. “Yeah, I guess. You can’t blame me though! She was all over you. I understand why she would be.” Sam’s outburst died out with the last sentence and you smiled shyly. 

“Sorry. You know it didn’t mean anything.” You spoke delicately and your hands fell back down to your sides.

“Does this mean anything?” Sam mumbled and he leaned down to kiss you. You wrapped your arms around his tall frame and returned the favor. “Definitely” you whispered as you felt Sam’s chest expand with relief. 

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hey listen

if a disabled person doesnt want to explain their illness to you, or doesnt want you to know what their illness is or what they suffer from.

then accept that.

it doesnt matter if you asked nicely, if youre looking to educate yourself, if youre just really curious or if youre just trying to “get to know them better”, if they dont want to tell you, then they dont have to tell you.

its not just an illness, its an illness that affects a person who might want their own privacy, and personal space when it comes to the topic of said illness. Some people might not want to talk about their medical circumstance, and you need to respect that.

and by respect, i dont mean ask other people about it, i dont mean ask their friends or teachers or neighbors or anyone.

i mean leave it alone, because its none of your business, and you should respect that its none of your business.

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Hey, do you think Jane plays with porcelain dolls? This would be so cute ahh #soft side of the Volturi

#Part 2 - Or she would pretend torturing her dolls and cutting their heads off, because she’s the kind of adorable little girl with sadistic mind? <3 (sorry for that)

I suspect that Jane is just a touch too old to play with dolls. She was transformed when she was 12-13, and by that time, she was more into storytelling and drawing and making things. Which isn’t to say that she doesn’t have porcelain dolls. She’s certainly received them as gifts throughout the years, and she keeps them, all pristine and spooky, in her room. 

(Speaking of toys, I like to think that Jane has a rather hideous toy… animal. Sulpicia made it for her, but Sulpicia is bad at crafts, so it looks more like a creature-shaped cushion than an actual, 3D plush with a head and limbs and a body. Also, nobody can tell what species it is. Cat? Coyote? Kangaroo with posture problems? We’ll never know, but Jane loves it to bits.)