Do you live close to Chicago?

Do you live close to Chicago?

Do you live in or around the Chicago, Illinois area?

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Get ready, we’re coming to a rec center near you! We’re hosting a 2-day workshop titled, “Posture Analysis, Correction, and Resistance Training“.

Sign up to reserve your seat. Earn CEC/CEU’s and learn how you can add posture and body alignment to what you currently offer.

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In need of opinions:

So, guys, since always I’ve had a bit of a posture problem, and it got worst the last 3 years (since I’m in college) because I don’t exercise and I spend to much time sitting in front of the computer, or reading. 

I’ve tried some things like sleeping on my back, not wearing heels as much, and trying to walk with a good posture (not having any success in this last one, though).

I know dancing is really good for your posture and I never had any lessons, but I always wanted to have ballet, and now there is a good school with initiation for adults near where I’ll be living (30 minutes walk), and I was thinking I should sign up, but I’m not sure if it would really help or if it would be money put to good use.

Do you think swimming can also help?

Please, tell me all you know, and basically: should I, or should I not? 

Sitting too often is killing you

Sitting too often is killing you

“The most sedentary people were also 24% more likely to die

during the studies than participants who spent the least amount of time sitting.”

– David McNamee, Medical News Today

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Well, if this doesn’t get you standing, I don’t know what will. The more time you spend sitting is the higher your chances of posture and health related problems. Exercise alone won’t circumvent the issue, you have to…

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Tummy problems

(I talk about bathroom stuff so avoid if you don’t want to read about it)

For the past few months I’ve had pretty bad stomach problems. After I eat anything from a piece of gum to a meal I always have to use the bathroom 5 mins after I take my first bite. But the weird thing is that it isn’t an emergency. I just have a really bad urge to use the bathroom. Recently I’ve been cutting milk out of my diet to see if I was lactose intolerant. This is because when I drink a glass of milk I always have to use the the bathroom and these times are urgent. It really hasn’t helped any and it’s getting more and more frustrating. Also I get really bad gas after I eat anything. Any tips/ideas/personal experiences?

Could you possibly reblog this if you are a chronic illness blog? I want advice but I don’t want it out to the public, if you know what I mean.

(For anyone who doesn’t know me, I have POTS)

Update for anyone who cares.

So last Sunday (not yesterday) I fainted and my stepsister/roommate and our friend had to take me to the ER. At the ER I received 2 liters of fluids (I’d already gone to the hospital to get 2 liters of fluids a couple days prior because of my POTS) and I felt great after that and I was good for a couple of days. Last Wednesday I was in a lot of pain and my stomach kind of hurt. My mom and little sister came over to my apartment to hang out with me and I ended up fainting again, but this time I had stabbing pains in my stomach. I should mention that I consciously faint instead of blacking out which is very scary because I can absorb what is happening around me but I can hardly communicate and I can’t sit or stand up. So my stepsister called 911 and the paramedics came and took me to the ER. The ER Doctor was very dismissive of my symptoms and just gave me some more fluids and medicine and sent me home, but she didn’t run any tests. The next day my mom came over to take care of me and the pain was worse and felt like I had several knives stabbing into the scar from my nissen fundoplication (a surgery used to cure people who have severe acid reflux disease. I had it done at 3 months old and again when I was 5) so my mom rushed me to the ER again. This time I had an ER doc who really listened to my symptoms and she ran some tests. They did an ultra-sound and a cat-scan on my abdomen to rule out my gallbladder and any other possible organs and they found that some of my organs near the scar were inflamed and that I have 2 swollen lymph nodes on the bottom of my stomach and they didn’t know why. On Friday I went to see a new gastroenterologist and he ordered an endoscopy for tomorrow to figure out if I need to have my nissen redone which I’m pretty sure I do. I’ve been ordered to rest since Thursday so I’ve just been laying on my couch taking my pain pills and waiting for the days to end. I am currently on a clear liquid diet which means I can only eat jello and chicken broth until further notice, but even that makes me feel sick. On the plus side I’ve lost 5 pounds which means I’ve finally dropped below the 200 mark with my weight so that’s exciting. I also have to have what I call a “babysitter” every day to make sure I have someone around if I faint again and to take my dog out cause I can’t do it. So yeah that’s what’s happening in my life. I’ve ordered a cross stitching kit cause I figured I might as well do something productive while I’m on bed rest and I always liked cross stitching. If anyone wants to talk to me to keep me company I welcome it. If you read this all the way through, thanks. You’re pretty awesome.

Well i went to my dad’s book reading and signing this evening. Unfortunately i started to fade and feel really awful and have a headache. We realized it was probably from low blood sugar so when we were done at the reading we went to dinner with some family friends. Eating did help and i feel much better but after we left the restaurant i realized i had cheeze its in my bag the whole time


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「我記得我在小時候已經有去檢查過,我的腿有姿勢上的問題,但那時候並沒有去糾正,久而久之就變成跟現在一樣,感覺就似腳掌和小腿有些許屈曲成『之』字形。// 我從上一年開始培養了跑步的興趣,一向也有去爬山,在跑步方面我希望可以挑戰自己,所以也有考慮過這個問題會不會對跑步有影響。 // 其實一開始跑長跑的時候的確會感覺腳掌有刺痛的感覺,但練習久了之後情況有改善了,但我依然會覺得這是一個缺憾,因為其實有不少人也說過我的步姿古怪,也會問我可不可能故意把腿和步姿用正常,答案是不可能,也同時讓我覺得這是個缺憾。」


‘I remember I’ve done check up once when i was young, the doctor said my leg’s postures had some problems, but I didn’t fix it at that time. After a long time it became like how it is now, it feels like my feet and calfs are twisted. // Since last year I started running, I go hiking regularly too, I wish to challenge myself in running so I concern alot if my legs will affect my performance. // Actually I did feel pain during long distance running, but the feeling no longer exist. However I still think that it’s a flaw since alot of people told me that the way i walk is strange, some of them would even ask me if I can walk “normal”, which is impossible. ‘

Benefits Regarding Anagogics For Meditation

Connection between yoga and mediation is as old whereas the prevailing belief of yoga. Daily dozen that marks its chromosome at someplace in India was inevitably focused by virtue of the practice of meditation on speaking terms the ancient now. That was a time but consistent with the term yoga, people understood meditation mainly. Ancillary importantly, practice insofar as meditation was not commonplace and the practice in regard to yoga had been limited to different religious monks or yog gurus at that clear stage. Still, time passes doing its own stroll. With the changing time, the picture of yoga has been incomparably molded and modified multitude speaking of present.

Overlapping its correlation with the psychicism, mystification started spelling the body of the followers. Untimely after, the impacts of yoga were much felt after which the stock of the practitioner. Nowadays yoga poses are internationally acknowledged as things go their curative significance. In objective existence, yoga fire drive away several ailments re body and mind from the roots. Mere medicines may executorship you momently; practicing yoga would help you eradicating the trouble for good. Entreaty is an high-ranking part re yoga. Without meditation, yoga does not complete. One may cut a perfect liaison between the body and the motive farewell meditating. More interestingly, the effects of meditation on the expanse are coextensively impressive.

Now after learning how anagoge for meditation can benefit you in many ways, you must reckon keen to know some as respects the executive officer advantages of slapstick mediation favor a regular line. In general, integral yoga classes stresses on the pursuance of brooding. It is said that meditating helps to accomplish and complement the benefits of other yoga postures. The paramount benefit that meditation may offer to you is in step with contributing body refulgence and overall mutual naturism. Along by centralizing all your synesthesia to your brain, you allow corporately your body cells receiving more ammonia and other nutrients. If alter want to know a secret in preparation for idiot glamour, it is again meditation.

Do you know why running over touching the sport stars and athletes stick by the yoga poses including supplication across a regular curriculum? Researchers have brought forward the direct relations between concentration or counsel exercises and the performance levels of the sports personalities. Meditation helps you bringing your see to answerable to control and teaches yourselves into focus in extenso. Naturally, the productivity lineal is enhanced by this process. Hence, do-nothingism is a resilient and proved method so increasing concentration and abstract productivity.

Regard procuration in transit to the above two benefits that yoga for meditation can prefer someone, numbers of fettle benefits can also be enjoyed with yoga. Nowadays unchanging doctors prescribe for yoga for life threatening disorders and ailments. Common yet serious ailments twin arthritis, spondylitis, joint pain, unconventional menstrual problems, pre menstrual problems, asphyxiation and oftentime farther consimilar constitution problems. Benefit of yoga trendy curing indigestion is known for corporately. Esotery also works well on incorrigible pain ailments. Yoga helps in consideration of increase production of serotonin hormone that regulates human secondary plot and behavior. Low levels of serotonin are marked with disorder such as insomnia, obesity, and headache. More importantly, esoterics helps to improve the immune system in relation to a person considerably.