• <b>Me:</b> *Has breakdown when thinking about future with chronic illness*<p><b>person:</b> crying doesn't help.<p><b>person:</b> You give up too easily.<p><b>person:</b> It's not going to be that bad forever.<p><b>person:</b> just calm down.<p><b>me:</b> ... *opens dictionary to Chronic*<p>
In need of opinions:

So, guys, since always I’ve had a bit of a posture problem, and it got worst the last 3 years (since I’m in college) because I don’t exercise and I spend to much time sitting in front of the computer, or reading. 

I’ve tried some things like sleeping on my back, not wearing heels as much, and trying to walk with a good posture (not having any success in this last one, though).

I know dancing is really good for your posture and I never had any lessons, but I always wanted to have ballet, and now there is a good school with initiation for adults near where I’ll be living (30 minutes walk), and I was thinking I should sign up, but I’m not sure if it would really help or if it would be money put to good use.

Do you think swimming can also help?

Please, tell me all you know, and basically: should I, or should I not? 

You know, I never understood why people festishize large breasts. 

Like, I don’t know, but skin infections, postural problems, severe back and neck pain, semi-consistent harassment, numb hands, daily headaches, lowered mobility (to the point where even going on walks is difficult), and constant fatigue aren’t exactly sexy. Macromastia is a major medical issue, and when you sexualize it, you’re discouraging those who might have it from pursuing the only guaranteed permanent treatment, which is a breast reduction.

Essentially, large breasts are NOT sexy, since they cause serious medical issues that can make anybody’s life a living hell.

4946) I am so confused about my chest. It causes me such day to day misery even without dysphoria (my "growths" cause me posture problems and I have a burn scar that got stretched out when they grew and the skin is very thin and dry.) but I don't know if I can bring myself to have a reduction or get them removed completely because I have a condition (JHS) which means I heal very slowly and I don't think I'd be able to cope with all of the aftercare and more scars.
My mom is an angel

I am having terrible POTS and Dysautonomia symptoms today (as you can tell from my previous posts) and my mom came over with Gatorade, slim jims, beef jerky, and saltines (for my sodium intake) and she even vacuumed my apartment. I’m so lucky to have her.

I'm gonna be a doctor!!

I’ve come to a conclusion :D my body isn’t just chronically ill, it’s chronically awesome cause it’s helping me become a doctor even before I can get to med school!!! How? Because I have a variety of medical conditions that include many major body systems and such so I am getting a crash course in them:

- Neurology
- Cardiology
- Immunology
- Rheumatology/Orthopedics/Sarcology
- Gastroenterology
- Endocrinology
- Genetics
- Oncology
- Hematology
- General biology/internal medicine

How To Choose Best Office Chair

When employees are working long hours at office, the importance of office chairs can’t be undermined. If the chairs aren’t comfortable, it can lead to several problems such as back pain, shoulder and elbow pains, and other body posture problems. For better productivity and healthy working environment, employers need to select chairs that are ergonomically designed as their curved designs offer strong lumbar support for the lower back.

There are several types of ergonomically-designed chairs available in the market. To make the best choice, consider the following factors:


Many times users prefer to stretch or stain in awkward position to reach another point in their cubicle instead of getting up from the chair, leading to muscle pulls and sprains. This can be avoided through the swivel feature, which will help the users reach various points around their desk or cubicle without the need to stretch or strain excessively.

Recline or tilt

The theory that one particular posture is good for every individual doesn’t hold true. Hence, the employees should be able to recline and tilt the chair according to their needs and requirements. When the chair is reclined to the proper angle, most of the body’s weight can be focused on the back of the chair, leading to healthy body posture.


Hard seats are nightmare. Apart from spoiling the body posture, they make employees uncomfortable enough to reduce their productivity. So the chairs should have good quality padding that isn’t too soft or too hard. Employers can consider chairs that come with recline option as they are quite relaxing and comfortable.

Also, the fabric of the seat should be breathable. Leather or vinyl seat covers are available but generally they have a higher price tag. Seats with breathable cotton fabrics are good and affordable.


Armrests are quite critical for healthy body posture. With right design of armrests, problems such as repetitive strain injury can be avoided. Generally armrests should be adjustable to set them at a level that helps users to keep their shoulders relaxed while having elbows bent at 90-degree angle. Also, to avoid conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, users shouldn’t rest their forearms on the armrests while typing.


Not every individual has the same height, and so the height of the chair needs to be adjustable. Ideally, the users should be able to adjust the height of the chairs from 16 to 21 inches from the ground, allowing them to keep their feet planted flat on the floor, thighs horizontal, and arms leveled with the surface of the desk.

Size of the seat

Width and depth of the chair’s seat are also important. Usually, the chairs are 17 to 20 inches wide, and deep enough to allow the users to have their backs against the backrest with comfortable inches of space from the back of their knees to the seat of the chair.

Width of the backrest

The backrest of the chair should be between 12 and 19 inches in width. If you are purchasing it separately from the seat, look for the adjustable one in terms of height and angle.

At Acedepot, you can find all types of ergonomically-designed office chairs that are comfortable yet economical. The store offers brands such as Ace Series, Apollo, Aviator, Cruze, Ergohuman, Fuzion, Aire, Fabrx, Nefil and Bodyflex.