In need of opinions:

So, guys, since always I’ve had a bit of a posture problem, and it got worst the last 3 years (since I’m in college) because I don’t exercise and I spend to much time sitting in front of the computer, or reading. 

I’ve tried some things like sleeping on my back, not wearing heels as much, and trying to walk with a good posture (not having any success in this last one, though).

I know dancing is really good for your posture and I never had any lessons, but I always wanted to have ballet, and now there is a good school with initiation for adults near where I’ll be living (30 minutes walk), and I was thinking I should sign up, but I’m not sure if it would really help or if it would be money put to good use.

Do you think swimming can also help?

Please, tell me all you know, and basically: should I, or should I not? 

Help Kayden financially live with EDS

Would you mind donating or sharing this link for me?

My name is Kayden Goodrich, I’ll be 19 on Sunday. I am a college student at Lyndon State College. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type 3; Hyper Mobility with prominent vascular features, fibromyalgia, POTS, irritable bowl syndrome, intestinal spasms, anxiety and depression.

I am trying to raise money to financially get by with these disorders. My medical bills are climbing as well as my tuition.

I just want to raise enough money to pay my bills and get my education. All of the money I raise will be going toward those two causes.

Please donate, I don’t ask for help a lot but in struggling. Even if it is just a dollar. Please donate, share with your friends and family. I know we are strangers but I have hope and faith that there are good people, Willing to help a 19 year old.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Don’t say posture doesn’t matter. It’s basically the difference from hearing people say
“Wow, you CANNOT weigh that much!” (First pic)
People nodding in agreement. (second pic)
“No, seriously how much do you weigh?” (Third)
I get these all the time, just because of how I stand/sit/walk.
Why does the way we stand make people judge us? Why does everyone think someone who leans forward a little weighs more than when they’re standing up straight?

Purpose designed for work, study and home!


Tomcat Science Chairs have been purpose designed for schoolchildren with special needs to participate in mainstream education. Designed in consultation with Occupational Therapists in Gloucestershire, the Science Chair will enable students to sit at desks across the entire curriculum. The caseloads of these OTs included: Restricted Growth, Cerebral Palsy, Cardiac, Muscular and Spinal problems, Poor Balance and Low Tone Conditions. Tomcat’s innovative design solved the support and posture problems and enabled fully independent sitting, standing and transfer.

The Tomcat Science Chair features a step, swivel seat, footrest, variable depth backrests, laterally adjustable arms and self-locking castor base for easy handling. Each Science Chair is built to address the needs of the individual child and by periodically changing components, the same chair will last an entire school career, making it a very cost effective solution. The latest version of the chair is ideal for very young children at lower level desks of 51cm. Each chair is custom built and we are happy to participate in the assessment process with Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapists, SENCOs and Parents/Carers. The Tomcat Chair is CE Marked and is a Class 1 Medical Device.

Tomcat is now helping pupils with all kinds of disabilities to overcome the challenges of integrating in mainstream education and take a full and active part in the entire school curriculum. From primary school to university and across the entire curriculum, the Science Chair is very often the only solution to this widespread problem and versions are also available for home and office use. Comfort, style and appearance are very important too and the Science Chair’s ‘studio’ style and good looks create an inclusive atmosphere and it is often the envy of friends and colleagues!

When somebody told this woman she was 'faking' her chronic illness, she had the perfect response

Not really sure the response is necessarily “perfect” but it’s a chance to raise awareness about invisible illness.

By the way, I wonder does she have ME/CFS and POTS rather than POTS alone.

i get so nvolved in my mental health issues sometimes i forget how distorted and unhealthy my actual physical body is

Eating is physically painful right now :( 
Over the past week, every time I’ve eaten an actual meal-sized meal it’s made me feel uncomfortably overfull/bloated and sick. Hell, anything more than like 2 pieces of fruit and half an english muffin = icky grumble grumble oww. Goddamn POTS digestive problems *shakes fist at sky* The GERD isn’t helping either. Errrg. 

I need to get my smoothie container thing back (I left it in someone’s fridge and haven’t gone to get it back yet) so I can just slowly and casually drink a blender full of smoothie over the course of the day. Maybe I’ll get some protein bars or something too… Hopefully that works. Because I want to eat. And I have to take most of my meds with food. 
So shut up stupid noisy, painful stomach. 

Time for ANOTHER GEMSONA. I’m on a roll. This furry is Howlite, a big, muscular warrior gem with a wild mane and violent tendencies. Her weapons, I believe, is going to be some type of claw weapon or some tiem of brass-knuckles type thing.

The first sprite is of her default, normal form. She’s just a big, muscular, regular Gem with posture problems. The second sprite is her partially-corrupted. Her corrupted state is, of course, a large wolf-like monster, so when she is partially corrupted she gains more fur and, viciously, a tail. She becomes more animalistic as well. The third sprite is sort of a ‘what if’ exploration. What if Howlite was badly inuried, her gem cracked, and THEN she was brought in to be a forced fusion experiment. Rontra’s Zircon just so happens to have been shattered, and some of their pieces are used to repair Howlite’s gem.. leading to this.

edit: alt corrupted howlite w/o tail for lessened furry


this tag has been very important to me because it has allowed me to find other people that struggle with some of the same problems as i do. there is a lot online, especially on tumblr, about mental illness (which i experience as well, don’t get me wrong) but it’s hard for people to understand how helpful (and sometimes rare) it is to find a support network of people who have similar experiences with physical health. i think this is a good outlet to connect, or even just vent, about what it’s like to grow up with a chronic illness, chronic pain, or any other recurrent symptoms that interfere with our lives. 

for anyone who struggles with chronic illness, i want you to know that (so cliche, i know, i’m sorry,) “you’re not alone”. here on tumblr, we!!!still!!!exist!!!–even though we tend to be overlooked sometimes!

thank you so much to [ chronic-illness-cat ] for existing. you make things more on a day-to-day basis through your posts, and i’m grateful for it.

miczariel asked:

hc + pride @ lewis

send me  ‘ hc ‘  + a word and i’ll write a headcanon about it regarding my character. || Accepting

{ ☢ }
   Lewis and his ego are not on as good of terms as most people would assume. He puts up a fairly good front: apathetic, self assured and cocky in posture and tone. The problem is that Lewis isn’t particularly proud of himself.

   He’s a warped result. He’s Charlie’s mistakes and the actuality of the fact that Charlie couldn’t achieve his goal to make his dad happy. He couldn’t move on from his mom’s death and he couldn’t ever really come to peace with himself.

   Lewis isn’t a proud person. He’s proud of his art and he’s proud of what he taught himself sexually. He’s a bit proud that he went from the kind of guy that predatory males and females took to sleeping with in bars and clubs to the predator but other than that, Lewis hates himself too much to really be considered Prideful.