Over the last few episodes... I’ve had some concerns about Daphne’s spine.

You’d think it was just due to having been just been in a major wagon accident, but nope… her posture has always been questionable.

Investigating basement? Check.

Fred being skeptical about a cave? Check.

Checkin’ out spooky hallway? Check.

Shaggy doing a terrible Obi-Wan Kenobi cosplay? Check.

The posture mystery is eternal.

Body language

Body language is more important than we’re lead to believe.

In med school, we’re taught to use certain body language so we appear kind but confident. We’re taught about how it affects the patient, but we’re not taught about how it affects us.

Constantly being hunched over makes it so easy to crawl into yourself and lets self-doubt grow. Make eye contact. Keep your chin up.

Even if you don’t feel confident, push your shoulders back and hold your head high. It’ll be more effective than you might think.

Don’t think that only sitting with the eyes closed is practice. If you do think this way, then quickly change your thinking. Steady practice is keeping mindful in every posture, whether sitting, walking, standing or even dancing. When coming out of sitting, don’t think that you’re coming out of meditation, but that you are only changing postures. If you reflect in this way, you will have peace. Wherever you are, you will have this attitude of practice with you constantly. You will have a steady awareness within yourself.
—  Ajahn Chah

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✔️According to the National Institute of Health, 8 out of every 10 people complain of back pain at one time or another leading them to seek out pain relief.✔️Do you have an aching back? Most people turn to the medical profession who will prescribe medications. Some choose all natural relief methods, but above all there is one way to get long term relief from persistent back pain.
The answer? Improve your posture first and foremost. Good posture holds the key to relief of not just back pain but sometimes other common body complaints too.
✔️Good Posture Helps to Improve:
* Headaches
* Constipation
* Tingling and numbness in hands
* Tingling and numbness in feet
* Backaches
* help ease breathing ✔️The human body was designed to move – not to sit in a chair for several hours at a time. Over time, bad habits lead to fatigue, depression, pain and headaches. poor posture doesn’t benefit your health.#getfit#family#home#exercise#detox#fitness#weightloss#health#diet#healthy#goals#back#love#healing#beauty#instagood#work#lifestyle#relax#posture#zen#summer#eatclean#diy#yoga#workout#organic#coach#picoftheday#backpain

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This 30-Day Challenge Will Transform Your Posture

It’s not just the problem of rounded shoulders and chins jutting forward that you’d expect from staring at screens in every waking moment — posture affects your whole body. “When the whole top of the body is forward, the butt has to stick out, then the calves get tight, and you’re out of whack,” says Charleene O’Connor, a postural alignment and muscle biomechanics specialist.

So, how can you whip yourself back into shape? 

Controlling the position of one’s body and keeping a straight back are not contemplation, but can in fact become an obstacle to contemplation… when leaving the body ‘uncontrolled’ is spoken of, what is meant is simply allowing the body to remain in an authentic, uncorrected condition, in which it is not necessary to modify or improve anything. This is because, since all our attempts at correcting the body come from the reasoning mind, they are all false and artificial.
—  Namkhai Norbu