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Is Anwen a family name or? It's sooo pretty and I love it. What's it mean?

It isn’t, I’m afraid! My parents just picked it out of a baby name book because they thought it was rad. I’m glad you like it, though! I think it’s pretty adorbs. As for the meaning - ‘-wen’ is the mutated form of ‘Gwen’, which is the feminine form of ‘Gwyn’, meaning ‘white’ or ‘blessed’. The exact meaning of the ‘An-’ part isn’t entirely known, but there are a few postulations:

  • ‘our dear one’ - assumes that ‘An-’ is a mutated version of ‘ein’ (meaning ‘our’) and that ‘-wen’ is interpreted as ‘blessed’ rather than ‘white’ 
  • ‘very fair’ - ‘An-’ is often identified as an intensive prefix, which basically emphasises the latter part of the name, as in the name ‘Angharad’, which combines ‘An-’ (‘very’) with ‘cariad’ (‘love’) and mutates the latter to form the name - ‘much beloved’. Here, ‘-wen’ is taken to literally mean ‘white’, which has connotations of fairness - hence ‘very fair’, also loosely translated as ‘very beautiful’ (so appropriate for my name, really)
  • ‘-wen’ as a suffix also denotes holiness and is often added to the names of female saints to indicate their blessedness - eg ‘Meirwen’ is the welsh name for the Virgin Mary; ‘Meir’ is the Welsh form of ‘Mary’ and ‘-wen’ indicates her status as a saint

Basically, it means white, fair, beautiful. All that shit.

Fun fact - my sister’s name is Aneira, which means ‘snow’. We are twins and she is older than me by 12 minutes, which means we are Aneira and Anwen, which means we are ‘snow’ and ‘white’, which means WHERE ARE OUR DWARF FRIENDS

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Why do some people's teeth turn red postmortem? I know it has to do with blood in dentin but I have no clue what scenarios it will show in.

Here’s an abstract from a scientific study on the subject:

A series of cases is reported in which pink teeth were observed during the postmortem period. Most cases were associated with decomposition in a moist environment. Experimental procedures led to the extraction of pink material from dentin and demonstration that hemoglobin and serum proteins were present. The pink-tooth phenomenon was duplicated in human teeth by instilling into the pulp chambers whole blood and blood with the red cells hemolyzed. The change was manifested in teeth of dogs after freezing, heating, and decomposition in a moist environment. The authors postulate that pink teeth occur as a result of breakdown of red blood cells in the pulp chamber of the tooth and diffusion of hemoglobin and other serum proteins into the dentin via the dential tubules. Histochemical studies show that the brown or gray material in some teeth subjected to postmortem aging is probably hemoglobin and serum proteins. Factors of age, vascularity of the pulp chamber, and postmortem conditions are discussed in relation to the postmortem development of pink teeth.

I hope that helps. I’m sure the study goes into more detail as well.

Hoy postule a un trabajo excelente, espero quedar,  les cuento esto porque necesito de su ayuda, quiero qué levanten las manos al cielo y digan 3 veces “vamos man tú puedes, yo creo en ti” eso, sé qué alguno lo hará y seré felih, eso gracias por seguirme ;’) loh quieroh <3 

Si me va bien les contare, si me va mal subiré un foto colgado de los cocos jhahaa… 

My older sister has thought for a long time that she is called to become a nun.

A couple of years ago, she even left for the Abbey of Saint Walburga (in Virginia Dale, Colorado), where she spent four months of intense discernment. She accomplished becoming Postulant in the Benedictine order within a very short amount of time.

Even though she was thrilled to be there, there was a part of her that cried out in despair. She couldn’t escape the inevitable sadness.

She came home in April, bearing all that she had learned.

To today, she can still tell me something almost every day that inspired her–the stories are always new and brilliant.

Today I went into my room and heard a huge crash. When I came outside, I saw her display of the Abbey shattered across the carpet.

Maybe my English teacher trained me too well,

But can’t that be taken rather symbolically?

After all … It is April.

Iron Bull and Varric Banter...

“Iron Bull: Hey, Varric, I was reading your stuff. Where did your bad guys come from?

Varric: Well, some of them come from Tevinter and some are Ben-Hassrath spies, but I like a story where the villain was the man beside you the whole time. The best villains don’t see themselves as evil. They’re fighting for a good cause and willing to get their hands dirty.

Iron Bull: Alright that’s… really deep and all, but I meant where did the bad guys come from literally. The way you write it, it’s like they just fall from the sky and land on top on the hero.

Varric: I like to leave some things to the reader’s imagination. “

Solas.  It’s about Solas.

Further Analysis of Shirabu Kenjirou -

It’s a terrible flaw that I overanalyze everything and postulate character traits or plot lines that may not even exist or occur - but my love for salty cinnamon bun Shirabu has only grown tenfold after looking over the Chinese scans and speed translations.

Now, it might be a nuance regarding the double translation, but it is very possible that Shirabu has a potty mouth - and I love it. It’s not even just about the fact that he told Karasuno basically to, ‘Eat Shit,’ or something similar - it’s much more than that. Since Shirabu is the only regular not on a sport’s scholarship, he assumedly got into one of the best schools in Miyagi based on his academics. And being the token, 'brain,’ people with Shirabu’s current backstory (what little we have of it) are usually presented as tame, super self-conscious, overly humble, submissive, etc.

But man, is Shirabu salty as hell. 

Like… I assumed he would be Ushijima’s biggest fan and be so eager to serve him and be so obsessed what others think of him - but as of now (whether it is a front or not) - Shirabu does not give a single shit.

In the chapters leading up when we were lucky enough to get two and a half panels of Ushijima and Shirabu - Shirabu always seemed to me like the lesser half of the setter-ace duo. But I mistook his quiet for submission, when really it was probably shrewdness. Analytics. Smarty Smart things like that.

I’m not saying Shirabu is the alpha here - there is no black and white distinction so far to determine that. Instead, the power dynamics among Shiratorizawa are much more complex than expected - which I love - and Shirabu is starting to show that he is anything but submissive - which I love even more. Ushijima ultimately calls the shots considering that he is both the ace and the team captain - but that isn’t to say that the absolute king has a little leeway when it comes to his setter. Everyone seems to have an air of authority on the court - which really plays into the fact that Shiratorizawa is a team of individuals rather than individuals acting like one single team.

Anyway, so I know Ushijima is the most outwardly intimidating - but damn, Shirabu is scary too. Shirabu as of now has arguably the most threatening air to him. Tendou leans towards provocation like a darker version of Kuroo (but is still a goofball deep down) and Oohira has the, 'look,’ of Benkei, but to me comes off really chill and far from what people assume of him. We know that Ushijima is… well Ushijima in the sense that he is dense as a brick wall and unabashedly blunt. I’m sure Ushijima is an absolute monster when truly angry, but considering that Shirabu was the one angry at Tsukishima’s block and Ushijima was simply surprised,  I’d say that Shirabu takes the cake in terms of intimidation right now.

Also, Tendou was physically taken back when Shirabu slapped his own face to get his head back in the game. Tendou giddily sauntered up to Shirabu, cracking jokes and giving off odd, 'good senpai,’ vibes that I am still gushing over - and tries to assure that Shirabu didn’t even screw up - Tsukishima just played well was all. But Shirabu - silver-tongued and sharp as a tack - refuted Tendou’s assuring words and outright admitted that Tsukishima’s playing was no accident. And then slapped himself so hard that it threw Tendou off his equilibrium. (And Tendou had this precious expression of, 'Yes, that’s the little shit I know and love,’ soon afterwards.) 

So after this chapter, Shirabu has successfully upped his alpha-aura to immense proportions and has proven that just because he is the only regular without a sport’s scholarship, just because he is a second year who took the spot of an apparently prodigious third year, and just because he is small and deceivingly submissive enough to be ordered around by Ushijima -

That Shirabu Kenjirou of the Shiratorizawa Volleyball Club is anything but weak.

Shirabu Kenjirou is Shiratorizawa’s regular setter for a damn good reason.

And Shirabu Kenjirou is anything but Ushijima’s dispensable pawn. 

Long story short: Shirabu is incredibly smart, incredibly salty, and incredibly scary.

And I cannot wait to see more of him.

Ok, this is from a few years ago when I went to a halloween party dressed as a postulant from no specific community. My dad saw this photo of me on my facebook page and thought that I had entered religious life without telling him!

Now you guys know what I look like!

God, when He created the world, moved each of the celestial orbs as He pleased, and in moving them he impressed in them impetuses which moved them without his having to move them any more…And those impetuses which he impressed in the celestial bodies were not decreased or corrupted afterwards, because there was no inclination of the celestial bodies for other movements. Nor was there resistance which would be corruptive or repressive of that impetus.
—  Jean Buridan postulated the notion of motive force, which he named impetus. In other words - how to talk about gravity and inertia in the XIV century.
Hey ya’ll, please join us in praying for Meaghan and the Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R. of Penance of the Sorrowful Mother. We ask you to send up some prayers for our postulant, Meaghan Boyd who departs for Canada tomorrow. Please pray that her visa may come soon so that she can return to our country and continue her postulancy with us! St. Brigid pray for us (her patron saint)! Meaghan is on the bottom left of this picture. Thank you!! Please share!!