Mental Health: The Data

Hey, Tumblr! We hope the week two prompts for Mental Health Month are treating you well. In the spirit of the theme, posting it for each other, we wanted to celebrate one of the most helpful communities out there: yours. You’ve helped shape Tumblr into an incredible community for support. To take a look into exactly how it’s flourished over the years, we teamed up with Fandometrics (@thefandometrics) to bring you some sweet, sweet data.

How you talk about mental health

Discussion around #mental health has steadily grown year over year since 2013, with a 248% uptick of original posts and reblogs made between 2013 and 2016. In that same time span, original posts and reblogs about #therapy increased 29%. Much of that conversation was rooted in real people sharing real stories. Emotional and honest stories, like how therapy can help you better understand your life, how to say good-bye to the wrong therapist, or the difficulty of making the sometimes daunting decision to begin therapy for the first time.

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There has also been a significant rise in people seeking ways to take care of themselves. The self-care movement has seen huge increases in searches (733%) and original posts (567%) between 2013 and 2016. Over the past six months, we’ve seen total engagement (searches, original posts, reblogs, and likes) around the #self-care tag spike with correlations to holidays and events in the news:

  • 240% increase the day after the US Presidential Election
  • 321% in the days following Christmas and Hanukkah
  • 561% in the days leading up to the Inauguration, and
  • 342% in the days following Valentine’s Day.

Anatomy of a post

To get a better understanding of what the public-facing conversations consist of, we looked at the top posts for the #mental health, #positivity, and #self-care tags from the past few years. We noticed a few trends that continued to appear over and over again:

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Make your dash more positive

Because this is all about posting it for each other, here are a few great blogs to make your Tumblr experience more positive and healthy:

  • Positive Vibes (@posiviibes) provides positive and friendly text art in soothing colors.
  • LGBT+ Positivity (@goodpositivitylgbt) focuses on messages of positivity and validation for the LGBT+/MOGAI community.
  • Why Did You Feel Proud Today? (@todayifeltproud), a space to submit your accomplishments, big and small.

For more follow inspiration, check out our roundup from last week. We’ll be posting more each Friday this month. Keep sharing your stories, Tumblr, this month and every month.

Witchy Secret Santa 2017

So, people were interested, and so I will attempt to organise this. :) The aim of this Secret Santa is to spread some witchy/pagan cheer this Holiday season by giving a gift and receiving a gift from a random person!

There are two main rules:

  • You must be willing to give out your address, and
  • You must be able to send physical things through the post

To enter this SS:

  • Reblog this post, and
  • Send me a message with the following information:

Your name:
Your mailing address(the address to which you want your gift received):
Your wishlist:
Something you absolutely cannot send, if anything:
If someone drops out, are you able to send an extra gift?: Yes/No
Is there any place you can’t ship to? If yes please specify:

Keep in mind that this will only be happening if 4 or more people take part in this.
The deadline to sign up is the 18th of October. On that day you will be assigned who you are sending your gift to.

Wishlist tips:

  • Keep your wishlist somewhat vague! For example, instead of “five 50g packets of frankincense and a brass figurine of a tiger”, it would be more appropriate to say something like “some herbs such as frankincense and/or something relating to tigers.” This is to make it easier for your Secret Santa to get/make you a gift!
  • Keep an open mind. A wishlist is only a guide, you might get something different in the mail if your Secret Santa cannot make or get anything from your wishlist.
  • Try to list at least 3 categories. Some ideas are herbs, crystals, specific deities, various animals, holiday decorations, jewellery, handmade things, books, divination tools, etc.

Gift tips:

  • If you can’t buy a gift, you can make one - a bracelet, a necklace, a sachet, a spell kit, a drawing, anything goes!
  • Use the wishlist as a guide. Nothing from the wishlist is required as such, if you cannot get anything from the wishlist you can give a general witchy gift.
  • If buying, don’t spend too much on a gift. Small, cheap or handmade gifts are just as good as fancy stuff.

So that’s it! I’m looking forward to seeing people spread some Holiday cheer :)


Calling anyone who is in the phandom, looking for friends

I am looking for people in the phandom who want a place to chat and make new friends. If you are this is the right place for you.

What is a network?

It is just a place to chat and make new friends! 

Things you should know:

  • I would prefer people in the network to be over 15 although if you aren’t still apply as i am not dead set on this
  • If you have triggers please list them in the application as it is all confidential and goes no further than me
  • ANY behavior i disapprove of in the network will lead to you being removed, there will be no negotiations 
  • I will be closing the application in 1 week (Aug 6th at 6pm in the UK)
  • You van be from anywhere in the world

Rules of the network:

  • Be kind and respectful to EVERYONE 
  • Be civil 
  • Don’t spam/be pushy for replies as people can/will be busy and time zones will make things hard
  • HAVE FUN!!!!

Anymore rules i think of will be listed in the initial chat, if you think i have missed anything feel free to send me and ask telling me so, don’t be shy

As i said i will be closing the application at 6pm on the 6th of August (uk time)

To apply you should:

  • preferably be over 15 (don’t worry if you aren’t still apply)
  • Be following me (I will check)
  • Reblog this post

To apply just click here 

I will be accepting from 10-20 people depending on how many people apply, i could end up doing more with multiple chats if needs be. 

If you have any questions feel free to send me an ask or a message, i will answer anything you need

if this flops it never happened 

starrbomb  asked:

I love your Percy Jackson au. If anything I'd vote for a shance ending. If you don't mind me asking , what would everyone's powers be? And if Zarkon and Lance are connected, would lance more to shove it in others face or to be more of a mole on Zarkon's army?? It's a really REALLY cool idea. Usually the Percy Jackson au's I see have lance as aphrodite's kid and I'm so glad yours takes a much different path.

i see lance as aphrodite’s kid everywhere and i’ll be honest, i dont really get it

I’m not sure if you wanted this much information but um, opps? More of this for people reading the answer who didn’t see the other post

To their abilities! (note my resource for this is the wiki because, again, i’ve yet to read the books)


  • he avoids using his abilities like the plague so no one’s really sure what he’s capable of
  • like hades, he radaites fear and death but you probably wouldn’t notice because his whole personality is an attempt to counter this.  He’s funny and cheerful so as to try not to intimidate people (he tends to annoy them instead, much to his dismay), and he tries to keep control of his negative emotions so he doesn’t do things like poison the ground (like nico can when he’s nervous)
  • Cryokinesis (the ability to manipulate cold tempertures and things like ice and snow) is probably the one power he has and likes.  Like with his aura he’s also very good at this.  he makes a lot of ice sculptures, espically when he’s in a bad mood
  • Hypnokinesis (the ability to manpiulate sleep patterns and dreams) is one Lance really likes to hide, mostly because he tries to help insomniacs in the camp get sleep (this includes Pidge, Shiro, and on occasion Allura) and he doesn’t want people to know he’s the one doing it
  • Umbrakinesis (the ability to control darkness and the shadows) is the ability Lance hates the most.  He’s incredibly unpracticed in it so while he has this power he really needs to work on it before it resembles something you know, useful 
  • Naturally (hehe) he also has necromancy although it’s another one he doesn’t practice, however it comes naturally to him so he doesn’t need to practice it all that much.  i’m thinking accidently using his necromancy is the reason he’s at camp halfblood


  • Keith doesn’t have much trouble controling his abilities, which tends to make Lance think he’s always showing off but he’s not, he’s just doing his thung
  • finding this out makes lance even more pissed tbh
  • Anyway, Keith obviously has Zeus Authority, meaning things that are in his fathers domain tend to do what he asks
  • Electrokinesis (the ability to control electricity) is probably the thing Keith is best at and it’s also something coran had to ban him from using in combat at cmap halfblood because Keith would literally shock people during battle, like all the time, because he could and it was a good tatic but even in camp halfblood they decided that wasn’t good for the kids and so he’s not allowed to do that anymore
  • He has pretty much zero trouble with electrokinesis and his constant use of it has caused Lance to start calling him a show off, but in reality Keith’s not meaing to show off he’s just doing his thung
  • finidng that out makes lance more pissed tbh
  • Aerokinesis (control of air) is something Keith only ever really uses to fly, however he’s proven he can control the air enough to push people back in battle (something he does after his electrokinesis is banned).  Other than that he either can’t use it or he doesn’t
  • Keith’s ability with atmokinesis (control of the weather) basically boils down to ‘if he’s in a really bad mood it’s probably going to rain’ and that’s about it


  • Being the son of  Aphrodite means Shiro can win your heart with a smile and a soft praise
  • and he does this, on accident, all the fucking time
  • seriously this guy turns people down on the reguar
  • a lot of people think he has at least a limited control of charm speak but no ones quite sure if its magic that makes them listen to him or not (its not)
  • the only true powers he gets from his mother are the sharp focus and clarity that all his half-siblings get.  admittedly, shiro’s has better focus than most of his other siblings but that’s more due to training that it is being gifted 
  • although lance agrues his ability with eyeliner and picking out the perfect shirts to show off those perfect abs is totally because he’s aphordites son.  lance is not wrong
  • his arm gives him some level of umbrakinesis (control over darkness) due to Zarkon’s invovlement in its creation.  Currently, he’s better at control darkness than lance but this would change if lance actually practiced every once in a while
  • Shiro can probably crush skulls using his thighs


  • Hunk is a master at the forge, the things he can make are honestly amazing.  He’s constantly asked to make weapons and help with the growth of the camp and he doesn’t mind helping at all, however very few people get Hunk Orignal Weapons (HOW for short, because no ones sure how he does it).  
  • Lance and Pidge both have HOWs, Lance in particular loves showing his off while Pidge is the type that will brag by beating you up 
  • Hunk does, in fact, have both technokinesis (controling and understanding machines) and limited pyrokinesis (control of fire) however he has trouble using these powers when he’s thinking about it
  • like hunk’s forge will also be at the exact temperture he needs it to be, the flames the perfect height, but he can’t actually summon a spark.  The food he cooks will never burn but he can’t start a campfire.
  • Lance finds that incredibly amusing
  • Pidge just really doesn’t get it, but hey hunk’s always willing to help her out so it’s cool


  • being that Pidge is actually human, she doesn’t have any demigod powers
  • although she does have clear sight
  • she’s also incredibly smart 
  • and she’s able to keep up with hunk, which literally everyone thinks is supernatural in itself


  • Allura is considered a tatical genius even by her siblings.  
  • she could beat your ass with a spoon 
  • i don’t know what more to say really
  • Allura is incredibly skilled in every weapon and could talk her way out of battle as well as she could fight her way out
  • she’s also very good at weaving

Side note: I’ve decided Zarkon is Hades son most definitely, it just fits him better (Keith’s mother was one of the Zarkon’s kidnapped soilders before she joined the BoM)


  • Where do i fucking start this guy is super over powered is2g
  • Like Lance and Hades he radiates fear and death, unlike Lance he doesn’t try to supress this and his aura’s actually pretty close to how strong Hades is
  • Also unlike Lance, he practices Umbrakinesis regularly and is pracically a master
  • he’s also very capable when it comes to geokinesis (earth manipulation)
  • He studies necromancy fully and knows serval rituals Lance just straight up ignores.
  • he’s very capable with osteokinesis (the control and summoning of bones)
  • However, he was always limited when it came to cyrokinesis and he never cared much for learning hypnokinesis as he greatly underestimates the potentional for this ability.  Altough, Zarkon does manage to use hypnokinesis once to enter Lance’s dreams
  • He’s also learnt to control Mist, just because he’s aware of how much that helps his whole take over the world scheme
  • with haggars help he’s also found a way to sort of share his powers, basically he’s found a way to put some of his powers into talismans of sorts, only others to borrow his strength.  currently haggar and shiro are the only people know to have these

As for Lance and Zarkon

  • Zarkon really wants Lance on his side, like he wants all the halfbloods but Lance is more or less his pet project (so is Shiro) and so Zarkon has in fact spoken to Lance before
  • One of these times was the singular time Zarkon managed to use hypnokinesis (admittively with help).  Zarkon entered Lance’s dream and manpiulated things to show Lance the empire Zarkon is currently creating and the empire he is determined to have.  Lance, naturally, refuses to join because um hello evil much! 
  • Because of this dream Lance actually knows well who Zarkon is and what he’s doing but he keeps his mouth shut, not wanting other people to know and not wanting people to think he talks to Zarkon.  This ultimately leads to an awkward moment when Pidge and Shiro find out Lance was well aware of the situation for Pidge’s family and what Shiro had forgotten
  • So in exact answer of your question, Lance defs does not brag about being Zarkon’s half-brother at camp halfblood
  • When Lance does end up joining Zarkon, the elder takes him under his wing to teach Lance the things he was too afraid to learn at camp half blood.  Zarkon decides he much prefers Lance as his heir rather an Lotor
  • I haven’t decided yet if Lance joined Zarkon as a mole, but if not he certainly becomes one because he sees all this suffering and he remembers yeah, no, this is a bad thing
  • While he’s working for Zarkon he does like to bring up that they’re related, mostly because the galra can be dicks to him and it’s fun to watch them squirm


That got slightly out of hand

Sorry not sorry

Applying to the @nctwriters network

To find out more about this blog, please look at our about page and check out the member page.

Side note: anyone can use the #nctwriters tag (in their first 5 tags) or tag us in one of your posts if you wish to have it reblogged!

Applications are currently open!


  • Need to be a writing blog or a blog who publishes some form of writing - no set amount needed, but it is asked how often you post in the application
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  • Users who wish to start a writing blog, and want help, can join but please sign up with your new blog rather than your “normal”
  • Any NCT/multi-fandom writing blog can join!
  • Please have a masterlist which we will link! (If you need help making a masterlist, contact @nctreacting) - this isn’t compulsory but it would be useful for you, us and anyone else who follows you!
  • If you are a blog with more than one admin, please specify which admin you are - if more than one of you want to join (or you want to sign up all together as one), please specify on application post

To sign up:

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Once you are part of the network:

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  • Please stay active and continue posting writing!
  • We do have an updates tab - if you want us to add any upcoming posts of yours to it, or your hiatus dates, just ask!

Chatroom rules:

  • Group chats will have around 4-8 users per chatroom
  • We’ll try to vary groups in terms of age, timezones and writing experience
  • Can join the KakaoTalk and/or LINE group
  • Respect one another
  • Refrain from talking about sex or cursing
  • If needed, we can make GC for older users (NSFW chat)
  • No bullying, discrimination or any form of harassment
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Other details:

  • There will be collabs and projects on this blog - you don’t need to take part but it would be nice if you took part
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  • There will be occasions where we might ask you to publish a post regarding advice for other writing blogs, but you can turn it down
  • If you wish to leave the network, please tell us!

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in you being immediately removed from the network 

↳if you wish to re-join, you’ll have to go through the submission process again when admissions are open!

Any questions? Send in an ask.

See under the cut for some reasons why blogs have joined this network!

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Alan’s TRIPLETS from Beauty and the Beast APPRECIATION POST

To start, I prefer the name of “The Triplets” over “The Bimbettes” because they are simply fans of their town’s “hero” Gaston. Regarding dress, I don’t have a problem as their dress is comparable to Belle’s yellow ballroom dress in respect to decolletage, cleavage, and being floor length. The Triplets simply have bigger breasts. Then regarding persona, they aren’t particularly seductive like the feather duster maid Fifi/Babette (with Lumiere) but even if they were then I can’t fault women for finding certain men attractive. They find Gaston handsome, like Belle herself, and it’s unfortunate he turned out to be bad.

Most of the following appreciation is headcanon but I try to make it work in story :P

The Triplets are not envious nor jealous girls

The Triplets so interested in Gaston that they sometimes don’t notice anyone else, like at the water pump when they unknowingly pumped water on Lefou. However, when Belle receives Gaston’s affections, they don’t compete with her nor do they particularly try to get Gaston’s attention or to seduce him. 

When Belle refuses Gaston, rather than an envious remark like, “Gaston’s mine; back off,” the Triplets say, “What’s wrong with her? She’s crazy!” They didn’t mind that Belle’s acceptance would mean their rejection, rather they expected her to accept and were confused when she didn’t.

During the marriage scene, the Triplets would have known it was for Belle since it was at her residence but when Gaston revealed himself as groom, they accepted ‘defeat’ and cried. If they knew he was marrying her from the beginning, they probably would have been crying already. In fact, they might have not attended, let alone help set up.

The only time the Triplets actively interact with Gaston is their brief pose at the start of Gaston song to cheer him up after the failed proposal. Other than that, they passively interact during the bar belle barbell scene.

Overall, the Triplets aren’t envious over Gaston probably because they have to share him with all the other townspeople who love him - not to mention only one of the Triplets could have him anyways. I like how the Triplets can crush on someone yet not envy or hate whomever their crush likes. 

Work at the Tavern

The Triplets seem to work at the Tavern, specifically the Green Triplet is seen at the end of Gaston song. Earlier, they were seen at the pump, possibly getting water for drinks. And for the wedding, they were in the background, setting up the drinks, possibly for a Tavern’s catering service (though, it’s possible they were helping on their own time as friends - I prefer this, personally)

Though the Triplets work at the tavern, they weren’t seen nor heard of when Maurice came in, was laughed at, and thrown out. They were probably working behind-the-scene and simply never witnessed Maurice’s raving.

Not in the Mob

Gaston had scared the townspeople with “crazy old” Maurice by informing them of his raving about a beast, and now they no longer thought him “harmless.” It’s unlikely anyone other than Lefou and the asylum owner knew Gaston’s real plans because, other than inaudible whispers, only “persecute harmless crackpots” was heard at the tavern.

Now, assuming the Triplets would be off-work as all their customers are missing, why weren’t they present in the mob with other familiar villagers?

Though the Triplets were at the tavern when Gaston referenced Maurice in song, they never actually sung along and might just supported Gaston’s marriage by thinking it was for one of them (”for his marriage we soon will be celebrating”).

My headcanon is that when the Triplets found out of Gaston’s plan, they didn’t believe Maurice was harmful and couldn’t send him away to an asylum. Additionally, I don’t believe they could hurt the family of the daughter for whom they helped prepare a wedding. Ultimately (and hopefully), I think they realized what Belle realized about Gaston being a villain.



Wow… So I just hit 15,000 followers and I am so thankful. It makes me so happy when you all tag me in your intro posts saying I inspired you to start a studyblr (which is kind of funny because I’m pretty lazy). As a thank you I wanted to host a blog competition to showcase my favorite followers!

You must

  • Reblog this post
  • Be following me
  • Read this whole post
  • To enter, send me an ask telling me what category you are in  and then about your goals in life; the uni you want to go to, your dream job and so on. (reminder not to be on anon)

I will pick the winners based on your blog theme, original posts, uniqueness etc. 

There are three categories, each with a winner and a runner up. The categories are:

  • New blog: 0 followers to 1,000 followers
  • Committed blog: 1,000 followers to 5,000 followers
  • Old blog: 5,000 or more followers

The winners of each category gets 

  • a shoutout post 
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  • an icon and banner (if wanted)
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The runners up will get a shoutout post about your blog and a follow

I will message and tag you in this post if you have won! Good luck


Balatog Art Post: Lands

Card Post

To those who were wondering why I haven’t posted any art in the past week or so (i.e no one), its because I decided the best way to teach myself speed painting was to try and redo some old sketches I had done when I started Balatog.

For my first attempts, I don’t think they’re all that bad. I just didn’t get an idea for a more consistent theme until I was almost done with the set.

A Call Out Post

To all the friends who have spent far too much time on Google Hangout with the loser that is me recently.

Courtney ( @courtneye7220 ) - who has been a gem and so lovely what a babe. She just talks and talks which is literally perfect for me.

Alice ( @seriouslyprongs ) - Sugar - A fast friend who makes me super happy, maybe I’ll see her soon and she’s so cute wow.

Allie ( @elvendork-y ) - Allie The Valiant - Literally one of the cutest people on earth? Like? Have you seen her? Her dorcas is cute too and like… she’s great.

OTP: Selos

Siri ( @ask-siri-lupin ) - My doll - actually the prettiest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting? And she’s one of the coolest friends I’ve ever had.

The J Squad

Jules ( @romulusandremuslupin ) - Tiny Spaghetti - Is the same age that I was when I was a massive twat… but is actually a cool human and like… really nice. Also good acting 10/10.

Jasmine ( @stopbeingartsy ) - Flower Queen - this human though… she is so fine. And so funny. And so nice. The perfect.

Justyn ( @justyncase ) - lil duckling - one of the first people I properly befriended on this hellsite and they are just the best.

WIWWOW CWEW (Y'all thought I was joking last night)

(Jules, you’re here too because you are a meme)

Cai ( @askthenewmoon ) - bed bug - what a darling :’) apparently my sleepover buddy? He is the coolest.

Alison ( @rainbowsandsilverlinings ) - My Evie - Saving the best ‘til last? It’s possible. She’s beauty, she’s grace, I’ll punch everyone who argues in the face.


Ser Zephirin the Just
Ser Vellguine of the Stone Spear
Ser Charibert the Stern
Ser Grinnaux de Dzemael (the Bull)
Ser Paulecrain Coldfire
Ser Adelphel Brightblade
Ser Guerrique the Cleaver
Ser Noudenet the Wise
Ser Ignasse of the Dragon’s Tail
Ser Haumeric the Valiant
Ser Hermenost the Levinlight
Ser Janlenoux of the Steel Oath

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Furuhata Nao 14/11/27 Ameblo Entry English Translation

2014-11-27 23:20:47

Yukko-san , I love youFuruhata Nao

Good evening,
I’m team KII’s Furuhata Nao

Today there was a photoshoot
for BUBKA-san, surprisingly
it’s been about a year…

But because I did interviews,
because BUBKA-san always looked over
SKE48, I don’t have that “it’s been a while” feeling.

As expected there’s a sense of security

The stylist-san is also
my beloved stylist-san,
I’m really happy

Although it was my first time with the makeup-san
she did a good job, my tension was raised and
she tools that she used was interesting and cute…

The weather is great
all of it was great
it became a happy photoshoot

It will be on sale on the 29th of December.
Thank you for your consideration.

After that
is Yukko-san’s Graduation stage

Yukko-san is like a sister to me,
she’s the senior that told me “SKE-ism”
and also my beloved senior.

It hasn’t hit me that
Yukko-san has graduated…

I’m sure that I’ll become
more sad later on.

Yukko-san’s tsukkomi, her laughter
her smile, performance,
I seem to remember it
like I was hit in the head

Yukko-san’s presence for me
is that big.

I’m happy that I was involved on
my beloved Yukko-san’s graduation stage.

The various things that I have learned from Yukko-san,
from now on I want to use that knowledge,
just like Yukko-san
I want to devote myself to SKE48

Maybe I can’t become a senior
just like Yukko-san, but
I would like to wrap the members with
a Yukko-san like kindness.

I hope that you have a wonderful future,
We, everyone, are hoping for Yukko-san’s happiness

Yukko-san, I love you♪

To everyone who read my Ameblo
to everyone who liked my post
to everyone who posted a comment,
thank you very much

Thank you for your hardwork today

なお ♯432
Nao ♯432




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Heart This

Good morning from Sunny South Florida 
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it’s a most heinous crime I cannot defend

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P.S.  If you’re already a friend, please feel to like this as well if the moment moves you.  Love you all, and I am trying to keep up.  :)  

Voting For the Bill has begun

The Bill (Trigger Warning)

To Vote yes, reblog/like this post

To Vote no, send me an ask telling me to fuck off (or something politer if you prefer)

Voting will commence immediately and the poles will close tomorrow night when I manage to get wifi

Bear in Mind this bill has the support of the president himself

Please show your support for democracy and vote now