Kicking back with a beer or three in beautiful South Auckland and using my brother-in-law’s lappy to stalk visit some Simblrs when I stumble across THIS. Well, I almost choked on my Steinlager. What a lovely Christmas present. Thank you dear Lolitasim and every one of you wonderful people who takes the time to like, comment on and/or read my crazy posts and stories, it means so much to me. Cheers, dears! I LOVE YOUSE ALL!!!!

So, I’ve been trying to think of ways to get postsimblr to be more active.

I thought that maybe I’d suggest that you guys make submissions  (anonymously or not) about simblrs that have been friendly to you, helpful, you’re thankful for their content, you admire them, etc etc with a Valentine’s Day theme.

I know there are plenty of other simblr valentine things going on but I suppose that its kind of different and you could submit multiple things. This would be making an image to submit rather than sending messages or making them a gift…

Would anyone be willing to participate in that?

I’d like to thank you all for submitting!  And let you know that the queue is currently set to post twice a day!  I’d also like to encourage you to submit some more!  'Tis the season for love after all~ ♥