Crown Princess Mary’s Official Engagements in November 2016:

  • 01/11: Nordic Council Awards
  • 07/11: SFI Conference “Education and Vulnerability”
  • 08/11: Mary Foundation’s “Loving Measure” conference
  • 18/11: Inauguration of Mothers Help’s House
  • 23/11: WHO Trip to Moldova - Meeting with the Moldovan Health Minister
  • 23/11: WHO Trip to Moldova - Dinner at Castel Mimi
  • 24/11: WHO Trip to Moldova - various engagements
  • 25/11: WHO Trip to Moldova - Medical centre for children’s vaccines
Clarke and Octavia and ships

Basically where I reply to @aliceofalonso and without prompting vomit up my post-s3 ship feelings for Clarke and Octavia.

aliceofalonso replied to your post “During one of the Cons, Marie mentioned something about Octavia…”

I can almost see Lincoln being O’s Costia… Her “I lost someone special to me,“ her "love is weakness,” the one that “haunts” her. I agree that she won’t really be able to movie on from it anytime soon.

Yeah, I can see that for sure.   And it’s funny, because after writing that, I was thinking to myself “Why do I feel Octavia would not necessarily have another big true romance before the show ends, but I do think Clarke will with Bellamy?” The girls are the same age, both assertive types, and they’ve both had epic romances that were violently cut short (Linctavia, CL).  So I came down to about 3 extrapolations:

1. Clarke and Octavia are different characters, so there’s a space for different choices/behaviors. Clarke has been shown as someone who can love more than once and who can move on from a romantic loss, whereas we haven’t seen Octavia experience that yet. For Octavia, what she does next is a big ole question mark.  On top of that, Clarke seems to flourish when she forges deep relationships with people, whereas I think Octavia gets too narrowly focused on her lover to the exclusion of other important things in life.  Octavia’s character needs to be independent for a while, and I think Clarke (who was isolated for four months) needs the opposite.

2. Pairings don’t exist in a vacuum. Bellarke as an escalating relationship exists before CL, during CL, and after CL. If/When it becomes romantic on screen, it won’t be like something tacked on, but will instead be informed by 4+ seasons of events and choices and feelings that belonged uniquely to Clarke and Bellamy.  Whereas if Octavia has a romance with a newcoming character, that person will have a much shorter time to establish a romantic foundation with her. A new love for Octavia will be compared to a 3-season romance she had with Lincoln, and that’s tough.

3. I don’t see CL as equivalent in scale to Linctavia. I didn’t feel as invested in it as a viewer, it was on screen for a shorter amount of time, it didn’t evoke as heartfelt a response from me, and much of the time that it was on screen, it seemed to negatively affect my fav, Clarke. Lots of pain and only a small amount of positivity for her.  In that light (and probably with my anti-CL bias coming in), it makes sense to me that I’d want to see Linctavia mourned longer than I would CL, because while both relationships were epic, only one of them seemed to actually make both characters happy for the duration. I would rather Clarke isn’t held back for ages by the history of a troubled and problematic relationship.* I hope instead that she takes something positive away from it and learns to seize love where she can.  But for whatever reason, I feel like it’s more IC for Octavia to mourn for a long while, and especially to learn how to live by herself, without a partner to be obsessively codependent on.

*Clarke doesn’t see the CL relationship that way, I’m sure. Her heartbreak was real and genuine. But as I’m an audience person, my POV is different than the character’s. I’d also say that the show expects the audience to look at relationships from a certain distance. When Clarke thinks of the relationship, she will probably think positively of her last week or two with Lexa, and have immense sadness for the loss of her beloved. When I look at the ship, I see the last week of comfort, the one day of true happiness, and the preceding 4 months of depression, rage, temptation, attraction, betrayal, control games, violence, and isolation.  It’s a big tragic picture that has a moment of positivity near the end. Sad, yes, but not what I want as the legacy for Clarke’s love life.

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also I may be wrong but I feel like Mary’s “just water for me, thanks” at the botched proposal scene when John was trying to offer her wine was, like, him trying to force/pretend romantic feelings and “move on” from Sherlock, but she wouldn’t even play along to give him that illusion sdfgjhgfd

Soli my dear, my love, I wrote about that exact exchange as a proof of Mary being a villain as big as Moriarty

also I havent’t read all you comments please give me time becasue now I’m having SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS

Sherlock Head Canon

Being a Sherlock fanfic writer I have lots of head canon, obviously. Most of it is just everyday mundane stuff about the characters, like Molly waking up and making breakfast for Sherlock and John (I ship Sherlolly, just in case this is the first post you are reading). Oh, and post-S4 Mary is gone so John and his baby have moved into the basement apartment at 221 Baker Street. Anyway, I don’t write about all of it because it is so much the stuff that would just bore other people.

I do read the head canon of others on Pinterest and Tumblr just out of curiosity. I try not to let it influence me too much unless I read something that just blows me away, like, “WOW! That’s it! That makes so much sense!” I do not read other fanfic because I don’t want it to influence my own writing. I don’t want to accidentally steal someone else’s ideas and stories.

Some little tidbits floating around in my head (some to be fleshed out into stories, some not):

·       Molly and Sherlock hooked up the night before he faked his death, resulting in an unplanned pregnancy for Molly (see my stories “The Untimely Demise of Sherlock Holmes” and “Honor” for more details)

o   John was the only person she told

o   Mycroft knew, but didn’t approve (obviously)

·       Molly and Tom broke up after John and Mary’s wedding because she undoubtedly still had feelings for Sherlock, despite her claims that she had moved on

o   Also, Tom took one look at Sherlock when they first met and totally knew that Sherlock was William’s father

·       After Molly finally told Sherlock about their son, Sherlock began keeping him on the weekends and evenings when Molly was on call at Bart’s. After several months of shuffling William back and forth, Sherlock finally invited Molly and William to move in with him. After all, there was an extra bedroom upstairs.

·       It was Molly’s idea, after Mary was gone, for John and the baby to move in downstairs. She took charge of fixing the apartment up (and putting in dehumidifiers)

o   Molly thinks of all the residents of 221 Baker St. as one big, happy family

o   Molly talked everyone, including Sherlock, into getting Christmas photos taken together

·       Molly took Sherlock shopping for clothes and made him buy khakis, jeans, and jumpers, which she makes him wear sometimes so she doesn’t always feel so underdressed next to him (he hates it, but does it anyway)

·       Lestrade has always been in love with Molly. This is why he holds out hope that Sherlock will become a good man and treat her how he thinks she should be treated.

·       Because Sherlock thinks that getting married is silly, he and Molly will never get married.


First episode of Bake Off and the contestants have already learned to use booze to appease Mary Berry


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