Speaking of flashbacks in series 4: flashbacks seem more and more plausible with every piece of new data - at least that’s how I feel it, because mofftiss need to show the audience they were implanting the idea since a long time, and that inside the show John and Sherlock were in love since the beginning, that everything they did was directly consequent to their feelings - so a flashback seems an appropriate tool.

Also, it will not be the first time they use it, they used flashbacks to show they implanted the idea of Mary being an assassin, in little details most of us missed at first watch until we got the flashbacks.
There is a nice probability that they also used it before to make us familiar with the concept: we’ve shown you something that was subtle enough for you to miss it, now we’re going to show you the trick and make you realise it was there.
This is what they’ll do on a larger scale, and now that the audience is familiar with this tool, they expect people to open their eyes wider. The use of this is supposed to make the audience think: is there something else I missed?

This is why I believe there’ll be flashbacks in series 4, and that the Six Thatcher will be one of them, maybe one of the most important since the case calls back to a period in Sherlock and John’s lives when they realised they were more than friends, and that they where lying to themselves by pretending these feelings were not there, thanks to Irene clear-sightedness.
This was a pivotal moment in their relationship, so going back to it is pretty meaningful, because it’s there that the global audience should have seen the clues that it’s not “a cheap gay joke” (quoting Gatiss in TGG’s comments), but the whole point.

I’m also pretty sure there will be flashbacks to Moriarty and Mary, to the link that may exist between them. We’ve seen a glimpse of Mary in Morocco - it’s not unreasonable to think this is a moment from her past. We also suspect she was one of the sniper at the pool in TGG, this theory is supported by some solid elements, and if she is indeed involved in this (as Moran or else), there will be some explanation of it.

Finally, flashbacks seem also an appropriate tool for the Redbeard/The Other One mystery. This is something from Sherlock’s past, and we know children have been cast to play Sherlock and Mycroft so to me this is actually the most evident way the flashbacks will be used. We just need to see what happened, so the problem is solved. And as I said here The Six Thatchers may be an episode based on this problem, since “Maggie” is the password.

So, we have three excellent reasons for flashbacks to be used. It can seem maybe a bit “flashback ex machina” when we see data and whisper “flashbacks”, but actually, I think we can logically expect quite a lot of them.

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How many marauders are there? I keep seeing posts about Mary McDonald or other people in the group but I don't remember them. I read the books a long time ago so idk maybe I just forgot about them. Can you enlighten me? Thanks!

the Marauders is the group name of Moony Wormtail Padfoot and Prongs who are, respectively, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black and James Potter. There are only 4 of them. Sometimes people count Lily as one, so 5.

What you’re seeing are posts from the Marauders ERA. which is the ERA in which the Marauders existed. Basically the people who went to school with them. or were active in the time period.

Mary McDonald was one of Lily Evans’ dormmates. You’ll probably also see a lot of Marlene McKinnon, Dorcas Meadows, Caradoc Dearborn, Gideon and Fabian Prewett, Emmeline Vance, Benjy Fenwick,  etc.

but the marauders were just those 4.  

Thanks to the barbarians

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by queen_jadis

John and Sherlock get married for a case, which both of them find hilarious - until they realise that they can’t get a divorce. The offensive piece of paper has more effect on their relationship than John thinks it has any right to do.

Words: 3674, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English

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post reveal Adrienette concept- when adrien sees mari at school, he jumps on her back and she be like WHAT. he be like mew, as mari stumbles across the room trying to keep her balance she also be like STUPID CAT GET OFF ME. he just keeps saying mew. alya just records

nah he just spear tackles her whenever he sees her without realising that her reflexes when it comes to fights are just as sharp out of the suit as they are in the suit


First episode of Bake Off and the contestants have already learned to use booze to appease Mary Berry


when your friend shames your kink for you