I am way over-invested in a future for RoL where Nightingale and Lesley bitterly dislike each other (BETRAYAL! also basic personality incompatibility) and disagree on everything except one thing: Peter/Beverley. They team up to save their wedding. They babysit their children. They still hate each other but some things are more important and this is one of them. 

Sometimes they get back-up from Lady Ty, who would deny it vehemently if asked because Peter is the worst brother-in-law she could possibly have, obviously. 

i’m going to london film & comic con to meet jack gleeson this weekend and i just bought the sansa/alayne funko from amazon. someone tell me to stop spending money

i made it home from DC!  tomorrow  &  sunday i’ll be able to catch up on threads  (  &  start some NEW  ones!  )  i had a really great time but i’m happy to be home  &  to have the weekend before i have to go back to work.  i’m really bad at being an adult.  

last night I got drunk for the first time and

  • a guy hit on me by telling me he doesn’t like Americans
  • I made two dudes kiss
  • some guy made me slap him
  • another guy offered me (free) cocaine which, in hindsight, was very generous