Ok so I don’t have a job right now (I am currently in the process of looking for one) but I’m trying to gather up money for things happening in the near future. I need to save money for a trip I’m going on in July to singapore with a friend and also hopefully to see a friend there and I only need to pay for my plane ticket so I could use the money!

Also money for cons I’m attending and for cosplays would be really helpful, so would just general grocery money because I enjoy being able to eat food.

Last year when I put up commission things I literally only got like 2 commissions over a course of a month so it would be really cool if I got some more commissions!


Tagged by @laurenbondi to post 10 non-fitness related facts about myself!
1. I have a 4 month old Brussels Griffon puppy named Lilo
2. I moved to California alone when I was 18
3. I played piano for about 10 years
4. I love to draw in pencil, you can scroll down and see some of my stuff ✍🏽
5. I recently decided to be an art major with a writing minor at UCSB 🎨
6. I hate shopping for clothes. Online shopping >
7. I get keratin treatments in my hair 3x a year to keep it straight (I naturally had corkscrew curly hair)
8. I am extremely paranoid about my nails, they have to be done at all times. If one chips, I have to take it all off 💁🏼
9. I am like a child when it comes to candy. Put me in a penny candy shop and I will buy and eat lbs of sour candy 🍭🍬
10. I never really thought I had a purpose or a path in life, until now.
Those who I tag, post 10 facts! ❤️

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so i haven’t done one of these since about november, and i’ve been wanting to do something for a while, so i figured why not? *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧


  • must follow me 
  • reblog this post to enter; likes don’t count as an entry
  • must reach 40 notes by february 28 or i’m deleting it 
  • i’m not looking for any particular kind of blog (*whispers* i am looking for tags and organised themes though) 
  • there will be 1 winner and 2-3 runner ups
  • winner will receive:
    • a follow from me if i’m not already, a special place on my updates for all of march, a solo promo when announced, promos whenever, some shit art or something idk (see my stuff here), porn if requested (that’s my forte)
  • runner ups will receive:
    • a follow from me, a place on my updates for march as well, group promo when announced, 3 promos whenever they’d like, and a cute lil doodle (like this one)
  • good luck!! *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧