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Hi!!! I was wondering if you have art videos and such?? I would really love seeing your process

i’m too self-conscious about my drawing process to record it and show to people, that’s why i did this step-by-step explanation, hope it’ll do

1. sketch layer (i usually start with 2000x2000 size canvas and then just crop/resize it after sketching out what i have in mind)

2. lineart layer (aka the part where i use a combination of lasso tool and ctrl+t a lot because this is the last chance to get proportions and stuff right)

3. colouring, for which i usually make two separate layers: one for skin and one for hair/clothes (because i am a baby who gets easily confused when there’s more than 10 layers in total)

4. (optional) sometimes i also colour lineart

5. …and then add an overlay layer because an overlay layer makes everything look better

that’s it, basically. sorry i used such a shippy pic as an example lol

So I want to talk about something that’s been in the back of my mind for like a week or so. The discussion about this is probably over at this point, but still I feel like giving my 2 cents.

I know it’s not easy when you post your artwork online and it doesn’t go very far, but blaming it on an entire community helps no one. I occasionally see these posts about how reblogs are more valuable than likes and to be honest it doesn’t sit right with me. Maybe the intent behind those posts isn’t meant to be malicious, but it comes across as very guilt trippy and basically shames the very people who are already supporting you.

Just because you post your art online doesn’t mean anyone owes you anything. It’s great that you are contributing art to the world, but you have to understand that not everyone is going to be interested. I’m not trying to be mean, but if you’re expecting instant success then you’re going to be unhappy.

I understand that everyone wants their work to be viewed in a positive light, trust me I get it, but blaming the very people who are already there trying to support you isn’t going to get you very far at all. In fact, it may even turn people away from your work.

We all want to be successful. No one wants their work to go unnoticed and I know how much it sucks when something doesn’t turn out in your favor. It’s even okay to express how frustrating it is, but if you’re going to shame people into getting your work out there then I don’t know what to tell you.

I don’t even know what I’m trying to say anymore. Be grateful for the people who are already there supporting what you create, and keep on pushing forward. Thinking about internet success constantly isn’t going to help you at all to be perfectly honest you’re better off putting that energy toward something else.

The Power of Mabel Week: Day 5 - Missed Moments

Please tell me I’m not the only one who really wanted this to happen in the show. I really wanted a moment where Mabel and Pacifica were developing signs of friendship with each other, so I’d figured they would most likely have a sleepover. If that happened, then I would imagine it being some time after “Northwest Mansion Mystery” as part of an episode; if not, then it would be in the series finale end credits.

I’m not lying when I say this: I am proud with this one and you can see why. Also, if anyone asks about the foot in the corner, it’s a drawing I worked on last month but never posted it. I will post it within a few days after I’m done with this challenge. Only 2 more days left! I am really enjoying this! 😊

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1. I am terrible when it comes to visual arts, but the one thing I know I am good at is music. I went to school for music for two years, and I can play a few instruments! They are: euphonium (this is my main, my love, my everything), trombone, french horn, trumpet, clarinet, flute, and piano.

2. Once I saw Harrison Ford in person. It was actually for my audition for music school. He was in a diner grabbing a cup of coffee to go (and if you ever need to know, he takes his coffee black). 

3. I have no feeling in part of my right pointer finger from a meat slicer incident.

4. Honestly I am so excited for Ragnarok lmao even if the movie ends up not being great (which would fall on the execs, not Taika) I will be seeing it with Isa so!!! It’s going to be the best ever 

5. This is ultra nerd level but I’m going to get a Thor-related tattoo.

6. One of my cats is very doglike. He plays fetch, lays at my feet, enjoys belly rubs, etc. 

7. I have a hard time finishing things lmao following through is not my greatest strength (as you can all tell by how many blogs I’ve actually maintained and how much I actually get done on here).

8. Tennis is my favorite sport, I was on the team in high school (I wasn’t able to play all four years because of a wrist injury) and did pretty well.

9. And while tennis is my fav sport, my favorite way to exercise is lifting weights. I have been really shitty about getting to the gym to do it, but it’s one of the few things I’ve found that gives me some clarity.

10. I…got bitten by the city bug recently lmao I really want to live in a city, but I’m not sure I ever will or even what city I’d try to move to (it’s so expensive everywhere @capitalism why)

Some updates

Alright so.

1. I am back from the Netherlands, I had a fun stay! It was nice overall, get to meet and see again alot of lovely people which was great for me!

2. I will figure out blog things later cause I do want to do some major updates. But I have to say a few things since I have figured to change a few things around since my last big post.

First of all, Priorities. University will enjoy my primary priority for the time being until I finish it, so thus I will mention this on my blog! It won’t start until mid-September, so in the meanwhile I will be around for awhile when not away.

Secondary, friends in general. 

Art and freetime activities will be my third one. (as well as blog revamp.)

This is just a general rundown on how I ordered things and what I count as important to me as of right now - My art is still something I care alot about, so that will be most likely above other freetime activities.

I am also going to juggle a few things around, maybe remove a troll or two from my select, revamp them (maybe) then put them back up.

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Post 10 facts about yourself, then pass onto 10 of your faves !! ♥

Top 10 Favorites + facts - Not in order

😏 Thanks @sayaka-hime for choosing me

1. Anime: I always try to see the new ones for so many yrs that I think I would have had a whole room filled with the merchandise if I had had money for it.
2. Helping ppl: I like doing this but many ppl abuse my kindness so I kept this one a secret for the most part.
3. Cuisine: I can cook like an actual chef thanks to culinary arts when I was in college. Didn’t finish that degree but I am thinking of going back to finish.
4. Music: I can compose music but can’t seem to play an instrument right
5. Art: I enjoy ALMOST any art. Yes, historical paintings included.
6. Comedy: I can laugh at even the dumbest, silliest, and not-so-good jokes.
7. Movies: horror, romance comedy, mystery, sci-fi and inspirational (i.e. “Rocky” 1, 2, 3 and “Creed”) are what I usually watch. Disney and pixar and those other famous movies are also my favs.
8. Drawing: I can copy and, mostly, anime but not too much on the cartoon section. Bf can tho!😁
9. Singing: I can sing. I seem to only do it when I’m happy or sad for some reason. Never noticed until Mom told me that I sing like a bird when it’s happy.
10. Peace & comfort: Much need. When I get it, I am soooo relieved.
11. Stories: Tell me a story, any, and you’d be on my favs list forever. I love stories~

I’m am open-minded and very indecisive with what I like so I just generalize most of the list that you now see. Can’t guarantee that I get 10 ppl on this so I’ll just hit up some ppl: @duchesslunatik @magical-awesome-kid @kawaguardian @sarahcada @miraculousturtle @chat-noir-chat-blanc @chibimoonart