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My friends!!!!

So I gots some friends!! And they’re super nice!!! And amazing!! And fun to talk to!!! So Imma make a post for a bunch of them!! Apologies if I don’t put you (^-^)/ I am very very sorry!! I also have a very bad memory so I love you very much but your name slipped for a while :( sorry!!

1. @atomiktaco !!! Danny is very very adorable!!! They draw super cute and talented arts!! And they’re always so nice!! And super cute!! Even if you tease them which will make them adorable and fighty at the same time!! Which is like a tiny puppy trying to eat you but you’re too big so it just acts super tough but it too fluffy and small to do anything!!! I’m super glad I can call them my friend :) I loves them!!

2. @jiminy-krispies !!!! Jiminy is awesome. Like super duper awesome!!! And so nice to me!! And really amazing and wonderful!!! And an awesome writer!!!  And they help me with stuffs and I’m so so glad they’re here cause they’re so fun to talk to!!!! And they are also adorable!! Like super cute o.o I wanna hug em so much!!!! I love them very very much!!!! They are my friend ^-^

3. @angstphilosophy !!!! Ap is really amazing!! They don’t feel like they are, but they really really are!!! They are super talented!!! And they’re still growing but they’re already so awesome ^-^ I can’t wait to see how much more they grow!! And they’re really fun to talk to!!! I loves them :) they my friend too!!

4. @tintas-galhadas !!!!! Tintas is so cool. They’re so fricken amazing at art!!!!! Like oh my gosh!!! They’re so good at it!!! And they inspire me to make stuff too!! And they’re really fun to talk to about their characters and their stories cause they’re all so awesome!!!! I love talking with them :) and they care so much about us and they is cute for doing so!! Yup yup super cute can’t deny it!! I loves them lots!! They my friend :)

5. @teacup-satan !!! I just meet them recently, but!!!! They’re so awesome!!! And adorable!!! And talented!!! And nice!!! They’re just really cool, okay!!! And they are super best friends with tintas!!! Like super duper best friends!!! So that makes em even more amazing!! But yeah they’re fun to talk to too!! I hope I get to know them a little better ^-^

6. @thatonegirrl16 !!!! Oh my gosh!!!! They’re so nice!! They’re so amazing and nice and friendly and they talk to me a bunch and tag me in stuff and aaaaaa they’re so awesome!!!! I always smile when I think of them!! They’re that amazing!!! They is my friend!! And I’m so glad I meet them!!!

7. @madd-nerdgirl !!! Aaaaaaa!!! They’re really really talented!!! And so nice!!! And aaaaaaaa they’re such a wonderful person they really really are!!! They is da best bean EVER!!!!! I’m so so so glad I found them!!!!! They is definitely my friend!!!!

That’s all I can think of right now!! But even if you’re not here I still loves you lots and lots!!! I offer you all the hugs!!!! All of them!!!!

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the inspiration to Georgi’s routines

It’s mentioned that Georgi’s short program is Carabosse from the Sleeping Beauty.. which indeed, is the villain in said fairytale.

But what Sleeping Beauty is his routine based off?

Matthew Bourne. Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty.

I mean look.


If you’re sitting there thinking that this is just coincidental and that i’m just going off on a random thing…


I am pretty certain that his routine was based off this ballet. i think it’s just another nice addition to “Yuri on ice is based on reality stuff”

Sorry for the long post but i was proud when i saw this :3

It’s a Guppy Life!

Guys I made an art!!!???? This is a collab with @cynicallyneutral who drew the crystals, honey, bees and spoon & the main guppy which is gonna be on the other side of this pleather card wallet!!!!! I designed the graphics & slapped the shit together and i’m really proud of it x___x we will be posting the product up once it’s made (there will be 13) but  i really wanted to share a peek!!!!

I can see rn that web CMYK has fucked things up already but i am too tired to care rn omg. 

please go tell @cynicallyneutral how awesome she is. 


i can’t wait for “what animal does this blood come from” next halloween

I usually leave short, passive aggressive comments on videos with stupid CC, but I decided to go full on sass on this @markiplier video… I am very happy that @therealjacksepticeye made a tumblr post about it (which you can read here), but I don’t feel like real change is going to happen until creators make videos explaining why jokes in CC is not okay.

[I’m hoping that this will make @rikkipoynter proud of me] 

[Also, @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil need to start CC their videos, just saayyinnnnn]

The description is on point but they forgot to add the chocobos 🐥
I saw a post (which I will link when I find again and when I’m on a computer again) and like I didn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes 👀. I just got it in the mail and searched for it and found it, and I am very content with the content (lol).
I’m proud of my chocobo butt hair sweet potato 🥔 😭❤
Re-blog to bless someone’s feed ✨

It’s done!!! Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, my tablet and computer were both being stupid with the batteries dying but they’re working again. Yay!

THE BLUE SHIRT WAS CHOSEN (RIP 1999, 2017. Loved by many (no one on tumblr (besides me))(RIPx2). you got no votes you poor soul (shirt))

Anyway, this is a gift for @kiekyun because your art gives me so much life. I really love everything you draw, you really are a very wonderful artist and I hope to be as good as you some day! (I’m sorry about no background, I really suck at those) I don’t know if you’ll actually see this but if you do then please let me know what you think! :D

Look,,, Paradise by Jinyoung is a bop it’s that tropical beat feel , laid back groove which is HONESTLY SO ON POINT like I CAN. NOT. deal. I just am so proud of Jinyoung and all he’s accomplished - he’s been acting and doing a solo career but still putting out a song an album and this one sounds so mature and well done I’M just like TT

Update!! Sorry I have been slacking on posting but that doesn’t mean my progress has taken a back seat. Friday I hit 183.8 pounds. Which means I am so close to 50 total pounds lost! I have about 30 more to lose but I am so proud of my progress so far! Left photo is December 2015 where I had already lost about 15 pounds. Right photo was taken 2 weekends ago! I am most thankful for this man in both of these photos. He loved me at 232 pounds just as much as he loves me at 183.8 pounds.

ayyyy!! gosh, I got so many sweet comments & compliments on my Taako last time I posted that I just couldn’t resist giving all u guys More Taako. this time, in color! watercolor, that is!

it’s kinda hard to tell, but his bracelet & shirt charm are actual chunky glitter, which I felt was a very fitting touch for everybody’s favorite fashionable wizard.

@ PHANDOM MEMBERS: asking for a favor if you can!!

hello…so a few hours ago, dan tweeted about possibly making another top memes of 2016 video! now, back in september, i posted this meme:

…and you guys all seemed to find it funny, it got almost 8,000 notes, and dan liked it!! which i was quite proud of (even though it is a Terrible Sh*tpost but i’m not complaining).

Now, since Dan plans to make this video it would be pretty cool to see this in it…the only problem is I don’t have a twitter and i am not allowed to make one! so i’m asking you a quick favor. if you can, please tweet the muffin meme at dan!! since i know he has obviously already seen it on tumblr and found it funny, it would mean so much to me to actually see it in the video! thanks so much for your help!!

[Personal, to be deleted at a later date]

2016 was a pretty bad year for the whole world. For me, the second half of it was disastrous in terms of my mental health. Although professionally I am doing very well and I am grateful for that, for the last six months I have been a big ball of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Even now I am in a very dark place from which I only hope to emerge in 2017.

The main point is that this blog has been an anchor to me. Even on days when I just wanted to stay in bed and look at the ceiling instead of doing literally anything, I worked up the effort and wrote my posts, thinking that I cannot let my followers down. I am proud to say that despite everything I have not missed a single day. My follower base has also been growing steadily, and your messages and comments make me realise it is all worth it, that I am doing something good and I MUST keep on doing it, come what may. THANK YOU for that. And if my demons get the better of me in the future and I do end up letting you down, I can only ask for forgiveness and promise I will do my best in the future.

I wish every single one of you happiness and a great year, and thank you for being here with me.


I can’t believe it!! After 18 months and 300+ work hours, I am finally FINALLY done with the cross stitch portion of my “American Horror Story” bag!!! I am absolutely ECSTATIC and so so proud with how of project is turning out! In total, I used around 40 skeins of DMC embroidery floss, which is more than 1,000 feet of thread. I estimate that there are roughly 33,000-35,000 stitches in the 12" x 14" design. I’ll post better pictures on facebook and instagram as I continue to work on the actual construction! ❤️👹

Untitled ~ Pt. 2

Wow. I just learned today that 10,000 people here on tumblr connect with and follow my personal photography work. That is insane. Not just that number (numbers are meaningless at the end of the day), but the idea anyone actually appreciates my art for what it is, reaches the highest degree of flattery in my book. For a long time, I posted work I was incredibly proud of to literally nobody. Regardless, I stayed so happy with it. Sharing art is always scary since at the end of the day, it is subjective. There is no guarantee of anyone liking it, or even caring about it. Which is why I really made it about just improving my craft rather than worrying about the exposure too much. I took that approach for as long as I can remember, then something magical happened… I hit 1,000 followers. Now, here I am, 9,000 later and it is amazing. I can’t thank everybody on here enough for the love and support. I have no plans on stopping, only plans to share more adventures with my camera as the guide. Thank you again for coming along on this journey.

Lastly, for anyone who is interested, I recently have been posting some more travel insight (as well as some random extra photos) to my Twitter. Incase you were interested in following along, I would be more than happy to have you:

Many, many women have had me in awe of their accomplishments on this planet, and the incredible Jane Goodall has dedicated her life to saving it- which is why I chose her for this post on International Women’s Day.
I am so proud to be a woman.
I owe everything to the women in my life. Women are my comrades and not my competition. Amongst my family, friends, the women I see at the Marylebone project of which I am the patron, the environmentalists I meet, athletes, and the women I have met in music, I see such incredible strength, kindness, fierceness, compassion, resilience and enormous courage. May they continue to empower, challenge, and inspire me.#InternationalWomensDay exists so we can ALL have the chance to celebrate and recognise women’s achievements, and is an important catalyst for bold change as we move towards gender equality. Who inspires you?

so i turn 19 on the 28th November (which is an hour away) and some of you may know i’m dreading getting older but i want to end being 18 on a positive note so here are 19 good things that happened to me in 2016:

  1. I finished my first year at college.
  2. I got accepted into my second year at college.
  3. I am currently doing said second year and although it’s difficult, I’m managing.
  4. My second niece was born and I’m proud to be her godmother.
  5. My mum got the all clear and although she went through a hellish year of chemo and radiotherapy and lost her hair, she’s okay and I will always be thankful for that.
  6. I wrote a lot more this year, although writing has slowed down again for me with college being so busy but the motivation to write is still here.
  7. I cut and donated 17 inches of my hair off and I’ve never felt better.
  8. I became a lot more confident in myself and the way I look.
  9. I put myself out there a lot more.
  10. I started to become independent. Own money, own plans for the future.
  11. I made people happy.
  12. I was kinder to not only people around me but I was kinder to myself.
  13. I’m a lot more open with the people I hold dear and that’s really strengthened a lot of my close relationships that I have with people.
  14. I met some really amazing people.
  15. I let go of a lot of grudges I was holding.
  16. I started treating myself, buying myself new clothes and new underwear, so that I would feel good and confident and let me shine through.
  17. I continue to help people with this blog and make people smile with some of the things I post.
  18. I changed a lot this year, and as far as I can see, it was all for the best.
  19. I grew up.

you know, maybe growing up isn’t so bad.

these are my grades and i posted them on fb bc i was so proud which is kind of unlike me and this person i met once (and saw out at a club last weekend but didnt say anything to me) commented and said it was tacky and i was like hell yeah i agree but i wanted to die so bad i couldnt write my last paper and i turned it in a week late and i got an A+ in that class, the only class i took outside of my department and how powerful am i even when i dont want to live? can u imagine what i can accomplish when people treat me right? and that is just where i am right now

Dear Donald Trump,

I’m a firm believer that politics should be kept out of our military and that our military should be kept out of politics. However, over the last week, a line was crossed not just between politics and our military but between personal ideology and human decency.

You recently told a crowd of your supporters, upon receiving a replica Purple Heart, that you’d, “always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.”

Mr. Trump, I’m not a campaign manager. I can’t tell you how to run this race. But I say this as someone who knows you. I’ve met you before and you seemed as though you genuinely cared about my service and sacrifice. I wonder which version is the real you.

I am a proud post-9/11 U.S. Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient. When I first joined the military, like many other service members, I had dreams of serving valiantly and one day receiving many military accolades in service of our great nation.

In April 2003, the humvee I was driving outside of Karbala, Iraq, ran over a roadside bomb. The passengers were immediately ejected as a result of the blast, but I was trapped inside the burning vehicle for five minutes. I can tell you without equivocation that the one award I did not want to receive was a Purple Heart, but I got one anyway. And I’ll tell you now, I didn’t get mine the easy way.

I came home to my mother with third-degree burns over 33% of my body. I have had 30-plus surgeries to repair the skin grafts and tissue expanders since 2003. I came home a Purple Heart recipient, but my mother knew that we were only a few heartbeats away from giving her a new designation — a Gold Star.

So far you seem to have denigrated a prisoner of war, disparaged a four-star general who devoted his life to service, and disrespected the faith and the grief of a Gold Star family.  Any one of these actions alone would otherwise disqualify a person auditioning for the role of our commander in chief.

I cannot understand why you have continually attempted to dishonor the memory of Army Captain Humayun Khan. You have repeatedly attempted to link him and his family to radical Islamic terrorism by even bringing their names up in the same sentence.

You say that you support our military, but your actions tell a different story. You assert that you have made sacrifices on par with the Khan family. I must ask you; do you truly understand the fundamental difference between investments and sacrifice?

Your reaction to his family’s emotional statement has shown me two things: First, you have a difficult time picking your battles. In the military, this is an important lesson that soldiers learn. You attended a military academy in your childhood and you are a businessman, so I know you understand this strategy.

If your response to this family had simply been to acknowledge their ultimate sacrifice and to say that as Americans, they are constitutionally entitled to their opinions, that would have been enough. You chose a different tactic. You chose to stay in the news cycle with your increasingly outrageous statements of condemnation of a family who, by all accounts, should absolutely be off limits.

How can we trust our military in the hands of a commander in chief who we can’t even trust to comfort the parents of a fallen soldier?

Second, your reaction also tells me that since you have difficulty dealing with the opinions of a private citizen of this country, you will almost certainly have a harder time in the world of global politics.  

My 4-year-old daughter has a better sense of human empathy around this subject. When I take her to the park and other children stare at the scars that cover my face and arms, she takes my hand and encourages me to talk to those young children and explain why I look the way I look.

My hope is that your actions and words do not continue to erode our civil discourse. I pray that good people in this country continue to be shocked by your rhetoric because that means they agree that your words and actions have no place in society, much less in the Oval Office.

You have stated that all press is good press. It’s an interesting strategy that has thus far worked for you. But this, the memory of our fallen soldiers, their families, former POWs, and the proud recipients of the Purple Heart honor. This is not the position from which you should be getting your press. This is off-limits.

Please remember that the people you are speaking about, our brave men and women of the armed forces make up less than 1% of the population. However, if you become commander in chief, they will be the people who are going to fight for you regardless of personal politics. These are the people who will defend you. These are their families you are talking about. These are not the people you want to continue to carry out your petty grievances and personal attacks with.

I respectfully suggest you get a primer on the word sacrifice, as well as a lesson in human decency.

- J.R. Martinez (x) | follow @the-movemnt